Rumya Dark FF Caged in His Love – Chapter 1, 2, 3

Chapter 1
After rudra left her soumya was searching for everyone in the house but no one was seen. Soumya was confused . Rudra understood soumya’s confusion.
Rudra : ur searching for my family. They have gone out for picnic and will return after one week only. So don’t worry no one is going to save you from me.
Soumya : rudra what is ur problem. I still can’t understand?. U did not stop me when I was leaving from here. When I had moved on u want me back. Rudra what do you want?.
Rudra : I did not realize I was love with you that time I could never let you go.
Soumya : but I don’t love you anymore. Leave me.
Soumya was walking away when she was pulled back by rudra and pinned to the wall. Rudra eyes were spitting fire and rage.
Rudra : can’t  you understand I am not going to leave you alone. U are going to stay here from now as my wife.
Rudra dragged soumya to his room though she was protesting. He came near soumya and whispered to her ears dangerously.
Rudra : I am giving you two days decide if you want accept me or not? If yes you will stay with my family and if you remain stubborn and tell no. Don’t worry sumo I will not let you go I will just take you somewhere else and there you will remain as my wife only. Decide what you want.
Rudra left. Soumya started crying hearing it.

Chapter 2
The whole oberoi family was in the hospital. Shivaay and omkara were waiting for the doctor to come out of the operation theatre.
Gauri and anika were counselling everyone . They went to console omkara and shivaay.
Anika went near shivaay to see him controlling his tears. Anika placed her hands on him.
Anika : shivaay nothing will happen to rudra.
Shivaay : how can he anika?  He tried to commit suicide.
Omkara : how could he? And without any reason?
Shivaay looked at om.
Shivaay : reason soumya is the reason. Nor we could have sent her away from rudra nor rudra could get angry with us. We thought he would cool down but see what happened?
Omkara : shivaay what are you telling? What should we done then? Let rudra manhandle soumya or lock in the house. By god’s grace we reached home before planned otherwise we could have never found out this.
Shivaay : at least rudra would have been alive and happy.
Omkara : what about soumya? She had tied rakhi to him. I wanted to protect her.
Shivaay : look om even I care for her but if I have to choose between soumya’s life and rudra’s then I will choose my brother’s. I just can’t see him dead. Rudra and u are my world.
Omkara was going to reply to shivaay when the doctor interpreted and said about rudra is all right as he had not cut the main wrist and will get conscious in few minutes. Shivaay thanked the doctor.
Rudra was shifted to normal ward and he gained conscious. Shivkara went and hugged him. Shivaay Slapped rudra.
Shivaay : why rudra? How dare you try to take my life.
Rudra :  you have already taken my life bhai. By sending soumya away. I can’t live without her bhai I will die.
Whole family gasped at this revelation. Shivaay turned towards his family and sent them out. But omkara did not bulge.
Shivaay : fine you want soumya right. I will get her to you but two conditions one she will not stay in oberoi mansion till you pursue her to accept her and second you will not harm her.
Rudra eyes shone hearing it. He smiled.
Rudra : yes bhaiya I accept everything. Give her back to me i just can’t leave without her.
Omkara : don’t tell about this to anyone especially ur anika and gauri bhabhi.
It was both shivaay and rudra’s turn to be surprised as they thought omkara would oppose the decision.
Rudra : om u don’t want to scold me?
Om : do you think my scolding will reduce the obsession which you have for her?  Look rudra I am breaking my promise of protecting soumya for you I can’t choose anyone over you or shivaay you both are my first priority. Please don’t harm her. I and gauri are leaving for Barilley for some days please don’t stop us shivaay I can’t control myself seeing soumya hurt nor I can see rudra in this condition.

Omkara went away leaving shivaay and rudra alone.
Shivaay : I promise you the morning after your discharge u will find soumya in the guest house which is near the forest of urs. Ur clothes will be arranged here everything will be done I will manage the family.
Rudra : thank you bhaiya.
Shivaay : I hope you don’t do anything which you regret later.
Shivaay walked away from the hospital.
Rudra could not sleep whole night thinking about seeing soumya finally he would see her and never let her go.
Rudra was discharged from the hospital next day and shivaay sent him in a car to the guest house none of the family said anything.

Rudra reached the farm house and found that it had a tight security and CCTV cameras everywhere. So shivaay bhaiya does not want soumya to escape either how can he?  He had experienced what will happen?.
Rudra went inside the guest room and asked the guard about soumya. The guard directed him to the room.
Rudra went inside the room to find soumya sleeping,  he found her over sleepy. Then he went near her tried to wake her up but she did not.
Rudra’s phone rang and the caller was shivaay.
Rudra picked the call.
Rudra : bhaiya why is soumya not waking up?
Shivaay : please stop behaving dumb rudra. Soumya is unconsciconscious. I can’t kidnap her in conscious state from America. She will wake up after some hours. Take care.
Shivaay cut the phone. Rudra made the guard to go out of the room and went near a sleeping soumya and kissed her Forehead. He started caressing her face and then he started playing with her hairs and then he saw her lips which are pink in color it was tempting him to kiss it. Rudra controlled himself.
Rudra : I can’t kiss you unconscious soumya I want you to feel whatever happens between us. U are finally back did not tell you that you will be mine and this time my brothers will not save you.
Rudra kissed soumya’s hand lightly.

Chapter 3

Soumya woke up and was surprised to see her surroundings. What was she doing there? As far as she remembers she was in a party at Australia. Some one offered her drink and she accepted but after drinking it everything became blur and now she is  in someone’s room. Soumya was going to wake up from her bed when she found her nightmare walking in front of her happily ,rudra what was he doing here thought soumya.
” hi soumya you woke up. Don’t worry you are safe with me. I hope you did not get tired from traveling ” said rudra.
” what? Where am I ” asked soumya.
Wasn’t she in Australia.
” oh you are where you belong to. With me in India in this protected guest house ” said rudra.
He kidnapped her again.
” rudra I will phone to shivaay and omkara bhaiya. Then you see what would happen? ” warned soumya in hope he would let her go. Wasn’t his brothers who rescued her from his clutches last time.
Rudra smirked at her and said ” go ahead. Call them . Do you think you would separate my brothers from me. Maybe for sometime they were angry with me. I’m their life soumya. A suicide attempt was enough to make them agree. It was shivaay bhaiya who made this arrangements and all. No one can take you away from me ”

” no you are wrong. Omkara and shivaay bhaiya can’t do this ” said soumya in disbelief.
” u and ur illusion. Fine I will not tell anything. Eat something you are hungry I guess ” said rudra.
He brought her food. Soumya did not touch the food and turned her face.
” soumya eat the food.  You don’t like it. I will get you something else? ” asked rudra.
” I will not have anything. Get me out of here ” protested soumya.
Rudra lost his temper.
” soumya have the food. I know other methods to make you have it ” said rudra angrily.
” I will not ” said soumya.
” fine. ” said rudra.
He forcibly feeds her food in her mouth. Soumya tried to protest but he was so strong that her weak body could not fight .
” I will come after sometime take rest. I have go to oberoi mansion it’s anika bhabhi’s birthday ” said rudra.
“even I will come please ” said soumya.
” yes you can forever. If you accept me as your husband. ” said rudra hoping that she would tell a yes.
Soumya turned her face.
” stubborn “mumbled rudra when soumya did not reply anything. If she is stubborn to not accept him, even he is rudra singh oberoi he will make her his by whatever means . Rudra left the place.
As rudra left the place. Soumya tried to escape but nothing worked. The house was protected by guards. Rudra had made sure she does not escape.
Soumya found the Landline working and called anika. The one person who can help her.
” who is this? Anika is busy ” answered shivaay from the end.
” bhaiya. Please help me. Rudra has kidnapped me again ” cried soumya.
” soumya? You. How did you get the phone? Why did you phone anika ” said shivaay .
” bhaiya help me please ” pleaded soumya.
” I’m sorry soumya. I can’t. Rudra will die without  you I can’t see that ” said shivaay helplessly.
” so you can See me dying ” asked soumya.
” if I have to choose between you and rudra. It will be him. Give him a chance I assure you he will not hurt you ” said shivaay.
Soumya cut the phone. So shivaay bhaiya is not going to help her anymore. She is sure  that anika did not know about her condition otherwise shivaay bhaiya would not be so tensed seeing her call anika but what was the use Now. Shivaay bhaiya would not let her speak to anika di ever not at least  till she gives her consent to accept this relationship.
Was omkara bhaiya also going to do the same with her when she calls him? She did not have the guts to hear the same from him.
Soumya broke down and tears streamed from her eyes.
If her brother could have been alive he would never let anyone like rudra singh oberoi to come near her.
” bhaiya I miss you. ” sobbed soumya.

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