A rule for Sanskarholics or Varunholics


Hi guys I was just sleeping yesterday when I saw some swasan scenes in my dream. For exactly saying… A scene in which Sanskar saying to Swara ‘No sry no thank you in friendship…..’

There’s many Sanskarholics in here as I know. Me too one of them….
But still none of us are following it ????.

In every ff’s the writers are commenting t word for commenting and reading their work including me….

But we are all friends na.. And also Sanskarholics or Varunholics…So why we are telling it ??

I know that it naturally comes out and a writer as could not stop from showing his/her gratitude.

I know that this is not an idea that only I have. It could have popped up in many of your heads but I don’t know anyone is following it or not….

So I tried to do so and I have not used the t word in the coment box of my ff but still I recorded how happy I am. Only in the comment box because I have used it A/N. It accidently came..

So pls check out this guy’s

The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 2 )

( it’s not a trick to get readrers for my ff… If you felt like that.. I should clearly say that I have not meant so..
I know some bashers may even say that I said this before itself so it’s actually meant for it..
But it’s not so )

So pls Sanskarholic try and do so…
Just take it as a role for us and pls try for it.

Those who don’t agree please ignore….


Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

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  1. It seems smthng sensible n intresting… We can say anything na.. Using T word is not necessary ???

  2. Ur right

  3. Ohh enk vayya Mona mole niboru sambavm tanna ketta

  4. so stupid u f*****g writer

  5. Yup so true x x

    But its going to be difficult 😛

  6. what is t???

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