Ruhi’s new life in Australia(episode 2)


Hey everyone, so I’m continuing the story and , I’m going to introduce some new characters.
Max : 16 year old Australian with blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin who is a fan of Ruhaan.
Mary : 25 year old elder sister of Max.
Jack : 11 year old younger brother of Max
Ashley: Friend of Max.

The episode starts with Aliya informing Max Martin that he has got a chance of having a dinner with Ruhaan. Max gets excited and happy. Max goes to Mary and Jack and tells him about the dinner date. His younger brother Jack gets jealous as he is also a fan of Ruhaan. Her sister Mary tells him to behave properly in front of Ruhaan and don’t end up doing anything stupid. He says don’t worry, I just cant wait for tonight. Ruhaan is my favourite.I still cant believe, it will be a dream come true. Max leaves, saying that I also have to tell this to my friend Jerry, I want to see his jealous and shocking face. After Max goes , Mary says I have seen him happy after so many days otherwise he forgot to talk and laugh. But I can still see pain in his eyes. Don’t know how can God be so cruel to him.

Ruhi goes to a high school as a chief guest in the function of Annual day. Everyone welcomed her. Students went crazy seeing Ruhaan, Ruhaan is asked to come and give a speech. Ruhaan tells them that I don’t know why they have called me. I may be a rockstar, famous and rich but the fact is that I am not much educated. Circumstances were such that I never went to a middle school, forget High school. I really feel bad because of this, u know we enjoy the most in our school life only. I really miss those days when I didn’t had to care about concerts, rehearsals or fans. I’m not saying my this life is bad, its really great,but I also want to enjoy with friends and family like a normal teenage girl. So I only want to tell u all that appreciate what u have because u all will definitely miss ur school days. Everyone claps. Ruhaan says thankyou everyone for inviting me and departs.

Ruhi calls Aliya and asks her to have lunch with her. Both meet. Ruhi says, its really boring to have breakfast, lunch and dinner alone. U r the only friend I have. Aliya says why don’t u make a boyfriend. Ruhi gets shocked. She asks How can I make a boyfriend just like that? She says, c’mon u r Ruhaan the rockstar. Guys will make along line to become ur boyfriend. Ruhi says, they will be my fans, not friends. She says but why fans cant be friends or boyfriend. Ruhi argues that how can I love a guy just like that. Aliya says, who is telling u to love someone, just have a relationship with the guy, have fun with him and then leave him. Ruhi says what ur saying is right, will think about it. Aliya sees the watch and says OMG, we’re late ,you’ve to go to the studio for recording song. C’mon now, hurry up. Ruhi says, oh God , I almost forgot about that, lets go.

Max goes to meet his friend Ashley in her house and tells her that he is going to have a dinner with Ruhaan. Ashley gets shocked and asks are u serious? I don’t believe it. He says u don’t believe it now but u will believe after I will click a picture with Ruhaan and show u. She says Its good to see u happy after so many days, u got filled with joy even before meeting Ruhaan. Don’t know what will happen after u will meet her. Max says I cant tell u how happy I am. A call comes informing Max to come at the Tipton hotel at 8:00 pm to have dinner with Ruhaan. Max says okay and says bye to Ashley.
At 8:00 pm Max arrives at the Tipton hotel and shows the ticket which is the proof that he was selected for the dinner date with Ruhaan. The hotel manager shows him the table and asks him to wait . Ruhaan will come soon. Ruihiarrives. Max gets uneasy after seeing her and greets her. Ruhaan says thankyou and asks him to sit down. They order food and Max says whatever u like I will eat. Max says I’m a big fan of u Ruhaan. She says yeah I know. He says u have got tired of hearing praises but I cant help it. I really like to listen to music and I just love ur singing. Ur amazing. She says it’s the support of all u fans which motivates me. Just support me like that always. Max asks do u have a boyfriend. Ruhi surprised by the question says no. He asks what are my chances. She laughs and says u are really naughty. He says what can I do, u r so beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the world. Ruhi says and ur the biggest flirt in this world. They both laugh. The waiter brings them Italian food.They eat and Ruhi says I just love Italian food. Max says, me too. Ruhi asks really. Max says no, just trying to impress u. Ruhi says u have a very good sense of humour. Max says yeah I know, They laugh. Ruhi says, so do u have a girlfriend. Max says at present no, just left my last girlfriend 2 weeks ago, uh actually she left me. Ruhi asks why? He says she got a more hot guy than me. She asks so who is in ur family? He tells my elder sister and younger brother. And ur parents? Ruhi asks. They died in a car accident when I was young , Max says. Ruhi gets shocked and says Im sorry. Max says its okay. Ruhi says I know how is it to live without parents. I stayed away with my mom and dad for 7 years. Max says yeah I know ur story. Its really sad, well lets forget about it, I want to ask u that how u don’t have a boyfriend.? Its quiet surprising that Ruhaan the rockstar is single. She says Its not that I don’t want one, it is that I don’t get one. He says I can’t believe it. She says I want someone to treat me as a friend and not a superstar. He says well the person is in front of u. Ruhi laughs and says, will u please stop flirting. Max says Sorry , I cant its in my DNA. They laugh. After finishing the dinner, can I click a selfie with u. Ruhi says sure and they click selfie together. Ruhi says , come I will drop u home. Max says thanks, but I have a bicycle. Ruhi says, ok fine bye. Max also says goodbye. They both leave.

Credit to: Kimberly 1

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