Should Ruhi feel guilty for being Rude to Raman and Ishita ?


We know that Raman and Ishita will unite with Ruhi soon, and Ruhi will apologise to Raman and Ishita for her bad behaviour,but I dont think there is a need for her to apologise . I see lots of people are bashing Ruhi that she is insensitive towards Raman and Ishita ,that Ruhi doesnt care about her papa and Ishimaa,hurts them unnecessarily and doesnt respects them.

But what people are forgetting that Ruhi was brainwashed by Niddhi for 7 years. Ruhi is a victim of a big misunderstanding.
When she was kidnapped by Niddhi she didnt had the knowledge of what is going on because she was a small child. She misunderstood that Raman and Ishita have given her to Niddhi to get Pihu. She thought that her Ishimaa whom she loved a lot choosed Pihu over her.
And it was also not the first time, Raman and Ishita also exchanged Ruhi with Adi to Shagun. Breaking trust of asmall child in such a small age is not good. I am not blaming Raman and Ishita, they love Ruhi a lot and their actions are based on the circumstances.

Some people complain that Ruhi calls Ishita by name, I just want to tell them that if a person hates someone he or she isnt going to give that person any respect. Now that Ruhi will be united to her papa and Ishimaa , I dont want her to feel guilty for her acts because Ruhi is a victim whatever she did was because of misunderstanding. I dont want ruhi to beg for any forgiveness to Raman and Ishita. I hope u also understand what I am trying to say.

Credit to: Luna

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  1. Sarayumane

    No, ruhi should not at all feel guilty for whatever she has done as her anger is justified

  2. According to her character in childhood she will obviously feel guilty after all what she has done

  3. Ruksy

    i think ruhi does not need to feel guilty because whatever she went through in the past 7 years is going to scar her for life. people should be considerate that she was very small when she went to nidhi and nidhi mistreated her so she would obviously blame ishita because she thinks that ishita didn’t care about her when swapping the children

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