Ruhi asks Shagun to leave from Raman’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun and Raman do the Lohri puja together for Adi’s sake, and the drama goes on and on to please the boy by showing fake relations. Ruhi pushes back Shagun asking her to back off from taking Ishita’s place and yells on her shocking everyone around.

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  1. Awesome spoiler. ……..
    …ohhhh. ……angel ruhi bachcha. …….tumne apni ishimaa k liye stand liya. ………..bilkul thik kiya uss shagun ko hata kar. ……..ishita ki jaga koi nahin lesakta………..jab tak tum ho aaisa toh kabhi nahin hosakta. ………..
    tumne shagun ko dikha diya ki. ….shagun tumhari kuch nahin lagti. …………love you Ruh. …….aaise hi apni ishimaa k sath Rehna. ………

  2. 123

    Chhoti si bachchi ko akkal hai lekin baap ko nahi. Adi ko khush karne ke liye tum aur kitna rulaoge Ishita boss. Tumhari kasam kahan gayee. Aaj ke baad tumhar aankhon mein aansun honge leki sirf khushi ke. baigan ka promise tha.

  3. i dont know wheather angel is there or not.but now iam sure that angel is there that too hamara pyari princess angel ruhi.only she can do this.iam really impressed by the way of ruhi.ruhi baby rocks the show.all of them should learn form ruhi.

  4. Manisha

    Finally. Roohie baby Love u. Ye sab bade log bewkoof h.. Shukar h is choti c bachi main sabse jyada akal h. 🙂 🙂

  5. appu

    story is heading to the peaks of worst stage…or may be it did even crosed that level…
    its merely time waste watching dis crap..until shagun leave nthng gona stay gud in it

  6. 123

    agree appu. Raman apna gender test karvalo plz. Ruhi will fight for the rights of Ishita but Y when the actual person who shld stand with her is ignoring her.

  7. Muskan

    It seems like everyone has lost their brain except for ruhi. For adi’s happiness they r ruining 3 life’s. Ishita, Raman n ruhi’s

  8. I am so proud of you Ruhi. Ruhi, you made me cry endlessly No words to define this mother-daughter relationship. Shagun, you must never underestimate the power of a child’s love!

  9. Magalene

    I have stopped watching…..Boring track, shows boy child more important than girl child……..Never expected from Ekta Kapoor this…………boring partial stuff…..

  10. priya

    Another great story. However, some people just never learn. Ishita, a great person with a big heart, and Shagun; a shameless and cunning woman, brainwashed her son to hate and disrespect the most loving and caring woman. Can you not get it into your thick skull that if it wasn’t for Ishita, you and that conniving mother of your’s would be out on the street, begging for mercy.

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