Ruhaniyaat (Segment 99)

His point of view –
She kissed me goodbye before walking out of the gate to Birdie who was on the other side of the road..
Suddenly a speeding car approached Pie who was busy waving onto me.
The car hit Pie head on before the driver sped away..
My world froze at the moment and everything began to happen in slow motion..
People were screaming but i was rooted on the same spot..
Suddenly i was pulled along with the crowd towards Pie who was lying in a pool of blood
Her blood.
My eyes widened at the sight and i dropped down on my knees..

I hurriedly scooped my baby in my arms and hugged her close..
“Bhai..” i felt someone nudge my shoulder but i din’t move..
My baby was bleeding in my arms..
“Bhai we have to take bhabhi to the hospital…”
But i din’t budge i kept holding onto Pie.
The accident replaying in my head..
The car speeding…hitting her…her falling down..bleeding..
Suddenly Pie was pulled from away from my arms..
“Hey..” i snapped angrilly.
“Bhai please…let them take bhabhi to hospital please..”
“I..i want
.i want my Pie ”
“Bhai can be in the ambulance with them…i will follow you with my car..let me call Captain and Dada.”
She ushered me in the ambulance with Pie and the siren started ringing ..
The constant ringing of the siren brought me back to my senses and sudden fear gripped my heart..
My love was hurt..
But she had to get alright…
I cannot loose her … she has to come back..
Come back for me..and for our future family..
The fear of loosing was overpowering my senses and sudden black dots began to appear in my line of vision.
soon i was unconscious..
His best friend’s point of view –
“Dada..” Birdie sobbed over the phone..

“Princess what’s wrong..?
“Bhai…bhabhi…hospital..” I panicked
“Baby please tell me what happened i am starting to panic.”
She took a deep breath and spilled the beans
“Bhai and Bhabhi are in the hospital..Bhabhi met with an accident and Bhai needs you..please hurry up..”
“Yes i am on my way..”
On my way to the hospital i picked up Papa and Mom who were as heart broken as i was.
Love stayed home with the kids..
“Papa please she will be alright..we have to stay strong for Jhonny..”
When i reached the hospital Dad and Big-B were already there..
Birdie came running to me and hugged me tight.
“Baby girl what happened..?”

“Bhabhi was crossing the road when a car …
A car hit her..
Bhai is unconscious .. .”
“I will go meet him..” Papa said and walked to Jhonny’s ward..
I broke down crying after he had closed the door..
I could act any longer..

Bhabhijaan was just like my sister..
Nothing could happen to her..
Her best friend’s oint of view –
Angel had called me on her way to the hospital informing us about the accident.
I had hurrired over to the hospital with Dad.
He looked shaken up..
I placed my hand over his shoulder and relaxed a bit..
“Dad remember she is a fighter..she will be alright .”
“Yes i hope so too” he said before hugging me tight..

My shirt started to get wet and then i realised that Dad was sobbing..
“Dad please we have to stay strong..for Jhonny for Doll..” he just nodded and wiped his tears away.
I just hope my Doll is alright..
I won’t be able to survive without her..she is my life..
I sat down on the chair and leaned my head on the wall.
“Doll please get well soon…i feel so lost without you..”
“Baby you gotta stay strong ..everything will be alright..” angel said hugging me..
Yea i hope aisa hi ho..
Doll please..

Just then i spotted doctor walking out of Doll’s emergency ward.
“Doctor how is she..?” I questioned and everybody turned to look at me.
“I am sorry ” he answered looking down at his shoes..

Welcome Back Divyarani.!

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  1. Omg wht happened dont make pie die plz luv u dr

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u trust me

  2. Kakali

    Nice.. love it.. *99 saal ki jail if anything happens to Pie.
    Thnk u.

  3. Kakali

    just checked ur previous reply…
    but dear i still not left… 🙂

      1. Will b back in April…. n gonna read ur rest part… ;-*

    1. Stoneheart

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      Nahi …abh mera kya hoga…dex ka kya hoga

      1. Wahiii jo purree desh ka huwa hai…. *crying on footpath…. puut puuuutttt !!!!

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      Sob sob no dont go

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Pie should be alright

  5. Vyshu10

    Ok wait…pie can’t die…..but did she slip into coma? Did she get hurt badly? Did she lose baby?See i m going crazy…upload ASAP plz

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so babies yet..

  6. Hey!!
    What u did was unexpected
    Plz don’t make pie die …
    Awesome episode
    And i wanna see the reaction of dex …

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      Thank u so much

  7. Twister segs
    Now what will happen

  8. Mariyajap

    please be alright pie

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      Thank u ..yup be alrigh

  9. Nooooooooo…….pie. don’t kill her.please.don’t break my heart. Today u broke my silence.

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much and i am so glad

  10. Savanshi27

    Totally in grip of shock….
    no words to utter…
    And plz a kind request don’t even think of giving a sad end… won’t bear it…
    Congo for 99…
    damn eager for next update….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..

  11. Chanu

    oh noo pie! dnt do anythng 2 her pragu dr! hawww
    u gv me a heart attack dr!
    poor dex.
    evry1s feelings r so real and lvly.
    i wnt pie!
    and who hit pie? is it jst a accident or???

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..

  12. Simin

    Di i know 100th chappy mein aap bada sa surprise doge so i will wait till then
    Love u and trust u

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    Superb i hope the 100th episode will be worth reading…

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  15. I know u will not do anything to pie..I trust u with that..just 1 down to go to reach hundred.

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  16. Arshaanya

    I knw u cnt kill pie coz if anythng happens to her v’ll not leave u ?
    But but dun tell me shez in coma or ML ??

    1. Stoneheart

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  17. Pragyaaaa….thankuuu soooo muchfor ur welcme sweetyyyy….cmng to episode…. again u ended the episode wid a suspense..but the word sorry creating many stories in my heart…but i hv full hope on uuu…whatever happens u gonna give us best frm best…eagerly waiting for the 100th episode..which gonna b veryyy spcl i guess…fingers cross…

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