Ruhaniyaat (Segment 96)


His point of view –
“Dexy i have ironed your shirt..its on the bed..”she yelled before going back down to the kitchen..
Chanu and Simin were coming to see us today and my wife was going crazy.
“Love can you chill please ” i called outto her coming out from the bathroom.
“How do i relax..the food is still getting cooked cake is baking…you are not ready yet..” she complained.
I walked down to see her pacing around the living room
I caught her up in the middle before setting her down on the chair.
“The cake won’t bake faster if you keep walking will get cooked eventually .. i am ready and everybody else are on their way”
She sighed before leaning her head on my shoulder…i massaged her head and she visibily relaxed.
Ting Tong .
“Si si ” yelled the twins running inside as i opened the door
“My babies” she cooed before picking them up in her arms.
I quickly pulled out my phone and took a picture.
“Hey bro..bhabhi.” i greeted.
Bhabhi hugged Pie while Bhai hugged me..
“Mom and Papa are running late as usual” John groaned..
Ever since their marriage they had been late to parties …meeting ..almost everything .
We had moved in with them but on Chanu insistence we were having the party at our house..
She had wanted to see ironed curtains..
“Hey Princess ” Dad said coming in from the now open door and hugging Pie..
“How are my little munchkins..?” He cooed to the kids as the shifted upto his lap.
He hugged Pie’s sister while he shook hands with John..
“The cake is done” pie said and ran to the kitchen.
“Cawke” the kids said and smacked their lips.
“Yes love but if you be good babies for Dada then you will get one big piece” John said lifting his 1 finger while the kids watched him with full concentration
I supressed my urge to laugh out loud..he had been a pro at handling kids now .
I guess i have to take tips from him when i have mine .
“Sorry guys we are late” Papa said entering following suit.
“Dada what ish guysh..?” The little boy questioned.
“Baby guys ”
“Its a group of people” i explained him.
After everybody was seated and chatting i received a message from our watchmen stating that the guest were here..
Pie’s panic mode started again …but it lasted short as Bhabhi pulled her down on the sofa.
“Relax i will manage” she said .
“Hey ” Simin and Chanu greeted walking in.
Everyone greeted them back..
“Oh my gosh…i can’t believe its you Dex” she fussed
Her point of view –
“Urrgghh umm yea” Dex said and i couldn’t help but smile.
“You guys are so cute” Simin gushed and heat rose up to my cheeks..
Dex wrapped his around me pulling me closer to him.
I dont get this .he does whenever we are near new people.
I guess i will never understand his possesiveness and over protectiveness .
John chuckled noticing his actions
“So how was your first reaction when you saw each other..?” Chanu questioned.
“Beautiful ” Dex said dreamily while i blushed.
“What about you Pie?”
“I noticed his biceps.” I replied while Dex rose and eyebrow at me..
His best friend’s point of view-
My phone pinged with a message from Birdie.
Reached safely will talk later it said.
She had gone back to Big-B for his final match.
“So what do you guys like about each other?” Chanu questioned
“Everything” both blurted out together
“Aww that was really sweet..but there must be something that you don’t like common tell us..”
“I don’t like when she ties her hair up ” Jhonny said and pulling bhabhijaan’s clip down.
“I don’t like when he messes my house” bhabhijaan said and pouted to show her disappointment..
These guys were so cute.
His point of view-
Her hair flew on my face and i setting me up in a trance like always.
“So marriage plans?” Chanu chirped
“Aap kaho toh abhi kar loon” I replied while Pie just glared at me..
“What about kids?”
“I can’t handel two kids at a time..” pie argued
“But i am not a kid” i whined while everybody laughed
“But Dex don’t you think you should have trusted Pie that night..?” Simin questioned making my guilt return back.
Her point of view-
Dex stiffed beside me upon hearing the question..i know he still beats himself up about it..
I grabbed his hand and squeezed it..
“It was a misunderstanding…and they hapen in all relations..” i explained Simin.
“But you were in the same position and you trusted him..” She protested.
“Me and Dex are two diffrent person..He is very over protective and possesive about people in his life..
Specially about me..
He gets jealous on John at times when he hugs me then imagine the scenario from his point of view when he saw a man whom he hates to the core shirtless with his to be wife..” I explained
Simin nodded in understanding.
“Dinner is all set on the table” Sis called out.
“Please come.” Dex said and we headed to the dining table.
“Yummm” chanu hummed as she ate the shahi paneer
“My Pie prepared all this .” He said and kissed the top of my head.
“Thank you” he whispered before sitting himself down on the table
“It was my duty” i whispered back before serving him his dinner.
“Dada cakee” the twins chirped
“Have you been good babies?” He questioned
They nodded enthusiastically.
“Here you go” he said placing a piece for each one of them
They grinned at their pieces.
“Itsh yumm shii” they said with their mouths full..
“Come give si cuddels now” i called out and the kids ran in.
“I think we will leave …its quite late ” said our guest..
“Come i will drop you” Dex said walking out
“Nice meeting you all” they said in unison
“Ditto” i said before closing the door and heading back inside..
I looked around the loving room
My family with hapy faces .i guess life goals were achieved..

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