Ruhaniyaat (Segment 95)


His point of view –
“Bhai take care of him .. I will take Pie home..” i said and picked her up before getting to my car.
“One minute..” she said and tugged onto my shirt
“Yes love .” I said setting her down on her feet.
She walked back inside the factory while i followed suit.
“J..please set him free and get him treated..he is our elder brother..” she said before taking my hand walking out.
“But baby..” but she beat me to it.
“Dex..Dad always says that the one who forgives is the greatest.”
Today i can say that i feel so proud that i am in love with this woman..
“I love you so much baby..and i am so proud..”
She stayed silent and just hugged me.

“Dex please take me home “she said in a shaky voice.
We got home and Pie headed straight to the bathroom.
When few minutes had passed and she hadn’t returned i began to get worried..
“Love..” i said and banged on the door the door opened and she was lying on the ground..
Her face looked Pale..while her body shivered.
I din’t know this will effect her so bad.
I gently scooped her in my arms and laid her on the bed.
“Baby please…shout scream..cry but please respond” i said rubbing her hands and her legs..
She just stared at me blankly.
What do i do now..?
“Godfather” she mumbled and i froze in my actions.
“What did you say..?”
“Who is godfather .?” She questioned her eyes fixed at a distance
“I am godfather..”i said and her eyes flicked over to me before being distant again.
“I want to sleep.” She said and lied down on the bed.
“Dex i want to sleep” she said and turned herself to the otherside.
I got up and headed to my study.

What did i do.?
Did i just spoil everything.?

When i reached Papa my phone pinged with a message that made my blood freeze..
It was a photo of Pie and the kids sleeping peacefully
With a message that read i am back.
I quickly rushed home and headed straight to my room where Pie was sleeping peacefully..
The babies were asleep too..
I spooned her from back and hugged her close to my chest..
I burried my face in her neck to calm my nerves down but it din’t help.
I was frantic.

I called up all the security men to question about the man but no one had seen anybody.
I racked my brain throughout the night pacing the room.
Running to the bed every minute any one of them turned or squirmed.

I decided to cook something for Pie and check up on her..
I made some pasta and and headed to our bedroom.
“Bubba..” i whispered in my baby’s ear to wake her up.
“Uurrrrggh..” she groaned before turning away.
“Sugar buns” i cooed and gently picked her sleeping form and placed her on my chest.
I kissed the top of her head before pecking her lips.
She opened her eyes and slowly and looked at me..
“So how is my love doing..?”
“Fffine” she fumbled
I know she was not alright and was just saying so for my sake but i din’t was to pester her with it so i let it go.
“Only fine..?” I joked
“Fantastic..” she said before wiggling out of arms
“Bacha..stay..” she obliged and rested her head on my chest.
I decided to tell her everything and feed her at the same time..
“When we were away Big-B had already told me everything about it..” i confessed and she gasped in response..

“We even consulted a psychiatrist Dr. Divyarani when you were in the hosppital”
“You thought i was crazy.?” She said and pushed me away getting up.
“No love.. but that was the best we could do at that time..”
She sighed before sitting down on the other side of the bed farther away from me..her head in her hands..
“Babu the other night when we came from the dinner with Papa and mom he called me up to challenge me..”
“Yea and it was a hit on the ego of the great mighty Jhonny..” she said her voice laced with sarcasm.
“Bacha i was scared for you too..” i confessed and her features softened before she looked at me.
I took this as my cue to go near her and wrap my arms around her .
“Then..?” She questioned urging me to continue.

Flashback –
After the gang meeting when i got to work the next day our investigator had found a clue..
“Godfather you need to see this..” he urged showing me the building across the mansion where a telescope and mirror was set up..
“What’s this..?” I questioned.
“Supposingly Mr.Masked man couldn’t break through the extra security you set at the masion since bhabhijaan moved in so he tried tricks”
Connecting the dots now i realise why the guards never knew anything about him..
After digging out stuff everything pointed at Big -B ‘s brother …
It even collabrated the evidence from the party.
In the meantime he being the person he is called me up again adding more collabration to the already solid evidence.
The gang hacker quickly found out his address.
When we reached there his house was covered with photos of you..
We caught hold of him and took him to the factory and the rest you know

She listened to everything very seriously before crying her heart out .
“Babe please don’t cry ” i said wiping her tears as some of mine fell on my cheeks too..
“Ttttthank you.” She mumbled.
“I promise you love..i will protect you with everything that i have..and till the time i am there no one can do anything to you .” I said and kissed her forhead..
She sighed before resting her head on my chest .
“I love you my cute little Pie..” i said kissing her head.

“I love you too my Dexy boo” she said kissing my chest

I am regretting my decision of the press confrence.
I got a single question only from Simin
So i am cancelling it

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