Ruhaniyaat (Segment 93)


Few days later
His best friend’s point of view –
“Dada…dada..” i could hear someone whisper in my ear
I opened my eyes to see my girl jumping happily on my bed.
“Hey princess.” And she knelt down and hugged me..
“Lets make mommy some breakfast pwease.”
“Sure love..but where is your brother..?”
“Sleeping .” She said and pouted.

“Lets wake him up..”
“Why baby..?”
“He hit..”
“I am there no babu..come .” I said and picked her up..
I headed to the twin’s bedroom and my little baby was asleep ..
So we carefully tiptoed in..
“Wakey wakey baby..” i cooed in his ear.
He grunted before turning around and sleeping.
Princess giggled at her brother’s tantrums.
My baby surely picked up this habbit from me..
They are so much like me that i never felt that they are not my kids..
“Love..” i tried again gently rubbing his back..
“Dada quick momma will wake up..” said my princess while scrunching up her nose..
Aww my baby din’t know how to panic also..

“But he is not waking up..” i said and pouted..she giggled at my pout..
“Let him sleep..we make breakfast..”
“Okay princess..” i again picked her up and we headed into the kitchen.
When i reached the kitchen it was a mess with all the pots and pans sprawled on the floor..
The bread and eggs were out.
Masala cabinet was open..
“Baby did you do this.?” I questioned
Tears formed into the corners of her eyes and she clutched my t shirt in her tiny hands..

“Oh no princess i am not angry on you baby..but you have to be careful in the kitchen..” i explained kissing her forhead..
She just nodded in response ..
“So what do you want to make..?”
These kids are crazy omlette fans ..they can eat them whole day literally for all the meals..
We cooked four omlettes without making any noise..

She helped me put them on a plate with bread and ketchup ..
“You’re the best dada” she screamt as we finished plating the last one..
“And you’re the prettiest doll in the world” i said and hugged her tight..
“Chalo lets try to wake up your brother then we will surprise mommy..”
We put the plates on the dinning table and headed back to the twins room…
My son was awake but as soon as we entered he shut his eyes ..
He is such a drama queen.
“Baby its okay let him sleep we will divide his omlette into half and share it among us”
His eyes snapped open at the mention of omlette.
“No dada me up..”

“Come give me a hug then..” i said and opened my arms for both my kids..
Both came running into my arms i picked them up and hugged them tight .
Ohh i love them to the core..
“What is happening here..? J..”
Shit..we were to wake her up but i was so caught up in the kids that i forgot.
“Mommy surprise.” My princess said first .
Yea i guess its true that girls are smarter than boys.
“Uhhh yea yes..” i said and walked up to her..

“What are you talking about..?” She asked confused.
“Surprise surprise” chanted the kids ..
“Baby can you lead the way while i cover mommy’s eyes ” i gestured to the twins
They both held our hands and guided us to the dining table.
I slowly removed my hands that were covering her eyes and screamt
She looked at the table full of breakfast then at the kids and then at me..
I mouthed her a ” i love you.,”
She mouthed “i love you too ” in return.
“This is so wonderful i love you guys..” she said and bent down to the twins level.
Aww .my happy family..
“We love momma” they said in unison.
“And me..?” I questioned getting down too.

“We love u too Dada” and that did it for me tears streaked down my face.
My babies frowned and all three of them tried to rub away my tears..
I smiled at their antics.
“No cry cry dada” said my baby boy.
That coming from him was an achievement
He spoke less and to me very less..
“Come here everybody ” i just had to say these words and all three of them came to me..
I hugged them all at once..

Finally gym days paid off..
Suddenly my princess stomach growled and she giggled.
“Lets fill you up love.” I said and placed her on her chair on the table.
“Feed feed..” my son said ..
He is very happy when he dosen’t have to use his hands and someone would do his job..
Sweetheart and i fed them till they were full.

As we set them down they ran up to their room to play.
“I guess its just us then..”
“I guess so too ” she replied shyly.
I gently placed her on my lap while struggled to get up.
“Love i think thats a wrong place to move around ” i whispered in her ears and she stilled.
“I am sorry ” she said quickly getting up..
“No baby..come here ” and i placed her back on my lap..
“Feed feed” i said immitating my son .
“Common you’re not a kid “.
“Yes but i am their dad.”
She fed me omlette and toast while i did the same..
“Babu lets go cuddle now .”

“The kids are home”
“Yea they need a brother or a sister too ” .
“No more kids they already are a handful.”
“But i want cuddles”
“Acha are just like the kids..”
“You are mistaken baby..they are just like me..” i said and she laughed.
A whole hearted laugh..
It gives a feeling of achievement when your love laughs like that and its all because of you..
I carried her to the bedroom and we got under the blankets.
“Ohh i love you so much” i said kissed her lips
She responded well and then hugged me tight.

“Thank you so much”
“For what baby .?”
“For loving the twins as your own..”
“Shh babu..they were ..are and will always be my kids ” i said and hugged her back..
I guess that day climbing the pipe did do me some good..

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    my cute kiddos.
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    pragu dr im waiting 4 100 th epi.
    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..

  2. Mariyajap

    u r tooooo unpredictable, i thought u will follow up the stalker & god father track. but see what u have done, u have given a very happy family time and now i have tear of happiness in my eyes. thank u soooooooooo much

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  3. Vyshu10

    nice….waiting for dex n pie marriage and stalker track

    1. Stoneheart

      Itni kyun jldi hain shadi ki..?
      Thank u

      1. Vyshu10

        aise hi….just wish to see them married in the 100th ep

      2. Stoneheart

        Thoda mushkil hain but i will try

  4. Simin

    Loved j’s bonding with kids

  5. Dharshini

    Lovely dear..

  6. Rekha


  7. Funny n cute chappy…
    Specially the last line ?

    Keep going forever…

  8. time..
    it was sweet and their

  9. U made my day !!!!
    Are jhon and pie’s sis r married. ..
    Awesome episode as always
    I thought u will continue the godfather track but u wrote the happy family epi
    Plz show pie and dex’s marriage asap
    Its my humble request. …
    By ur reader

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..yes i will ..not she just proposed

  10. Nice..loved their bonding.

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