Ruhaniyaat (Segment 92)

A day later
His point of view –
I was pacing around in my cabin at work when my phone rang..
“Sir we have got the lead on the person who was there at the mansion the other night” said one of my trusted men..
“Send the details to my office.”
“Yes sir..”

The files had been delivered but i am not so sure about it..
The guy looked oddly familiar but i can’t place him as to where i saw him..
“Bhai can you come in my cabin please.” I enquire..
His best friend’s point of view –
“Bhai..” i called out to a lost Jhonny.
He has been worried about bhabhijaan since the party day.
I wish i could help him.
It hurts to see your bestfriend in such a condition so helpless.
I shot up from my seats and headed towards him..
Suddenly i was engulfed into a big hug..
“I failed her bro..” he cried.
“She trusted me to take care of her and i failed her ” he continued to sob
“Hey..kya hua.? Kuch bataega..?”
After he had explained me everything my blood boiled ..
How dare he throw an open challenge at us .?
Dosen’t he know who we are.?
He shouldn’t be playing with fire..
“Bhai its time Godfather comes out”
Jhonny stopped sobbing and looked at me.
” I think you are right.. That low life needs to know who is the boss here..”
“Bhai call in the meeting …we shall discuss it dare he even think about harming bhabhijaan..”

Meeting was arranged and group members were called..
Godfather aka Jhonny was seated at the head..
We were a group at 5 who utilised their anger at the correct place.
We would save aged people from the torture of their children.
Women from the torture by their family.
It was his brainchild to form such a group.
“Feels great to be back..” our investigator from the group said..
Jhonny began to explain everything about the case from him troubling Bhabhijaan at her hostel to the Party Night..
By the end of the briefing everybody was seething in anger.
“Bhai..he dosen’t know what it is to deal with Godfather..” another team member said.
I could see Jhonny gaining his confidence back.
Jhonny has always had been protective about his loved ones..
And this guy dared to hurt his Pie .
I have my sympathies towards him
If Jhonny decides to destroy him then even god won’t be able to save him.
Ring Ring Ring
My phone rang indicating a call from my sweetheart..
I excused myself before picking up the call.
“Hey dear ” she chirped
Wow .. her voice is so melodious..
“Are you there ?”
“Uhhh yea um yes i am here.” I fumbled
“When are you coming home..? The twins are asking for you..”

Ever since the proposal i had been pestering for her to move in with me ..
She had been refusing me stating that the twins would find it difficult to adjust to the new surrounding and everything.
When i couldn’t wait any longer i had showed up at her doorstep with a packed suitcase.
The twins had been beyond happy with my decision that they insisted on sleeping with me
And as for me i am so thrilled that my children are accepting me.
“When are you coming dear..?”
“Soon baby..Take care..”
“Okay see you soon..”
“My kiss please ”
And she hung up the phone instantly…
I smiled at her antics before walking back in to Jhonny’s cabin.
The meeting was nearly over and i could now see my confident best friend back..
“Bhai … i think you should go home..” i said patting his back.
“But all this work..?”
I know right now he needs to be with bhabhijaan otherwise he will go crazy.
“I will take care of everything…you go to her..”
“Thanks bhai..” he said hugging me before walking out of his office.

His point of view –
When i got home that afternoon Papa and mom were sitting in the hall all cuddelled up and watching some t.v
“Hey papa” i greeted and they immediately started to untangle themselves.
“Arey..its alright…i am just going to head upstairs..where is Pie .?” I enquired.
“She is asleep in your room.”
“Waise Papa telebrands is very intresting..” i said and burst out laughing..
Mom blushed furiously and hid herself in Papa’s embrance..
“Tu jata hain kay mai aau..??” Said Papa glaring at me playfully..
I immidiately rushed up to my room..
Once outside the door i gently opened it and saw my baby sleeping peacefully..
Thank god she was asleep..

She had been pestering me about why i am so worried..
I just couldn’t tell her that i am a paranoid lover.
That it hurted my ego when he challenged me about never being able to catch him..
I haven’t told her about being Godfather either..
I don’t know how she will react about it..
I sat on the side on the bed next to her pillow..
She looked so peaceful asleep..and it is my duty to maintain this peace in her life
My duty to protect her from that blo*dy stalker..
I brushed her hair out of her face and continued to watch her..
Its just one of the things i love…watch her when she is asleep..
It gives me a sense of happiness …a sense of achievement ..that the love of my life is sleeping peacefully in my arms..
She sensed my presence and shifted her head to my lap..
“I promise you love..i will protect you with everything that i have..and till the time i am there he can’t do anything to you .” I said and kissed her forhead..
She just smiled and burried her face more in lap.
I am in love with this woman and she has the power to drive me nuts..

I am late today..and there is a new twist in the story so i request you all to sit back and relax and enjoy..

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