Ruhaniyaat (Segment 91)


His best friend’s point of view-
The three of them walked towards me before kneeling down in front of me ..
What the hell is happening..?
“Will you be our Daddy..?” The twin chorused while their mother held the ring box open..
She looked me hopeful and then it struck me…
Ohhh good..! She was proposing me..
Tears of happiness streaked down from my face..
“Yes” i screamnt before giving my new family a bear hug while the guest cheered…
I looked over at Papa who had his arms wrapped around Mom ..he gave me a smile
Then my gaze shifted to Jhonny..he and bhabhijaan were clapping happily
And then i looked at someone beside him…
“Surprise..” she yelled and ran up to me..
I put the twins and their mother aside before she could crush them..
She jumped on me and we both fell on the ground..
I could hear mom and bhabhijaaan laughing in the baground
“When did you come ..?”i questioned.
She had been on a game tour with Big – B.
He said he had to keep her near to maintain his sanity.
The love of your life surely helps you to keep sane..
I can feel that right now..
“As soon as bhabhi told me about her surprise..” she chirped..
“Bhabhi..?” I questioned and looked at bhabhijaan
She gestured towards love and then it struck me..
Ohh god was her bhabhi too..
“Hey babies i am your bhua..” she said crouching down next to the kids..
“Booo a ..” they both tried repeating after her but failed miserabily..
“Aww babu..u can call me boo boo if you want..”
The twins squealed and hugged her ..
“Boo boo” they chanted happily..
I stood up and looked at my love.
She blushed and looked at her feet..
“Bhai..i guess you guys should go ahead spend some time with her..we will watch the kids..” Jhonny said..
“No i will watch them..bhabhi looks too tired already..” she said gesturing towards bhabhijaan
“Uhh..guys its okay..there is no need..”
“Kaise need nahi hai..waise its not for you..its for her..” bhabhijaan said side hugging her sister..
“Go fast before i change my mind..” Bhabhijaan’s father said..
“Okay ” i said and pulled her hand..
We took everyone’s blessing before heading out from the main door..
Once inside the car i turned to her..
“So someone was getting bold today huh..?”
She din’t reply just hugged me tight burrying her face in my chest.
“I..i am scared..” she said after a minute or so..
“About what sweetheart..?” I asked pulling away and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear
“The twins father .” She said and i could detect fear in her voice..
“Baby…they are my kids now … i will not let anything happen to them or to you..” i said kissing her forhead..
“Toh main bachon kay baad aati hun.?” She pouted.
“No princess you will always come first before anyone else..i am so happy today…thank you so much for giving me such wonderful kids and making me the happiest man alive”
We kissed for some more time before driving back to my house..

Her point of view-
“Si …hungry..” said my princess patting her tummy..
“Come darling” i picked her up and took her to a table and sat her down on the chair..
“Love where is your brother..?”
“He playing with fliend” i frowned at her words
She was the more outgoing one while he was the shy kid..
I served her food and dialled Dex..
“Yes love” he answered at the first ring.
“Princess is with me but i can’t find her he with you..? ” I questioned hurriedly..
“No bacha i am with papa and dad we are meeting some clients ..”
“Uuhh ohh..”
“Love wait right there i am coming.” He said before hanging up..
“Angel can you feed her..i am just going to get her brother ” i said handing over the plate to Angel..
Please be okay baby boy..
We searched for him everywhere ..
Nobody had seen him..
Finally we found him near the cars crying..
I ran to him and scooped him up in my arms..
His point of view –
“Aww my baby..” she said and hugged him close..
He burried his face in her neck and continued to cry..
“Love its okay…you are fine ..i am here now..” she said gently rubbing his back..
By now Pie’s eyes had started too water too..
I hugged both of them close..
“Si..” hiccupped the baby
“Yes shona…see i am here ..and you are okay”
“Food” he said
“Come baby..lets get your tummy filled” she said tickling his stomach..
He giggled a bit but again clung back to Pie.
After both the kids and everyone had eaten dinner we deided to leave..
Kids were getting cranky as they were tired and my baby looked exhausted too..
“Papa..i will take Pie and kids home..they are really tired…can you get birdie when you come..”
“Okay beta drive safe and call me once you reach..”
“Ji papa..”
We bid goodbye to everybody before leaving for the mansion..
It was decided that everyone would stay there after the party for some family time..
I drove my babies home..after they were changed Pie put them to bed in one of the bedrooms..
But as soon as she turned to leave baby boy started to whine.
Pie sighed before picking him up..
He snuggled upto her and immideately fell quiet.
To me he still looked scared but i am not sure
I picked princess and we both came back to my room .
She put him on the bed and he hugged her tight.
I put princess on my tumny and ran my fingers through her hair to put her to sleep .
She was asleep in minutes…
Baby boy continued to snuggle deeper into Pie.
“Love..i am right here..”she cooed to him and wrapped her arms around him..
He relaxed and slowly fell asleep..
Soon Pie was asleep too..

Ring ring ring.
My sleep was disturbed by my phone ringing.
It was Papa calling..
“Yes papa” i answered sleepily.
“Beta .our car brokedown ..can you come over and fetch us”
“Yes papa stay where you are and keep mom and Birdie close”
I rushed out to get them..
I din’t wake up Pie to inform that i was leaving as she was way too tired .
When i reached Papa my phone pinged with a message that made my blood freeze..
It was a photo of Pie and the kids sleeping peacefully
With a message that read i am back.

I am so exited that we are reaching segment 100 soon that i celebrated way ahead of time with Pani Puri and ice cream and then i got carried away when i started to write this segment making it extra long..

About the press confrence..please send the queries properly on my email id..
The countdown for it has already begun..


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  1. Savanshi27

    Awsm blossom epi…
    loved it dear

  2. d stalker is back..
    im sure dex will save his pie and d babies..waiting for d nxt one..
    and i dnt hv ur

    1. Stoneheart

      Hey its there in my previous segments ..thank u

  3. Di ehat is ur email id
    I don’t know. …plz tell me
    Awesome episode
    I think the babies father is back
    Have q nice day!!!!!

  4. Rabia

    aweesomeee dear 🙂

  5. Rekha


  6. Simin

    But the msg is the guy who is troubling pie back

  7. Kakali

    Waaa!!! love it dear.. thnk u.. ;-*

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  9. Mariyajap

    Wow Yar that was awesome. I really loved it

  10. Nice epi as always
    I lv it.
    dexs fmly gt completed deu 2 kids..
    they r soo adorable.
    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya..

    1. Stoneheart

      They are not his kids..thank u

  11. Hmm u got d birdie back
    Bt yeah dex was also going to propose pie…
    When will he do it?
    And yep count down: 9 more to go…

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u and soon..

  12. Dharshini

    Awesome dear..

  13. Vyshu10

    Awesome….isi baat ka darr tha ki wo stalker na aajaye…but look he came…creepy guy. Hope nothing happens to pie and kids. Is the stalker the kids’ dad? Does he want to take revenge from pie?

    10 more eps to go…..come on u have to do it before 15th

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much.

  14. Arshaanya

    Loved it… i think d stalker is babies father only… n baby boy was scared coz of him

    1. Stoneheart

      Baap re kita imagination..thank u anyway

      1. Arshaanya

        Bt tell na sahi h ya nai ??

      2. Stoneheart

        Patience sweetheart

  15. Simi

    Omg..really loved the proposal..
    I’m sure dex will save pie & babies

  16. Nice..and sry I wasn’t able to comment in few of the previous segments..
    And congrats it’s soon going to reach century.

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