Ruhaniyaat (Segment 9)


Few Days later –

Her point of view –
” Dexter..! Come right here…right now..!” I yelled for the third time …
But he won’t budge ..he was sitting on the sofa with a bag of chips and a can of coke enjoying the match..
I walked up to the living room and stood behind him staring at the back of his head…
Sensing my presence he crained his neck backwards and looked at me …
Ohhh..! Now he is looking at me upside down..
“Dexter..!” I yelled again now my anger rising up to my ears and if i was a cartoon he would have seen smoke coming out of my ears..

“Sorry baby…do u mind.. comin..g in the fro…nt..? He asked hesitantly with a smile ..
That cute smile made my anger vanish just like that..
“There is nothing to eat …how do you expect me to cook..?” I asked..
“Lets go shopping then” he said exitedly like a 3 year old..
As i waited for him in the parking lot to come out of the car..i couldn’t help but oggle at him…
It was just like in the movies when the hero opens the car door steps out of it..pulls out his sunglases and place them in his jeans pocket in style…
He walked upto me and wrapped his arm around my waist…” ready ..? ” He asked and i simply nodded…
Then i noticed something that disgusted me…every single female passing us looked at almost checking him out…

I tried my best to ignore them but couldn’t ignore the death glares i was getting from them…
Hell ..!! I should have been the ones giving them glares…
He was my Fiance after all…
We finished the shopping and headed home..
I cooked our dinner and he went back to his match..
We ate in silence …as he wanted to concentrate on his match..
Damn that match..!

I picked up our plates …cleant the kitchen and was heading to my room when he called out to me..
“I am sleepy Dex..its been a long day..”
“But you said you will spend your evenings with me..” he whined
“Okay” i said and plopped myself on the couch as he returned his attention back to the Tv .
My eyelids were heavy and i couldn’t keep them open any longer..
My head automatically went to his shoulder ..
I am enjoying this right now..propably because i am too sleepy but deep down i am scared of all this …and with that thought i slept in a deep slumber..

I can feel rise and fall of a chest under my eyes snapped open..
I was cuddling with Dex..oh god..!
I tried to move and his grip around me tightened and he pulled me closer..
I wriggled myself free from his grip and went to get ready for classes..
I let him sleep as he had no classes till afternoon…

His point of view-
I tried to feel her around me but found the other side empty..
The night had been great..she in my arms with the match on…
What more can a guy want..?
His two lady loves with him for a perfect night..
Yea okay..! I only like her and not love her..i tried explaining my heart for the like the hundredth time ..

Nowadays there seems to be a war between my brain and my heart about wether i love her or not..
Like i was sure as hell posessive about her..but that dint count did it..?
Yesterday at the grocery store those guys in the parking were checking her out..
I instantly wanted to rip their heads apart..
How dare they..?
I knew she was hot
But all that was only for me..
Heck she was all for me..
She was mine…
I decided to tell her everything today..i will tell her i love her today..
I freshened up and went to college..
I just wanted to see her so bad..
I reach upto the bachelor building

Her point of view-
“So you are jhonny’s new chick..I wonder what you did to him to be with you for so long..?” He said ..his expressions amused..
I started to walk away .. scared…when they suddenly came in front of me blocking my way..
“Oh you are so hot…I wonder if you are same in bed too…you know hot and wild .”.he said.
He was roughly punched as I see Dex kick him in the stomach and the guy falls down..
“She is out your league Dude..STAY AWAY..! SHE.IS.MINE. he says with every punch on the guy’s face…
I shivered and looked up to see the guy still stairing at me..

His point of view-
I looked at Pie to see her shivering..oohh shit did i scare her..?
But what could i do..?
He spoke ill about her and i couldn’t take it lying down …ofcourse not..
So i started hitting him blue and black..
I walked upto pie and hugged her..pressing her head on my neck .
“No more going anywhere without informing know how scared i was..” i say with finality..
“But you were sleeping Dex”she said quietly..
She dosen’t know the effect she has on guys..
She dsnt know anything ..

I take her hand and drop her to her class..
Later in the evening i pick her up from college and we go home…

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