Ruhaniyaat (Segment 88)


Her point of view-
“Baby..wake up..” i call out to Dex shaking him..
He is one kumkaran..
“Baby you gotta meeting to attend..”
But no responae again..
I know what to do to wake him up.
I pushed him so that he was flat on the bed on his back..
I climbed on top of him and began kissing him..
His eyes snapped open..

He pulled me closer and kissed me properly..
When i tried to pull away he groaned
“Stay..” he mumbeled
“Shona we need to get up…you have a meeting to attend..”
“Umm..yea..” he said before we both got up from the bed .
“Get ready we are going for the court hearing” he said..
“Are you sure.?.i mean..”

“Baby i said get ready we are going to the court.” With that he went to the batroom and i proceeded downstairs to make his breakfast..
I am not sure wether going to the court is a good idea..but nonetheless if he wants go we will go..
“Pie where is my shirt..?” He yelled from the room
“Its ironed and kept on the bed”
“Pie where is my hankerchief”

“In your pocket dexy”
“Baby where is my wife .?” And i felt butterflies in my stomach.
Matlab i don’t know why… i know it will eventually happen but still
Everytime he says it i can feel butterflies in my stomach.
“ smell lovely.. ” he said kissing me on the neck from behind and breaking my chain of thoughts.
“Enough of your romance for the sit i will serve you breakfast..” i said gesturing him to the table..
“Urrggh..” he grumbled before setting himself down
I served him his french toast and juice before heading upstairs to change my clothes.
“Love ”

“Come to me na..” he whined.
“Yes just getting ready..” i called back
“Should i do the honours.?” .
“Shut up and eat..i will be back..” he just chuckled in response..

We reached the court and papa was surprised to see us..
He greeted us with a smile before turning back to face his advocate..
The decree was given …they had gotten their divorce..
We walked out of the court room hand in hand.
Suddenly we were greeted by a number of press reporters ..
“Sir sir what do you have to say about the divorce..?” .
“Sir we heard he is going to remarry now..?”
“So was this divorce for the remarriage..?”
“Sir isn’t this an irony..its time for son to marry and father is marrying..”
Dex let go of my hand and walked to the journalist..
“So you wanted to be a reporter all your life..?” He questioned.
“Yes sir..”
“What if you were a doctor..?will you be happy..?”

“No sir..”
” I think you got your if you will please excuse me ..i got a useful work to do…” he said putting on his sunglasses and walking to the car..
“I will drop you home and then head to the meeting .” He said
i just nodded too shocked to reply
What just happened..?
He drove away to a deserted area before finally stopping his car.
He got out and gestured me to follow him..
He pulled me to the side of the car before before burying his face in my neck ..
Minutes later i could hear faint sobs.
Dex was crying..

I rubbed his back repeatedly..
No words were exchanged..
At times being there for the person means a lot.
Finally he was queit and was heading towards the car when my phone rang was John.
I put the phone on speaker and sat in the car
“Bhabhijaan..” he greeted
“Haan bolo …”
“Guess what…?”
“She decided to come on a date with me.” .
“Wow bro..dats awesome..” said dex from beside me .
“But could you watch the kids ?”
“Sure i am coming over..”

“We are coming over .” Dex interrupted
“But your meeting..?”
“Family comes first babe” he said kissing my ear
And soon we were heading to my sister place..

“Lion Lion.” The kids screeched upon seeing dex..
He roared in response and the kids giggled.
The kids had grown to love dex ans he too had grown fond of them..
I went over to her room where she was getting ready for the date..
“Thank god si you are here… i don’t know what i will do without you..”
“Oohh miss melodrama..get ready me these boys are very restless.”
“Si si..” came running my baby boy..

My little fan.
“Up up..” he squealed and i picked him in my arms.
“Momma so pletty..”
“Aww mera bacha..where is your sister..?”
“Lion ate her up..” he said widening his eyes.
“Lets go and save her..come love.” I said walking out of the room so that she can get ready..
“So where is the hungry lion..?”
“He is there on the sofa” he said gesturing towards the living room..
We slowly tiptoed to the room he giggling beside me .
“Shh the lion will hear you..” i said shushing him..

Princess was playing on Dex stomach and Dex was watching her play with an amused smile..
“Si si..there is the lion..” he said and came running to me..
Dex roared at him
I picked him up and he hugged me close
“Babu..look its a friendly lion..” i said ruffling Dex hair..
“Fliend.?” He asked innocently and my lion Dexy nodded in response..

Soon he was also ruffling Dex hair and tickling his tummy..
“Si i am going..take me if you need me” she said kissing me goodbye..
Both kids played with Dex for a long time before going to sleep with him
He was so happy to take care of them and the kids oh god they enjoyed a lot too..
I wonder how will he be with our kids..
‘thank you’ was the message i got from Papa before i too snuggled up to Dex to sleep..

I am sorry for not posting an episode yesterday..
There was so may things going in my house for diwali that i was really very tired yesterday and din’t getto write..

About the press confrence please subit your questions we are going to have it before 100 th episode ..

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  1. Dharshini

    Wonderful chappy…

  2. Vyshu10

    Awesome….. loved it. Naughty dex and blushing pie are adorable. I just love dex and pie yaar….all their shades

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  4. Mariyajap

    Hai no need to be sorry , the segment was superb

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  5. Wow!!
    Nice epi as always
    lv it..

    dex will be a gd papa..
    im sure.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jhon congo dr… hope u ll ddnt spoil anythng..
    Naughty dex and shy pie.. aww soo cute..
    And dex cried!? Poor him.. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    Those kids r sooo soo soo adorable.
    I lv all da parts..

    100th epi main press conference!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    wow nice..
    Im waiting 4 it??
    Ummmm and my quiz 4 them!!???!!
    1.Wt u like da most 4m him / her
    2.wt u ddnt like
    Ect ect
    I hv soo mny quiz bt I think its enough.
    Or else ull kill me 4 soo mny qoz..
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Stoneheart

      Hey send in me ur questions…u know where..

  6. Simin

    Awesome blossom
    Dex cried awwww
    Pie dex kids amazing bond

  7. So cute gestures of Dex,love u.
    Dex became a picture perfect husband, father (twin’s),bil(bro in law), sil
    before marrying our cutie pie n same goes with pie. Their bond with d kids is adorable.
    They share an incredible ,lovely n admirable relation. Dec became immune against d press n society. Loved it.
    Question for Dex how n what u felt about pie in these situations
    I) before 1st meet
    ii) after that
    iii) before patchup
    iv) now

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..pls send me questions

  8. Arshaanya

    Aaawww dat was so cute babies n dex…
    Loved it

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      Thank u so much

  9. nice is becoz of pie dat dex handled d situation so their bond with d kids..
    about press conference dont knw what to ask..
    thinking…. thinking ….and
    still thinking..

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  11. Awesome
    No need to say sorry
    When and where we have to ask our questions.????

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      Mail them to me…i will answer all of them

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