Ruhaniyaat (Segment 87)

Few months later
His best friend’s point of view-
Me and bhabhijaan’s sister have become good friends and i am happy about that..
Its not exactly what i wanted but something is better than nothing..
Atleast i have her in my life ..
The kids are warming upto me as well..
I am planning to take her out on a formal date today to try my luck.
Thankfully bhai is with me in each step of the way..
I shut the engine to my car and grabbed the lilies before walking upto her door.
Lillies are her favourite flowers.

The door opens to a very beautiful looking female.
I stare at her in awe before she snaps me out with the flick of her fingers.
“Ummm yeah ..uhh hi..” i greet her and she smiles in response welcoming me to her house..
“Can you sit for a while i will just join you in a bit..the kids wanted to eat an omlette..”
“Sure…umm thanks ..” i say before sitting on the dining table in the kitchen..
She resumes cooking unfazed by my gaze on her …or i guess she has become imune to them..

Because i like an idiot just stare at her whenever i can ..
Bhabhijaan literally call me a creep..
But i just can’t help it she is that pretty..

A few minutes later i feel thirsty and i get up to grab myself a glass of water..
Due to my frequent visits to the house i am well acustommed to the things around the house..
She glasses are kept on the shelf above the stove burner..
I stretch out my arm over her who is cooking on the stove burner when something wet his my legs..
I ignore the sensation and continue to stretch for my glass when something wet hits my leg again..

I turn around to see the cute little baby boy hitting me with a water gun.
“Stay away from mommy..” he yells before running back to his room.
I turn around to her for an explanation and she bursts out laughing..
“Its not funny ..” i snap at her and she finds it hard to control her laughter..
“Baby come over your omelette is ready..” she yells to the kids..
Pincess walks in minutes later and settles her self in her seat but then was no sign of baby boy..
We waited for a few more minutes thinking that he might be in the washroom but he dosen’t show up..

“Please serve his omlette in a plate..i will just be back..” i say and jog upto the kids room.
He was sitting in a corner with his arms folded across his chest trying to show anger..
This is so adorable..
“Hi..” i call out to him.

“Hi” he replies me back curtly.
“Will you be my friend..?” I questioned hopefully
He dosen’t reply for a while when i continue..
“You are a boy..i am a love mommy and princess and i love them too.”
He gets up from the corner and moves on to the bed..
I follow him and kneel down down beside him on the ground ..
“Please..?” I say emphasizing the word.
“But ..will you buy me candyfloss..?” He questions innocently.
“Ofcourse baby” i say and extend my hand for a handshake..

“And iceam..?”
“Yes love..the world if you want it..” i say and hug him…
He hugs me back too..
I guess i won half the battle..
I pick him up in my arms and he sighs before snuggling in..
I take him out to the dining table..
She looks at me surprised while i flip my collar and she rolls her eyes in response..
I place him down on the chair and stand behind with my arms around the mother..
“Will you feed me..?” He questions tugging at my tshirt..

She turns me to me in awe while i smile at the little one..
“Sure love..” i say and pull a chair beside him..
“Me me..” squeals my princess and i pull her chair closer too..
“You know this is a train and it wants to go in a tunnel but where is the tunnel..?”
“Here..” says my little boy and grabs the bite from the fork while my princess pouts sadly..
I play along till both of them finish the omlettes and are out of the kitchen .
Her point of view –
“Hey si ..” greets my sister as i pick the phone.

“Hey dear how are you..? How are my babies..?”
“They are good and i am good too..”
And i can hear the kids giggling in the baground..

Sensing my silence she tell me that John is home.
“So what are you doing on the phone ypu idiot..?” I tease.
“Shut up dosen’t look nice …i am a mother of two kids..”
“So what dear…even after you become a mom you don’t stop living a life..” i explain.

“Yea …but…”
“But but kuch nai ..go he is here for you and you are talking to me…”
“No he is here for the kids …he hasn’t spoken to me properly from the time he came in..” she complains..
“So is somebody getting jealous..?”
“No what …?ofcourse not..”
“It seems so..” i say and burst out laughing.
“Shut up ..i am hanging up ” she says and hangs up..
Minutes later Papa calls me..
“Yes papaji.” I greet him
“Beta kal court ki hearing hai …kal officially divorce ho jayega..please take care of him.”
“Don’t worry Papa ..he is a lot more stronger now..he is no more the old meek Dex.
“But beta..”
“But but kuch nai papa..wait and watch tomorrow..”
“I hope you are correct beta..take care ”

“Bye papaji..”
I just hope everything goes well tomorrow..
It is important for Dex and Papa..

I want your help..
please suggest me some stories to be read on tellyupdates i have been out of touch since a long time..

Thank you
Happy new year


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  1. Simin

    Awesome chappy
    Good going john
    From darkness to light
    Bhabi plz give ur sisters hand
    Yeh dooriyan
    Kuch iss tarhaa 2
    Love is beautiful emotion

    1. Simin

      Sorry its love is beautiful emotion season 2

  2. Rabia

    Awesome dear and about stories
    It not revenge its love swasan(i hope i told the name correctly) ? season 3
    Many stories are started sometime before i think u can catch them ?

  3. DivzS

    Nice chaps.. Happy Deepavali and Halloween.. As for stories, “Haunted” is quite good and short too, other is “love is waste of time”

  4. awww nice chappy dr pragu!
    i lv it as always

    jhon gd job! ur mission gt succesed! congo! keep it up.
    rly dis kids r soo cute!
    pies saying r true. he he.
    nw dex understand evrytng! soo i think he ddnt act weird like b4!

    abt u r quiz! ummm nw i ddnt remember!
    Ill text u! oh ya! if u want, read ruhaniyath. its a amezing story!
    😉 😉 😛 😀

    and ya ur sm readers also da grate writers read their ffs!


    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya
    happy new year!

  5. Dharshini

    Nice chappy…

  6. nice as always..happy for john..

    swasan ff : entangled love by bhumija

    does love need perfection? by sinin

    the miracle of my life by fanficoholic

    swasan… don’t hate me season 1 and 2 by soumya27


    1. if u love suspense den rabia’s stories r good..

  7. Rekha


  8. Arshaanya

    Loved it…

  9. Miracle or love?
    Does love needs perfection ?
    Yeh dorriyan by meher
    Kuch iss tarah
    Mr Maheswari and I
    Awesome ep

  10. Vyshu10


    U want to read finished ffs or ongoing ones? I will suggest names accordingly. For now….read Entangled Love by Bhumija, Mr Maheshwari and I by Anjali, Falling for You, Tu Meri Mannat

  11. Awesome
    There r many ff stories written by our dear writers & some of them are even written by ur readers.
    I would suggest u
    Swasan- Married to a drunkard
    My True life partner
    Stay I’m not your husband by sujata
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    Swasan-love beyond Ages by nive

  12. Aah looks like you are back with double energy…

    Awesome awesome awesome

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u sweetheart

  13. Aah looks like you are back with double energy…


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