Ruhaniyaat (Segment 85)

His best friend point of view –
“Ek minute. Listen to me ..” i called out to her..
She dint respond and kept walking..
“I said listen to me..” and pulled her by her forearm.
“What..?” She hissed..
“Main apse pyar karta hun..yeh meri problem hai ..i don’t expect anything from you..and i don’t want to be a burden on you ..i am sorry..” i said and walked away..
“Bhai mai ghar jara hun” i informed Jhonny before walking up to my car and driving off..
I could watch her in the rearview mirror she kept staring at my car till i turned around the corner.
His point of view –

“Babe..please can you take the kids home..i want to talk to her..and don’t worry i will be home soon….” i said kissing her lips.
“Come on babies lets go home..” she called out to the kids
“ play..”the kids squealed..
“Oh..okay..i thought we will go home and watch cartoons..but its okay ..”
“Catoon catoon”

I watched my baby in awe..she is such a natural with kids..
She took both the kids to the car …buckeled them up and drove away..
“Can i talk to you please..?” I asked her sitting beside het on the bench..
“Zizu was i wrong..?”
“No dear you were totally right on your part..i know you have been hurt before and you are just trying to protect yourself..”
“Uhhh..i guess zizu..but he is not a bad guy..”
“Yes i know ..he is a really nice guy..i have known him all my life ..why don’t you give yourself and him a chance..?”
“Are you sure.? I am really scared ..”

“You know when me and Pie were getting engaged i was really scared too..i din’t know her at all..she din’t know me…she was moving will we adjust .too many questions were running in my mind but then i let it be ..eventually everything gets all right..”
“I din’t know you were so smart zizu.”
“Arey i am very smart..” i told her winking..
“Where is si and the kids..?” She questioned.
“I sent them home..the kids were tired and besides it was getting too sunny .i think we should head home too”

“and please do think about my idiot of a best friend .”
She laughed and then we both headed to our car and drove home
Her point of view –
“Baby lets go for a bathy bathy..u have become so dirty..” i tried coaxing the twins..
“Yaay ..pani ..pani” yelled my princess..
“Splash splash..” he squealed..
I undressed them both and put them in the bath tub..crouching beside them i washed them with soap and water..
My princess giggled while my my baby boy had a grumpy face..
After they were clean enough i wiped them dry and dressed them in clean clothes..
“Babu what happened ?” I cooed to the boy and he streched his hands to me..
I picked him up and he snuggled into my neck..

“Sleep..” he mumbled..
I put him down on my bed and pulled on the covers for him…but my baby started crying and extending his hands for me to pick him up..
Seeing him cry his sister started to cry too..
Aww both my babies were crying..
It breaks my heart to see them cry
I sat myself down on the bed and held both of them in an arm each and rocked them back and forth cooing loving words for them.
The boy went to sleep while his sister clung onto my arm..

“Don’t you want to sleep princess..?” I questioned.
“Catoon..” she demanded
I gently picked him and descended the stairs..
I sat her down on the sofa beside and switched on oggy and the cockroaches..
She snuggled to my side watching the cartoon..
My baby

Minutes laer she was asleep too..
Must have been a tiring day for them.
They both looked so cute snuggled up on my both sides..
My thoughts drifted to the day’s event Dex played with them..din’t even seem like his first meet…
I guess i can think about starting a family too..

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    Awww my beloved pie yes u can think about starting a new family

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  5. Awwwwwww…
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    Keep writing
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    HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!!

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    awesome…sweet ep. Oh yeah….hope to see dex n pie’s kids eventually

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  7. awesome..loved d babies..they r really

  8. Finally marriage will happen
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    I have even imagined how they will look in marriage
    Awesome ep

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  11. A biggg sryy for not comnting for the previous episode….due to my tight study schedule…sryy…ok now heading to usual superb…now waiting for dex nd pie moments…infact i forgot dat dey stil not yet married…but am waiting for der own familyy…pie’s care towrds babiess is veryy adorable n sweet…same goes on dex..inshort very cute n sweet episode…

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