Ruhaniyaat (Segment 84)

His point of view –
“Hey baby..” she said and scooped the babies in her arms craddling them against her chest
“Si si.” Yelled both of them in union..
My thoughts instantly drifted to my dream my baby boy with her coffee brown eyes running around the house..
“Bhai i am so nervous..” says John from beside me..
We were currently on the picnic with the twins ..their mother..and john..
John was sweating profusely beside me..

It was scene to behold i have never seen him this nervous around any girl..
Where was the casenova i knew..?
“Hi zizu..Apka bacha kaisa hai aaj..?” She questions me teasingly and a blush makes its way onto my cheeks.
“Si..zizu blushes so cute..” she yells onto Pie who is now being pulled by the toddlers..
Pie turns to me with raised eyebrows and a smirk i din’t know she could pull off..
“Si si ..” the twins scream tugging onto her hands ..
“Yes baby ” she scoops up the girl in her arms while the boy pouts sadly..
I instantly run over to him and pick him up and he shrieks in joy..
I motion John to go and talk to the mother while we keep the them busy..
“Pie i want a baby boy..”
“I told you i can’t handle two kids at a time so no kids .” She says and starts running.
I chase behind her while the twins cheer for us.
His best friend’s point of view –
“Hie..” i great her akwardly..

“Hey aap hi the na ussdin zizu kay sath..?” She questions
Oh shit she remembers my most embarrasing moment..
“Yea..main hi tha…” and she smiles.
“They both are so adorable and zizu is such a sweetheart…i can see the love in his eyes when he looks at her” she says dreamily gesturing towards the happy couple who were busy chasing each other ..
“Yea he sure loves her a lot..but bhabhijaan loves him a lot more..”
“She deserves a family..she deserves to be loved..she is a very beautiful girl inside out..”
“Yes she deserve it too..” i mumble the end softly but she hears me ..
“But nobody will want responsibility ..that to someone else’s..” she sighs and starts walking towards her kids…
“What if someone is ready will you give him a chance..?” I call out to her..
“Its not about me anymore the twins should like him too..”
Yea i totally forgot about the fact that the kids need to like me aswell..

Her point of view –
I am so happy to see Sis and John getting along so well.
I think she and the kids will like him..
“Si iceam ..” says my little princess..
“No baby..its winters will fall ill..” i explain her and she nods as if she understood everything..
“Si si si ..” chants my little boy while Dex brings him to me..
I open my arms for both of them and they come running in..
They come closer and whisper something in my ears pointing towards Dex ..
I understand their confusion and a small chuckle leaves my throat..
“Baby he is si’s friend …what would you like to call him..?”
“Fliend..?” They say in unison and then look at each other confusingly.
“Yes sweetheart friend…now give him a good name..”
They scrunched up their noses in concentration and stared deeply at Dex..
I must say Dex was intimidated by their stares.

“Lion” my baby boy said..
“Lion.” Dex questioned amused..
“Yes you soooo big..” he explained widening his eyes and drawing a big circle with his hands..
Aww my babies i love them so much…
His best friend point of view-
I guess mission bacha patao starts now..
Mom ko patana hain toh pehle bacho ko
“Can i get your number please.?”

“Wo wo wo aap bhut pretty hai..,”
“Oh toh aap har pretty ladki se number lete hai?”
“What nahi…aap muze..”
“Main apko ky??” Her eyes held amusement.
“I like you..” i said and there i got slapped across my face.

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    Awesome ep
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    Feeling d warm of d slap… Godddd !!!
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    heee hee nt nly dex I also wnt a baby.. soo pie cn hndl 2 kids..
    and im sure jhon will help her..

    Nice epi as always. Lv it..

    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

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