Ruhaniyaat (Segment 83)

“Bhabhijaan..” John called out..
“Yes J..i am in here..” i called from the kitchen
“Wo..wo bhabhi..” he stuttered..
Okay so this is new John never stutters. He is always this loving person..
I wonder happened.?
“Yes j..” i say wiping my hands with the towel.
“Dex..come soon….breakfast is ready..” i called out to Dex before pouring out a glass of juice for John and a cup of Coffee for myself..
“Bhabhi wo uss din we came to your house..”
“Wait ..? We..? You were there as well..?” I really din’t know this ..
“Yes that idiot dragged me in too..but i am glad he did so..”
“Who is an idiot..?” asked Dex walking down the stairs..
“You ofcourse who else..” John exclaims and we burst out laughing..
I really love troubling Dex and John is like the perfect partner in crime..
I have know him only for a short period of time but we become really close..
He loves me so much just like a little sister..
“Good morning love..” Dex said coming over and kissing me..
“Good morning dear..” i said kissing him back..
“Guys i am in the room too..” John whines.
“Oh i din’t see you monkey..” Dex teases ..
“Oh really jhonny boy..” and there it goes..
They love teasing each other..
“I am here for bhabhijaan not for you so shoo..” John says and waves his hand dramatically..
“Haan bolo..” says Dex and wraps his arm possesively around my waist..
This man and his possesiveness..
“Bhabhi wo i love that girl i saw at your house that day..” John says at once and i just stare at him blankly.
“Which girl..?” I ask questioningly..
Dex’s arm relaxes around me and he sits himself down on the dinning table..
I serve him his breakfast and turn to John for an explanation..
“Wo that day ..when we climbed up the pipe..that girl who screamt..she ..beautiful..” he says ..
And then it strikes me who he is reffering about..
“But need to know the truth about her..” i say and i see his body tense..
“Please don’t tell me she is married bhabhijaan please..”
“Was..but is divorced now..her husband was an obbsessed pshycopath..”
“I din’t know you had a sister love .” Dex says and suddenly i am ashamed..
I don’t know what to say to explain that she is not my sister..
She is my half sister from my mom’s side..
“Yeah..sorry about that ” i answer hesistantly and he seems to read my mind because he holds my hand from under the table and smiles at me reassuringly..
I love how this man knows and understands me so well..
I am the luckiest girl alive..
“So bhabhi does that mean she is available..?” He questions..
“I don’t know she is a mother of twins who are about to turn three..but are you sure about it..?”
“Yes bhabhijaan she is the prettiest girl i have ever seen..” he replies dreamily..
“Alright lets plan something then..”
“Really bhabhi will you help me..?” He asks with hope in his eyes..
“Yes ofcourse .you helped me too ..” i say and we share a laugh..
“He helped you when..?”asks Dex confusingly.
“Babysitting you..” John says and we both again burst out laughing..
Dex groans and drops his spoon noisily on the plate.
“Baby..” i say but he beats me to it..
“I am done ..i have a meeting to attend ..” he pushes his chair and heads back to the room to get his laptop bag and jacket.
“I will just be back..” i say to John and make my way upstairs..
Dex was busy setting his hair in front of the mirror..
“Is someone really angry..?” I questioned and waited for him to answer.
He din’t say a word and kept himself busy getting ready..
I walked over to the mirror and stood between him and the mirror…
“Baby.” i tugged at his arms and he finally looked at me.
I know he was pissed.
He liked his mornings to be quiet..with me..sitting on his lap while he read his newspapers ..
He had his share of fantasies clear..
“I am sorry..i din’t know he was coming ..” i explained myself..
“You know i dont like people in the morning..” he complained.
“Yes baby…but he is here was rude of you to behave like this..”
He just shook his head in response..
“Acha okay babu…but atleast you can give him some tips know ” i said trying to change his mood and it worked..
He smiled.
“Thats like my man ..i love you when you smile..” i said kissing his cheek..
“And i love you .” He said pulling me in for a hug..
“Come soon okay ..” i said and closed the door behind me.
Five minutes later he walked down in his perfect crisp shirt with brown jacket ..
Gosh he is so handsome..
“Baby stop checking me out ..i won’t be able to go to office and i have an important meeting ..” he whispered in my ear..
Shit the effect he has on me..
“Uuhh yea..okay …bye..”
And he chuckled in response..
“See you soon love..” he said kissing the crown of my head..
“Bye bhabhijaan and please do something..”
“Yes yes..” i said before waving to them as they drove away..
I called up my sis on my way in she replied on the third ring.
“ how have you been..?” She chirped..
Si was my pet name for as in short for sis.
“I am doing great are you and the kids…?”
“Stop hitting her ” she yelled over to her son whom i assumed would be hitting his twin sister now..
“They are getting troublesome as they get older si..” she complained..
“They are soo adorable..”
“Yeah only to me they are my little beasts.. wait i will ask you this question when you will have kids..” she said teasingly.
The thought of kids made me blush ..and remind me of Dex’s dream.
“Acha lets plan something for the kids this weekend..what say…?”
“That would be great ..i haven’t seen you in a long time and the kids miss you as well.”
“Aww i miss them too..”
“I better hang up now before they destroy my house..”
“Yea see you soon dear.” I replied before hanging up..
I just hope things work out between them.

I am extremely sorry i know i should have posted yesterday but because exams got over i got exited and then things excalated but when i got home i was shit tired..
And yea about the press confrence …i am just asking you to think of questions and send them to me properly..i wouldn’t want to miss any of them..besides about the end of the story its a long way ahead for the epilogue so just sit back relax and enjoy Ruhaniyaat..


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  1. Simin

    Welcome back
    She has two kids gosh john get ready to babysit

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

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    Aww…u r finally back. Awesome ep

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    Nice epi..

  4. Well same pinch dear ;just had a good dose of relaxation n then had a stroke of reality , tats of results .
    Wishing d best.
    Welcome back to ruhaaniyat.

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    Wonderful chappy…

  7. Welcome back pragyaa…sooo good to see u back wid awsm episode..well apne mera dill kush kardia mera aftr reading ur last sentence regarding epilogue which is far ahead…and heading to today’s episode as usuall awsm super duper..showing both pie john’s and pie dex bonding..loved the way dex strts his mrng wid pie on his lap..awwww howw sweet yaarr…such a lovely couple..though dey still dint get married..but i nve felt lykdat…love dem veryyy much…a bigggg hug frm my side for making me happyyy….keeping writing.

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    oh so dt grl is pis sis!!??
    Congo j!!!
    Bt 2 babies. ?.
    looks like jhon hv 2 babysit again..
    im sure he will take care f dat babies
    cz he is nw a experienced babysitter.
    😉 😉

    I lv dex and pie like always.
    Awwwww dex dnt like mrng guests??? 😮
    poor jhon.. 😉 😉

    Keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

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    So another love story is on our way…
    Loved it

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  15. welcum back..nice

  16. I missed u like hell
    The ep is just amazing
    And jhon is soooo sweet in nature. ..
    Plz tell me about pie ‘ s past

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