Ruhaniyaat (Segment 81)

His point of view –
We reached the restraurant and were asked to be seated on the corner table..
“Thank you .” I said to the hostess..
I pulled out a chair for Pie and then pushed her in..
“Nice place ..” she said as i sat next to her..
I smiled in response.
“Papa is on the way..he should be here in a few mins..” she said checking her phone.
“Hey..” greeted papa as he enterrd the restraurant and spotted us..
“Namaste “greeted pie in resonse and bent down to touch his feet..
He hugged me and then drew out a chair for his mistress and then sat down himself..
Soon the waiter came to take our orders..
We ordered drinks and starters..
“So jhonny thank you so much for coming..” papa said.
I looked up at him and his eyes held sincerity.
“Comeon pops formality with me.plase..” i said playfull and everyone at the table relaxed a bit..
“Oh i introduce…meet her the love of my life..” he said gesturing to the woman beside her..

This was the first time i was actually seeing her..and yes she was beautiful.
She blushed at his statement and gave a small smile..
I seemed to have tensed up a bit because i felt Pie squeezing my hand under the table..
I looked up to her and she smiled at me mouthing a relax..
Soon our starter arrived and i watched how Papa helped her serve herself..
He never did that with mom i guess.
taking care ..yes you do that to the person you love..
She excused herself to go the washroom when dad said ..” so now when you know everything…do you still hate me..?”
He looked so hopeful.
“No papa ofcourse not..i never hated you..i was just angry..angry at the situations..” i said giving him a smile..
“Thank you beta for giving me my son back..” he said to Pie and she blushed in response.
I observed how papa looked at her with pure adoation in his eyes..
The same way i would look at my baby
The waiter arrived asking for our orders ..
They ordered each other’s favourite and then blushed looking at each other..
I never knew Papa could blush.
“You always do that..” she whined..
“Thats because i love you..” papa said kissing her cheeks and Pie awwed them.
By the end of the night i seemed to have realised that they were so much in love with each other..
Even after being together for almost 25 years..
I wish i could have that with Pie..
When we were heading out she stopped me by holding my hand and enquired curiously..” So will you accept me as your mother..?”
“Only if you promise to love me like one..” i said before pulling her in for a hug..
I could hear Papa’s grunt in the baground but i choose to ignore as i was too happy to finally feel the warmth of mother’s love..
“Family hug..” Pie squealed and pulled in Papa and herself on top of us..
Later when me and Papa walked to the parking to get our cars while the ladies waited at the entrance papa pulled me in a tight hug..
” Thank you so much don’t know how much your approval mattered to me..” he said patting my back.
” Thank you papa for giving me the best family..” i said hugging him back..

“Ice cream ..Ice cream ..Ice Cream…” Pie chanted while we were heading back from the restraurant.
“Whatever you say my love..”
I pulled over to the coffee house near our house..
We got ourselves nuttela cones and headed up to sit.
I saw Birdie and Big-B cuddled up in a corner..
My blood boiled..come on it was a damn public place and that was my baby sister..
“Tedddd” Pie screeched as she spotted them..
“Hey doll” he said coming over to her and giving her a hug .
Like wtf..dude you are with your girlfriend..
“What are you guys doing here..?” He asked..
I was afraid that she will spill things…i am not ready to tell prople yet…
I am scared that they might judge me..
“Wo actually Dex is being a good boy and so he is treating me to ice cream..” she said giggling..
She looked at me and smiled reassuringly as if she read my mind..
“So what are you doing here so late..?” i questioned emphasizing the word late..
“Wo..woo” Big B stuttered ..i can smell trouble.
“Wo we had a fight and he bribed me with Hot chocolate to win my apology..” Birdie blurted..
“What..? ”
“Its nothing bhai..its all sorted now..” she pleaded
“How long..?” I questioned through gritted theeth..
“Almost a day..” she said guiltily..
I threw my ice cream away and stormed out of the coffee house..

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  1. Simin

    Ted get ready to die

    1. thank u


    1. thanks

  3. DivzS

    Dex??? C’mon you yourself reason and then walk out without a reason.. Really?? K now, That’s too awesome epi…. Lovable!

    1. thank u

  4. Mariyajap

    C’mon Dex as if ur have not done all these nice chappy

    1. thank u

  5. Rabia

    hahahaha awesome stone heart (Y)

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  6. Dharshini

    Lovely chappy…

  7. Oh shit!!!
    Soo nw my angry bird is back.
    Pie nw u hv 2 cool down ur dex…. I think he is angry b they nt tell anythng 2 him.
    .m sure he will rip ted if he knw da reason behind their fight. ? Lols
    aww dex dr.. u rly act like a vry vry g boy in restaurant. I nvr expect dat..
    dex is such a sweet protective bro… awww lv him

    Nice epicas always dr.. lv it..

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Oh I 4gt 2 tell u


      Im sure u gonna rock it like here..

      no worries dr.. u study well. Dnt cm in between ur exams.. well wait 4 u.

    2. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  8. Awww dex behaved like a goood boy
    Now things r going back to their right place
    Awesome ep

  9. Mica

    oohh i missed dex and pie soo much…

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  12. Vyshu10

    nice…..ted toh gaya

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  13. Kakali

    Waaaa !!! Soft heart … love it ..
    Thnk u.. ;-*

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  14. Sweet n cute episode…njyed fully…loved dex nd papa’s fact both dex nd pie are very lucky to hve each other….bcoz everything seems to b getting sorted…but still der is a scret which is yet to revealed…eagerly waiting for that…nd wid little romance tooo…

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