Ruhaniyaat (Segment 8)


He was looking at me with so much warmth in his eyes that it melted me..what would he say now?? Will he laugh at me..?
He pulled me towards him and hugged me tight..
“Pie i think i am falling for you” he said and my heart did a little flip flop..
“What about that girl you were kissing the other day?” I say
His point of view-
“Did i say love her ??” I reason

“No ” she replied sincerely
“I might have kissed her but i dont love her..!” I defend myself
She smiled and i traced her cheeks..
“Are you for real..?” She asked after a while..
“Yes Pie i am real..!” I say trying to supress my laugh…
But when she smiled again i lost belief in my own words…
Her smile…it has that magic …
It take u elsewhere…
“Wow..!! Am i dreaming..?” I ask her foolishly..

“Yes you are dreaming and so do i..” she said with a cheeky grin…
“No … u r not dreaming..I like you too..!” I say and pinch her cheeks..
“Pie…” i said and joined my forhead with hers…
“Yyeess..Dex..” she said…a little hesitantly .maybe her body was betraying her with my proximity…just like mine did.
“Henceforth you will spend your evenings with me”..i say loudly nearly ordering her..
“Okay..! She replies and bursts out laughing…

I din’t find it funny..
Why was she laughing..?
She wants to laugh so lets give her a reason to do so ..i started tickling her…she began laughing more loudly..
I loved to see her laugh..
She laughed so hard that tears started to come out of her eyes…
I picked it up before it could land down
“No princess..! These are precious..don’t waste them…”
She wiped her tears and hugged me …
I picked her up and placed her on her bed…

“Good Night baby..sweet dreams..!”
“Good night Dex.” She said kissing me on my cheeks..
My face turned red ….
“Are you blushing Dex..?” She asked still laughing..

I rushed to my room without turning back and all i could hear was her laughter behind me..

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