Ruhaniyaat (Segment 79)

Her point of view –
I got up in the morning to see an empty other side..
Today is sunday and Dex wouldn’t have gotten up this early..
I check the washroom but there is no sign of him..
No for kitchen

Ofcourse how can i forget the great Study..
I knock on the door but he dosen’t reply..
Damn him..i know he is inside..
So i decide to barge in..
“Please leave me alone ” he snaps when he sees me in.
“No…i am not leaving you said forever and it includes right now also..”
“You don’t understand ..”
“Ofcourse i don’t because you never make me…
Let me in please..”
He sighs heavily before setting himself down on the couch with his head in his hands.
I sit down beside him and ask..” tell me what are you thinking..?”
“I just..” and he trails off..
“Yes baby ..”

” I just can’t accept the fact that maa can do something like this..”
“I know sweety but its the truth..”
“Yea maybe..”
“Do you want to meet papa and his mistress..?”
“No i don’t think so..i don’t like her..”
I get on my knees in front of him and hold his hands..”Dex unless you talk to her will you know how she is..”
“Hmm…maybe ..but i am a mess..i don’t know..”
“Hey…take things slow…we will sort it out..”

“Yes baby remember i told you we are in this together..”
“I freaking love you so much….i wonder what i do without you.. you help me keep sane” ..”
“I love you too ..your my strength..”
I gave him short peck before heading out to cook brunch.
“Where are you going..?” He questioned..
“To get you something to eat..i know you are hungry..”
He just smiles and gets himself busy reading newspapers
I can’t believe i just broke his walls and he let me in too..
I think we are making progress.
Her best friends point of view –
“Angell..” i screamt when i entered her house..

She din’t reply so i climed up the stairs and into her room..
She was sleeping..
This is like the best sight ever..
My girlfriend in my jersey .
I jumed onto her and she screamt ..
“Shh baby its me..” i said covering her mouth and kissing her neck..
She bit my hand and threw me off the bed..
“Go away ..i don’t want to talk to you..” she said turning other side and covering herself up with blanket..
Shit shit…
Her point of view –
I returned to his study with brunch and he was half asleep on the couch..
I know he din’t sleep well last night ..but khana bhi toh zaroori hai so i woke him up..
“Dex..” i called out gently shaking him..

He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them sleepily..
“Why you always disturbing my sleep..?” He questioned pouting slightly..
I told you my Dex can pull out a perfecf pout..
“Okay can go back to sleep..but first have something…” i said pushing the plate to him..
He kept staring between the plate and me..
“What ..don’t you wan’t to sleep now..?” I questioned confused at his reaction..
“Feed me na..” he said shifting on the couch to make place for me..

I sat down beside him but he as usual pulled me on his lap..
I was stradlling him and the plate was rested between us..
I fed him his food and went out of his study so that he can work..
I mean like din’t he want to sleep few minutes ago..
I swear i will never be able to understand him..

P.S Ted in trouble..

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  1. Simin

    Awww he is opening up good going pie and dex
    If you will be alive then we will surely meet

    1. thank u


    1. thank u

  3. Rabia

    Finally opening ?

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  5. Kakali

    Dexxx !!! u r opening ur doors n Windows… uhuhuhu!!! let some air come in shade of Pie.. u will feel peace…
    love it dear.. thnk u..

    1. thank u

  6. fantastic epi as always.
    lv it 2 da core!
    awwww dex is opening up! keep it up drls.
    pie feed dex is da sweetest part 2dy!

    & ted! u gonna die! all the best! 😉
    if u tell dat stupid thng u hv 2 suffer.
    angel gv sm gd punishment 2 ted. lols. 😉 😛

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    😀 😀 😀
    lv ya

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  7. Nice

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  8. Arshaanya

    Ofcrse ted wil b in trouble d way he bhvd was wrong… i want him to suffer ??hahahahha…
    Loved d chappy

    1. thank u so much

  9. Vyshu10

    nice…..ted’s in danger? may be dex got to knw

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  11. Mariyajap

    nice chappy

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  12. What does last statement mean?

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