Ruhaniyaat (Segment 72)

Her point of view –
Ring Ring Ring
My phone rings indicating a call from Dad..
“Princess is everything okay..? I saw your interview … i am really proud of you beta..”
I smiled at his praises … when you have a father like him ..there are a very few instaces when he praises you..
“Yes Dad everything is fine..You tell me how are you..?”
“Missing ou sweetheart..” and i can hear sadness in his voice .
I know my father loves me a lot but he never expresses it.. He is just like Dex hard on the outside and soft in the inside..
But i still don’t know why he kept me away from himself if he loved me so much..?
People wish to get a husband like their father and i am so happy that Dex is just like Dad.
“I miss you too Dad..”
“Beta i need you to sign a few papers ..can u come over to office now .?” He enquired
“Sure Dad..” i say and hang up..
Dex is still sleeping..i dont want to disturb his sleep..
Let me call John and ask him to baby sit my baby..
His best friend point of view –
“J..dinner is in the kitchen ..please heat it and eat it …feed him also..if i am running late then i will stay at Dad’s place for the guys enjoy your day and yea wake him up..” bhabhijaan called out from the door..
“Okay bhabhijaan..don’t worry ..” i called from the couch too lazy to go to the door to see her off..

Its almost 8 and my lazy friend isn’t up yet..
Let’s have some fun..
I slowly peeked into his room and he was sleeping hugging a pillow .
Lagata hai Bhabhi ki jada aadat ho gayi hai..
I tip toed to his bed and sat beside him..
“Dex” i said trying to mimick bhabhi’s voice as best as possible..
“Hm..Pie baby come here .” He said extending his hand..
Oh shit my plan backfired on me..
I tried to get up but he won’t let me..
He kept pulling till i landed on top of him and now he was hugging me tight..
“Dex please leave me..” i tried the normal girl plea..
“Nop” he said and leaned down to kiss me .
Arey yeh kya karra hai..?
I am damn sure bhabhi itni muscular nai hai ..isko farak nai pata chalta kya..
Gadha kahin ka
Finally he kissed me..
Ewwwwwww …yuck..
“Baby why you are not tasting sweet anymore..?” He enquired frowning.
What the hell..
And damn his hold … bhabhi jaan ko pain nai hota kya .
Hath hai ya steel rods..?
I used all my energy and pushed him away..
“What the hell John..what are you doing in my room..? Where is Pie.?” He yelled after FINALLY getting up .
“She has gone to meet uncle ..she had to sign some papers and i am here to babysit you .”
“I don’t need babysitting..” he snapped
Now i know why bhabhi calls him a kid..He gets all grumpy and moody without food and sleep
Hey Bhagwaan please bhabhi ko jaldi bhejdo..aur unko duniya bhar ki strength dena iss gadhe ko sambhalne kay liye.
“Chal ro mat abh..khana bana hua hai ..aaja khate hai..”
“Theek hai..lekin jo..”
“Jo jo kya ..bol na..”
“Jo hua uske bare main kisi ko batana nai ” he said with his head low.
“Ofcourse bhai mujhe bhi apni izzat pyari hai..” i told him and ran away before he could hit me
Bhai ka gussa humesha naak par rehta hai.
My prayer lie with Bhabhijaan

His point of view –
I am feeling blank …void of any emotions ..
I dont know wether i should be happy that they are finally going to get seprated because they can’t stay happy together..
Or i should feel sad because i will be alone once again..
If they don”t care … i won”t too.
And I am not alone ..
Ofcourse not ..
If i don’t have my family ..i have my extended family..
My best friend my brother John..
His sister my little princess
My beloved wife…my pie
Where is she..??
How can i be so stupid …she is alone at her Dad’s place ..
I have to go to her..and besides …i miss her..
“Come on John we are going out..” i called out to my lazy ass friend who was whiling away his time
“Itni raat ko..?”
“Yes we are going to see Pie..”
“Oho ..kya bath hai..bhabhi jaan ki itni yaad ari hai..?”
“Will you shut up and help me..?”
“Help kya karna hai..tere sasur ne toh sab kuch ki permission di hui hai..”
” I want to do something fimly style…and knowing Pie..i know she will love it..”
“Ahaan …thats like my lover boy..” he said patting my back

Later that night-
His best friend’s point of view –
Bhabhijaan kay ane kay baad maine ek naye Jhonny ko dekha hai..
He taking efforts to see a girl…NEVER
But i know for bhabhijaan he will move the damn Earth if she says so..
Currently we are trying to climb a damn pole that is suppose to be connected to Bhabhi’s bedroom..
Par yeh samaj nai ata fiance uski..milna usko hai…mai kyun yaha hu ..?
Bhagwaan yeh galat bath hai..ladki di nai mehnat pehle karwa li..
And then i hear somebody scream..

Kon chillaya aur kyun …?

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  1. Damn good chappy
    Hilarious dex and john’s kiss amazing

  2. Lag raha john ko bhi uski soulmate mil jayegi jald hi
    Dex is really a baby??

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  3. omg they was so

  4. Arshaanya

    Loving john n his bhabhijaan z bond…
    N totally agree wid john dat dex will move d damn earth if pie say so ?

  5. awwwww rly cute and sweet epi.
    i lv it da most.

    he he jhons pov is amezing.
    rly y he is climbing da pipe? poor him.
    jhon and pies bonding ws so sweet.
    dex and jhon kissed??! jhon baby sitter! and filmy dex. i ws laughing like mad! lol. awsome. my fav chappy. 😉

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  6. O….m….g……
    I was literally rofl while reading the chappy ??

    Hope ki tum readers ko aise hi hasati raho…. ?

  7. Rabia

    Hahahahaha awesome ?

  8. DivzS

    Omg dex!! John’s so funny too…. Of course, pie screamed… 90% sure! ?

  9. Kakali

    No comments… still holding my stomach n laughing…

  10. Vyshu10

    LOL…dex kissed john…i can’t stop laughing. Dex pie ki pyaar mein paagal ho gaya…..did that stalker guy cm to harm pie? It will be really funny if it is angel/ted

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  11. Soujanya


  12. Awesome osm osmWell John ko practice sessions cz of loverboy dex.haha.
    Abt d scream y I think u gonna introduce some1 spl for John or may b it ws cz of pie’s fear(the mystery man) or this thing may also result in a funny comedy scene.lots of guesses so plz update soon.
    N ha John s rgt, though dex needs to baby sit but he can do anything for his beloved pie.
    Loved d devar-babhijaan.

    1. thank u so much

  13. Rekha

    Awesome…!!and Funny….!!

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