Ruhaniyaat (Segment 71)

Her point of view –
“Sir the media is here..they want to meet you..” the guard said.
Huh..?why is the media here..?
“Alright i am coming send them in..” he said
A unknown fear is gripping my heart..i don’t why but i am scared..
Something bad is about to happen.
Dex headed down and i went to get changed..
I could hear faint screaming and shouting from downstairs so i rushed down and was shocked..
Dex was standing frozen with all the media person surrounding him..
People were throwing questions at him but he was just standing there staring at blankness

“Sir so how do you feel that your parents are getting divorced..?”
“Sir we heard that he has a mistress it true..?”
“Sir so whose son are you …real son or the love son.?”
I quickly reached over to Dex and put him behind my back
I turned to the all the media person with rage filled in my eyes..
“Okay you tell me if your parents were getting divorced then how would you feel..? Oh wait let me guess you will go for a party right..?”. I asked the reporter and he lowered his head.
“Anybody else wants to ask anymore questions..?” I yelled
“Mam who are you..?”
“I am his fiance ..” i said gripping Dex hand whose body had gone limp now.
“But the engagement was broken ” someone interrupted..
“But we never came to know ..maybe a made up story of the media to increase their trp ” i snapped ..air quotting media.
“We are happily engaged and will soon be married.. so abh aap khud jayenge ya security bulaun..?”
They continued to protest till our guards escorted them outside..
I turned to see but Dex was not there anymore..
I walked upto our room and he was sprawled on the bed like a starfish staring at the ceiling..

Ring ring ring
My phone rang indicating a call from Papa
“Beta is he alright..? I just saw the news.” He gushed.
“He is fine Papa just a bit shaken up.”
” I am sorry beta..all this is my fault..i couldn’t be a good father..” he sobbed.
“Papa aap aisa kyun soch rahe hai are the best .atleast you never sent your son away from you..” and a few memories flashed through my mind.

Irony of life..
Pyar dikhane ka tareeka khud se dur bhej kar..
“I am coming over ..i want to see him.”
“Papa he is me..”
“Sweetheart i trust you more than myself …but kya karun beta hain wo mera..can’t leave him like that..” he said and a smile formed on my lips
“Alright Papa”
I made a call to John to tighten the security around the house..and to not let any media person in.
“ could they do this..? I will see into the matter …you don’t take care of him …he needs you..” he had said before hanging up..

I re entered his room and now he was lying with his back facing the door…
As soon as he heard me come in he said..” please leave me alone…i don’t want to see anybody .”
His voice depicted pain …pain of seeing the two most important people in his life watch their world crumble down.
But i knew this had to happen for the best..
I knew Papa was not happy..he had been cheated and that had broken him inside.
I knew he had stayed quiet till now for Dex because he knew how sensitive he was ..
But i guess everybody has a limit..
Limit till they can suffer..once it snaps ..then hell breaks loose..
The front door opened and i heard Papa walk in ..i rushed down to greet him..
He quickly walked up to Dex’s room and i followed suit.
“Pie i told you leave me alone ” Dex snapped.
“Beta..” Papa murmured stepping close to him..
He turned and both of our heart’s mine and Papa’s broke into a million pieces..
Infront of us was not the Dex whom we knew ..the confident Dex who was out to conquer the world ..
But he was a small vulnerable kid who had lost his parents in a mall..
Tear streaked face..dropping eyes..
Papa hugged him tight and thats when he broke down in his embrance..
I left the duo for some privacy and headed down complete my remaining work..

Uncle came down after a while when i was cooking lunch..
“He is calling you.main chalta hoon.” he said patting my head..
“Papa lets have lunch together ..its almost ready..aap baithiye..i will get him ”
“Nai … you take care of him…he needs you now..some other day..” he says caressing my head and then leaves.
I serve food in a plate and take it to our room ..
Dex is lying with his eyes closed..
I deposit the plate at the night stand and caress his hair..
“Bubba..” i call out to him.
He gets up and hugs me burying his face in the crook of my neck..
“Please never leave me..”
“Shh..bacha..i am not going anywhere..we are staying together..”
“Forever.” He questions
“Forever” i reply
I feed him lunch and then let him lie back down in my lap..
He dosen’t say anything just keeps his head burried in my lap..
I keep caressing his hair..
Soon he goes off to sleep holding my tshirt tight ..
“I am not giving up on you baby.” I say kissing his forhead.
I wish he speaks something..
I know he needs his time to get a grip on himself and i am going to give that to him..
The time he wants to talk.. i will always be there to listen..

They are a two way street…
“Thoda hum aayenge …. Thoda wo ayenge…”

And i really loved everybody’s wild guesses but oopsy kisike mere sath match nai hue .
Aur vyushu apko shaadi ki itni jaldi kyun hai.?

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  1. Abb ham kya jane ki media itni badi badmash hoti
    Bhaie ham to ek mamuli person hai
    Awesome episode

    1. thank u soo much

  2. Vyshu10

    hehe…..i llaughing at my guess right now ….its just that i don’t mind them getting married soon bcoz they r like a married couple…being together through everything

    1. Vyshu10

      btw nice ep

      1. dont worry shadi jaldi hogi

    2. thank u so much

  3. Ya i forgot about his parents
    Nice chappy its horrible to imagine your parents being seperated though u know its gonna happen sooner or later but still a hope to see them together forever still persists

    1. thank u so much

  4. nice..never imagined dis..poor dex..loved dis bold

    1. thank u

  5. Hey dear,u r always amaze us by giving ur awesome updates.tats y v try to make some free time to read d story inspite of d heavy,tight,busy schedule n exams. Another point it makes us some what relived from straining.
    Well in some of d previous segments I couldn’t comment or commentd late but still I admire u n ur work.n not to forget to mention that u have written all d previous once v. nicely.
    U just rack dr.

    1. thank u so much…and lol

  6. DivzS

    Very nice epi…. Feeling bad..

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  7. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

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  10. Kakali

    Waaaaaaa !! my wild guess was much more better than this… huhhhh !!!
    atleast Dex didn’t cry …
    thnxx soft heart..

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  12. see i told u my guesses dnt match with u. 😉 😛

    awww my poor dex. he must be rly broke. feeling sad 4 him.
    pie take care f him & be with him forever.
    nice epi as always.
    lv it.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. thank u so much

  13. Nice

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