Ruhaniyaat (Segment 7)

His point of view-
She is such cutie..! My pie..
I need her to have fun today so that she can forget about yesterday’s incident..
We eat our breakfast in silence and then i throw my idea at her..
“Lets go out pie” .
“To have fun common …Get ready ..see you in the hall in 10”
Soon she is dressed in a plain white top and navy blue jeans ..with flip flops..
She is so beautiful..!
I have seen many pretty girls but she is the proper definition of beautiful..
We head down to the parking..

Her point of view-
“Hop on pie” he said pointing at a sports bike..
“Are we really going on this..?..i mean we can take your car”
“Trust me pie” he said and handed me a helmet..
“What…about you ..?”
“Ooh..its alright i am used to it..” he says with a smile
The next moment he kicks the bike and the beast comes into action…
“I think you might want to hold on” he whispers in my ears ..
He speeds away and i find myself encircling my arms around his waist and resting my head on his back as the wind blows my hair away…
We drive out of the city..and stop at a bridge above the river ..
Suddenly i hear a splash and a person has jumped into the river ..i run upto the railing and look down…
The person waives at his friends from the water ..
“Crazy people” i say and turn around..
I see Dex walk upto me unbuttoning his shirt and pulling himself out of his jeans and then he jumps too…
“What the hell” i mutter under my breath and look down at him…he gives me a flying kiss and i blush instantly..
“So you are the flavour of the month ” I turn around to see a girl in almost panty size shorts and top of a 3 year old…
“Excuse me..?”
“Yea he is such a today its you ..tomorrow maybe somebody else…enjoy till it last …” and she leaves with an evil smirk..

I look up to see Dex walking upto me..
“Comeon Pie its your turn now..” he says..
“No i am not doing this shit” i declare .
“Yea..i know you are fattu ..” he jokes
But that was it for me..I remove my clothes and jump down in the water..
When i reached down…i went down deep and came and felt a new me..that i dint know existed until…
Until i met Dex..? Really he changing me ..
Do i like this change ?
Can i take this change..?
His point of view-
She just jumped …just like that …what if something happens to her..?
And i jumped in the next moment behind her..
She hasn’t come up yet …
Where is she..?
What happened to her..?
And then she came a minute later and i just hugged her…
“Pie..u scared me ..kaha chali gayi thi..Don’t ever leave me..”
“Dex…its okay..! Calm down..i am okay.see i am here..” she hugs me rubbing my back..
Calming me down
This felt soo good.
Her being in my arms…heavenly…
“Yea sweety..”
“Lets do it again” she said widening her eyes..
She looked so could i say no..
“Okay i want a promise..”
“Yea bolo”
“You will hug me whenever i want like this..”

Her point of view-
I can trade anything to be in his arms again..the feeling was really magical..but he asked for a simple promise..
How could i say no to those pleading eyes..
“Okay..!” I said
“Lets do it again” he said and we came rushing out and the whole day we spent jumpimg in and out of the water and he never leaving my hand…
When we reached home..i went to get us a cup of coffee and he slumped in front of the tv..
” Pie..”
“Come here..sit with me..” he said patting the seat beside him..i obliged without any question…
As soon as i sat down he pulled me in his arms and rested his head on my shoulder..
“I am tired Pie..”..
I stroked his hair ..
“Dex..” there was no reply he was already asleep..
I smiled at his childishness and pecked his head..
“I like you Dexter”
His eyes shot open..

Abh kya hoga ..? Did he hear her..? What will b his reply..?

P.S That river diving is inspired from a book.

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