Ruhaniyaat (Segment 69)

Her point of view –
“Oh shit ” we both said in unison when we realised what time it is..
Its damn 9:30 and we had been fooling around since two hours..
Thats hell lot of kissing..!
“I am going down make the change up and come soon..” i told him while exiting the room
“No you are not cooking anymore…we are going out .” He said pulling me towards him.
“But Dex ..its almost done..” i protested .
..he got me such a beautiful beach house ..i just wanted to return the favour by making him his favourite meal.
“No …i want to spend time with you…and you being a typical wife…are going into the kitchen …ignoring me..” he said with a pout.
Who said guys can’t pout..?
My Dex can pull out a perfect one which is so adorable and so kissable at the same time.
“Achha okay okay meri drama queen..let me get ready then we will go..”
“I will select clothes for you..after all its a date..”
“Who said anything about a date..?” I teased
His point of view –
I see my Pie is getting bolder day by day..
She wants to play ..then i will show her how the game is played then.
“Acha ..main toh soch raha tha kay Date hogi toh i can take my girl for a long drive maybe to somewhere you know beach maybe..” i said focusing on the word beach.
Her eyes widened.
“But i think its not a date so kya zarurat hai to go that far…lets order in something..” i said removing my shirt and walking into my closet to get a tshirt
“No but..” she protested.
“Its a date” she blurted.
“Huh..? I can’t hear anything ”
She simply huffed in response..
I love my little angry tigress..

Her point of view –
Sure two people can play this game..time to have some fun..
“Okay then let’s order in..and then sleep..” i said supressing my laugh when i saw his expression.
I know you too well sweetheart .. and i giggled at the thought..
“Wait.” He called out to me..
“Please go on a date with me..”
“Sorry…you said something..”
He got on his knee extended his hand out to me and said..” pie…fiance of the great Dex ..can i please have the honour to go on a date with you..?”
Aww that was the cutest site after Sleeping Dex.
I crouched down to his level and hugged him..
“I am all yours Dex…and i was just joking…come on get up..”
“Sweetheart ..i can stay like this life long..i love you..” and he blew out a kiss to me..
I caught it in midair and stuffed it in my jeans pocket..
“Abh chalein..?” I questioned.
” But i still want to pick a dress for you..”
Soon he had picked out a pink dress and wore a red tshirt himself.
“After you..” he said opening the door for me at the restraurant..
Once seated a waiter came to take our order.
His point of view-
He looked over at Pie as soon as he came over..
I glared at dare he..?
He scribled something on a piece of paper and passed it to her..
He continued to take our orders with his eyes fixed on Pie and ignoring my glares..

After he had gone i opened the paper to see his number scribbled over it.
Rage built inside me and i needed to quickly vent it out to calm myself..
“I am going to the washroom ” i said gettig up .
Her point of view –
“Oh shit” i muttered under my breath as i read the paper Dex had just thrown on the ground.
I followed him to the back of the restraurants near the washrooms.
“Dex” i pulled his forearm to grab his attention
But he just pushed me to the wall and began kissing me.
God ..his angry kisses are so hot ..
But angry Dex is hotter..
Shut up traitor brain.
I was pulled out of my trance when he bit the side of my neck “only mine ” he growled in my ear.
“Dex..” i tried to protest but he wont let me speak ..he kept kissing..
After a while i gave up resisting and kissed him back…
Soon we broke up due to lack of air.
“Lets get out of here..” he said dragging me by my hand
“But the food..”
“I am not hungry anymore..i had my desert too.” he said winking..
Oh god he and his double meaning talks ..
“But i want food..go get it packed up ..i am waiting in the car..”
“Sure mam..” he said saluting
When we reached home ..he was still angry..i tried to pacify him but nothing worked..
So i locked him in the bathroom
“Baby open the door..”
“Nop ”
“Baby please..”
“Have a cold shower ..let go of your anger..and come down i am setting up dinner..”
He came down after 15 minutes and we had dinner in silence..and then my playful Dex was back…
His anger was partially due to hunger..he dosen’t realise it but he can’t stay hungty.
“Such a kid” i muttered
“Come baby i will show you how much of a adult i am” he said picking me up and heading towards our room to continue the job left undone.

P.S simin you are just too cute..connect with e elsewhere if you don’t mind..
I just realised it reached 69 shit…it went more than Humrahi.

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  1. Lovely chappy dear
    Actually i dont use any social networking apps or any thing like that so i cant connect with anyone but but but ruhaaniyat is a link between us so dont worry we can talk through this also

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  2. nice dis possessive

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    Sooooooooo cute!!! Dex is really such a kid!! Lol! Awesome…

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  4. awwwww.
    beautifull epi dr.
    lv it as always.

    my dex is such a kid.
    over possesive dex. their game! he he finally dex gv up. 😉
    he is soooo cute.
    hope dis happines last 4ever.

    ya i also notice dat dis ff is long than humrahi. bt nw im vry sceard dat u will end dis!
    hey plz dnt even think like dat. its ur bigest fans request. plz plz

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

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    This is my favourite ep till date
    Awwwwwwwww soooooooii cuuuuutttteeeee
    Words kam pad rhe hai describe karne ke liye

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  11. Kakali

    Waise stone heart whos number that was? anywAy do u have Pie’s number? if yes then give me …
    love it dear … it’s soo cutee dear … thnk u… ;-*

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  13. Awesome episode
    I’m new here sooo…
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