Ruhaniyaat (Segment 68)

His point of view –
As soon as i got into my car my phone rang.
Ring Ring Ring
“Jhonny its me Big -B …”
“Yes bro..”
“He was there yesterday..he told her that he is coming to get her..”
I tighten my grip over my steering wheel..
How dare he..?
“Sure…thanks bro…that means sending her with you helped us..
We are getting to know things..i guess Doc Divyarani’s idea is working..”
“Comeon…she is my doll too…anything for her..”
We chat on for some more time and then i hang up the call..

I reach over at home and Pie opens with little Atta( flour to make Roti..) smeared over her face and hair.
“Hey home early..come in..” she says and opens the door wide for me..
“Hey love whats happening..?”
” I am making aloo (potato) parathas for you..!” She exclaims grinning at me.
Aloo paratha is my favourite dish..
“Anything special today..?” I question removing my shoes
“Baby …keep your shoes on the rack please..” she speaks through gritted teeth.calmly.
She usually would say “dexter keep your shoes on the are never a help..always increasing my work load..oh god i will go crazy with you..” and she would walk out of the room or some days keep the shoes herself.
But today..she is being sweet..preparing my favourite food..
Can it be pure luck..?
I keep my shoes away and follow her to the kitchen.
I wrap my arms around her waist as she continues to kneed the flour.
I place gentle kisses on her shoulder and she gives out a low moan.
Clear indication of how much i affect my girl.
I lift up my head to shift over to her other shoulder when she wimpers.
“Hmmm…i love you sugar.” I whisper in her ear and she turns around to capture my lips with hers.
I lift her up and instantly she wraps her legs around me..
I carry her to our room not breaking the kiss.
Yes its become our room while the other room become the guest room.
I kiss her lips and then trail kisses down her jaw to her shoulders..
She tilts her head giving me more acess..
How i love my girl ..
“I love you so much baby..” i say against her lips
“I love you too Dex..” she replies shying away and burrying her self in my arms..
I lay over the bed and she snuggles upto me..our fingers enterwined.
We lay there in silence for a long time.
They say when you dont find silence awkward that is when you know that you are too comfortable with the person.
Now when i think about it.
I think its true
“Pie. ”
“What happened yesterday baccha..?”
“When..?” She asks trying to avoid the topic
“At the party baby..”
She dint reply for a long time so i thought of giving it up.
“I was scared ” she said in a meek voice..
I turned her on her back and hovered over her..
I cupped her cheek and spoke..” you know you can tell me anything right..?”
“Yes “she whispered.
You know i am right here for you ..don’t you…?” And she nodded in response..
I sighed and wrapped my arms around her sitting head on the head board.
She buried her head in my chest
“I wont let anything happen to you’re my world..”
She looked up at me and there were tears in her eyes..
She shifted upwards and buried her face in my neck before continuing.
“You might think that i am crazy but there is
some guy who hates me…hates me to the core..
i dont know why..i never did anything to anybody..he says he will get me oneday..”
Ofcourse my princess is such a sweetheart she would never hurt anybody..
I keep masaging her hair the way she likes it and drop a few kisses every now and then..
She sighs and continue..”he threatened me the night you found me at my home..
only Ted knows about him..i have never seen him but i know he is a guy because of his voice..
…he said that he is coming for me..i felt him so near to me…that i din’t know what to do.
.my senses stopped working..the only person that came to my mind was you.
So i ran over to you..”she said and started crying remembering last nights incident..
“Shh..bacha..” i cooed rubbing her back and hugging her close.
I rubbed the lone tear that had trickeled down my eyes..
I just cant see my Pie crying..shit it is bad.
After her sobs had died down i cupped her cheeks and pulled her in for a long kiss.
“You are my good bacchaa na..? I questioned
She dint say anything ..just nodded her head.
“So next time if something happens will tell me alright..” she nodded again.
“My baby is such a good girl.” I said and hugged her close to me..
Suddenly i started tickling her to lighten the situation..
She began to giggle uncontrollably.
Aww how i love this site of my love being happy..
We keep on playing our little tickle game for sometime before our eyes dart over to clock when we realise that it is late.
We both look at each other and then burst out laughing again..

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  1. Awesome

  2. is getting really interesting..
    is pie hallucinating??i mean she only hears his

    1. thank u so much…hold on ..n trust me

  3. Aww he knows how to make her happy,doesnt he

    1. thank u

  4. If u dont mind can u tell me whats your name
    If u re uncomfortable no need to answer dont worry

    1. Stoneheart

      My name is pragya

  5. Thank u for telling your name
    You have such a nice name so why u wrote stoneheart in place of your name.I dont think u are stonehearted.I feel u are very emotional person who can understand one’s feelings thats why u write the feelings of dex pie ted and angel so easily

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  6. Rekha

    Amazing as always….

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  7. Rekha

    Amazing as always….!! Continue soon….

    1. sure i will

  8. Ohhh goshhh…it was sooo sooo good dat i couldn’t stop myself reading it twice n trice…pragyaa u make sure dat ur readers glue to ur episodes always which is a g8 job…dex each n every word said to pie is veryyy touchy nd dat little romance u added is lyk cherry on top..keep writing dearr…

    1. thank u so much

  9. I someone very close to pie is the mystery man
    Awesome eppy
    Sorry for late comment
    Buzy in pandal hopping
    Happy durga puja

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