Ruhaniyaat (Segment 67)

Her point of view-
“Babe i need to go to the office…i gotta meeting to attend..” says Dex hurriedly.
“But you promised me that you will help me with my transfer and everything in college..” i whine..
Okay ..i can go on my own too but as you know about my confidence level thus i dont prefer doing such important work alone ..
“Sweetheart …i spoke to Big -B ..he is comming to get you now..”
“Really Tedu is coming..?”
“Hm.” He says turning pages
“Yaay its been a long time…i met Ted and..”
“You met him just yesterday na.. at the party..” he interupts..
“No thats not meet meet..we need to spend atleast 3 hours chatting.
Don’t you do that with john..?”
“ we actually play games on ps4..” he replies
“You guys are not best friends friends need to talk talk talk talk talk..”
“I got you babe..will see you you..”and leaves the room
“Love you too…” i call out after him
I quickly got ready..its a day out with Ted..

Ring Ring Ring
“Doll i am downstairs..where are you..if you don’t come in FIVE minutes then i am going..”
I rushed downstairs but there was no one there..
I called up Ted and he said that he was just leaving from his house .
“What the hell..?” I screamt at him and he bursted out laughing…
“I wont talk to you..” i told him as soon as he pulled on our driveway
“Really Doll..?”
“Thank god… a much needed peace break.” he said sighing and air quoting peace.
“I so hate you fatty..”
“Hey i am not fat..” he pouts
“But still i hate you..” i said crossing my arms over my chest and looking out of the window.
“Ohh then i think i have to eat the candyfloss that i got for you alone..”

He got me candyfloss..
Her best friends point of view –
Her eyes lit up at the sound of candyfloss.
She is such a kid..
I cant believe that my doll has grown up so much …she will be married soon.
“Hmm” she replied with her mouth full of candyfloss.
“What happened yesterday at the party..?”

She shifted in the aeat uncomfortably before speaking…
“He…he was there in the party ”
“He …said…he wwwwill get me..”
“Why don’t you tell Jhonny about it doll…i am sure he will help you..” i said a little hopeful.
That man is whipped..
He is worried for his girl but dosen’t let it show..he fusses over doll so much..

Its good that uncle paired him with Doll
Which reminds me that i have to talk to uncle.
“No..” she replies bluntly.
“Why not..?”
“Because he will think i am one has seen him..or heard about him..he attacks when no one is there..he wont believe me..” she says and i can see tears that threaten to fall from her eyes..
“Doll but he loves you..” she frowns at my words.
“But i thought you hated him Tedu..”
“Yes earlier i thought of him as Rude ugly Bastard but now i dont…he is a good man..”
“First of all he is not Rude..secondly..he is not ugly…he is like the most handsome guy god has ever created and when he wears blue …he looks heavenly..” she says dreamily..
I clear my throat to get her back from her ‘dex world’ ..
“Do you know he got me a beach house..” she squeals causing me to apply sudden breaks.
“Doll you frightened me..please dont squeal..”
Now i am damn sure that guy is totally whipped

His point of view –
After i finished my meeting i was heading over to the parking lot to get to my car when somebody calls out to me .
“Jhonny can i talk to you for a second..?”
It turns out to be Dad ( pie’s father.)
I immideately go and touch his feet and take him back to my cabin ..

Once seated he continues.

“Beta i want both of you to get married…Princess has already finished her studies..”
“Why so sudden Dad..?”
“I am growing old son..i am worried about her..she will be alone after me..”
I reach over to hold his hand across the table..
“Trust me uncle till i am there nothing can happen to her..”
“I know beta but don’t you want to get married..”.
“Dad marriage is between two people ..only my wish dosen’t matter…it has to be mutual..i am ready to take the next step..but my Pie isn’t ….so the day she readily talks about it ..i will declare the marriage then..till then we would like to stay engaged..” i explain
He looks at me for a minute before and confesses that ..” son i am glad i chose you for my princess…now i know she will always be happy..”.
“Yes Dad she means the world to me and i shall always keep her happy..”
He leaves to his office while i leave to get home..

P.S i am extremely sorry for posting late..
But you guys gotta do an exercise today..
You gotta tell me your favourite part about Ruhaniyaat so far and why.

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    1. thank u

  1. Honestly i love all of them but the one when pie was not there and dex kept her clothes and belongings on chair and bed to feel her was just amazing and pie’s concern that she used to send him food in those 5 months secretly were full of concern,care,love.

    1. thank u so much

  2. Soujanya


    1. thanks

  3. Favourite part:: tough no no very very very tough to decide when the friends of pie thought dex as the stripper of their party
    It was just amazing ep
    I was just fida on that ep
    Cuz it was funny a lil bit along with pie ‘s possessivness and dex ‘ s surprise Walla expression

    1. thank u so much

  4. DivzS

    Every episode is equally distinct and beautiful in its own way, can’t decide one… I love them all…

    1. awww thank u so much

  5. Kakali

    Stone heart !!! u seriously become stone heart … huhhhhh !!!
    how can u ask d question?? i love all d chappies… ur task is sooo tough,,, though m saying i love d 1st- 67 th part… rest are out of my mind…thnk u… 😀

    1. thank u so much

  6. Vyshu10

    superb….and haha true…girls love to chat….guys love to play video games

    1. thanks

  7. Every episode is different n awesome in their own way,but the one in which dex acted over protective & over possessive vs the one of all those episodes which I liked d most.

    1. thank u so much

  8. Rekha


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  9. Arshaanya

    Luvd it

    1. thanks

  10. Nice

    1. thanks

  11. it is difficult as i love all d i loved when pie used to send food for dex..
    i also love d way ted supports pie all d time..

    1. thank u

  12. nt nly u stoneheart im also sooo sry 4 my late cmnt.
    jst nw i read dis.

    nice epi as always.
    lv it.
    he he rly bffs need 2 talk talk talk and talk nly. 😉
    ted is treating pie like his kid rly she is his doll. lv it. 🙂
    pies dream wrl.! he he
    when she tell abt dex i also in dat dream wrld. 😉 😛
    dexs and dads convo is rly amezing. my lv 2wrd dex is increes more 2dy.

    abt ur quiz? ummm i lv all da epis. all hs diffrent feelings.
    i lv their 1st date (according 2 me).
    i lv dex possesiveness.
    teds frndship and also jhons frndshp.
    dads sons convos , dads dougherts convos. anjel and teds lv , anjels bros povs , dex pies lvly part.
    i lv all da things. 🙂 😀
    oh i 4gt da main 1. when dex thinking abt my warning is also da best part. 😉 lols 😛 😉

    sry 4 my bak bak dr.
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  13. Mica

    marry soon pleasee pie and Dex!!

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