Ruhaniyaat (Segment 66)

Her point of view –
He tied a red satin cloth on my eyes before picking me up and placing me on the passenger seat of the car.
My fears were long forgotten when he had embraced me in his arms and now i was curious for this sudden surprise.
Okay..yea i am being stupid.
Ofcourse surprises are sudden.
“Where are we going Dex..?”
“Its a surprise baby ..sit back and relax..” he said grabbing my hand and interwining our fingers together..
How i love the feel of his fingers between mine..
Like they were specially carved out by god so that they could fit in mine so perfectly.
Dex had rolled up the windows as well so yea i had no chances of sneaking.
Damn him..!
“We’re he babe..” he says as he pulls over and parks his car.
He comes over to my side and opens the door for me..
Before i can get down i get scooped up in his arms.
“Put me down Dex” i squeal
“Nop..not happening babe..”
“Dex please..”
“Hubby dear please.” I sigh
He suddenly stopped ..i din’t understand what happened for a minute before it clicked me.

He set me down and my feet landed on sand.
Sand .?
“What did you call me love..?”shock and happiness evident from his voice.
I blushed and turned around to go but he caught my arm and tugged me to him making my back touch his chest.
“Call me that again baby..i want to hear it from you..” he said in my ear.
I struggled to get out of his hold but he wrapped his arms around me.
“Just once..” he pleaded.
“Hubby dear let me go please..” i said shyly.
And then in the next instance i can hear a little “yes” from him.
Little things that makes life beautiful..!
We then continued to proceed towards my surprise hand in hand.
His point of view –
We reached her surprise and she froze.
And two minutes later she screamt at the top of her voice.
“Oh my god..! A beach house..”
Yup that’s right…i bought a beach house a little outside of the city for her since she loves beaches so much..
“Its so awesome..” she said and jumped on me.
I should really practise with her on this whole jumping thing.(mental note to self)
“When … how . ?” She said trying to find out the correct words to frame a sentence.
“Few weeks ago…”
“Can i see the entire house..?”
“Ofcourse babe..its yours .”
“Mine..? ”

“Yes sweetheart ..” i said and handed over the keys to her.
“But i can’t accept something so expensive..” she said with a worried look on her cute face
“Come here baby..” and she came right into my arms.
“Whats mine is yours too technically this is ours..” i said kissing the top of her head.
“Thank you so much…now can i see the house please…”
“Ofcouse love all yours” and she runs around the house checking out all the small small details..
She is such a kid sometimes..scratch that always..
“Its beautiful..thank you ..thank you thank you so much..”
She is so happy..
I so love to see her so happy.
I just wish she stays happy always.
“Shall we go home now princess..?”
“Can we please please please spend some more time here..?”
“Of course love..”
I drive the car over to the beach and switch on its headlights..
We settle ourselves on the soft sand cuddelled up in a blanket.
She stares far away at the sea while i just sit and watch my Pie.
She is just so beautiful..and the moonlight ..its just making her look so freaking delicious..
Control boy..control..
Her point of view –

He humms in response.
I go in closer to him and he tightens his grip on me..
“Is somthing bothering you ..?” I question
I feel his body go tense and he pulls me more to himself ..burying his head in my now open hair.
Dex has a thing for open hair..he never lets me tie my hair when i am with him..
This makes life so difficult..i wish he understood that.
“Baby…what is it..?” I question.
He sighs before saying..” you know growing up i never had someone to open upto …to talk to …so i started keeping things to myself now with you its still little difficult for me to open up…but i am trying…”
“Its okay baby..i understand..i will wait ..and i love you” i say gently rubbing my hands on his chest..
“I love you more..” he says smiling at me and i rest my head on his chest listening to his heartbeats ..
I wish he just keeps smiling this way.
We both sit there in silence for a long time just enjoying each other’s love.. basking in the warmth of it..and just being us..happily in love..

Its about letting the person be the person they are and liking them that way.
Loving them without conditions..
Its about letting them grow.
Love is about understanding them.
Its about making us and them a better person.!

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  1. Lovely chappy
    Note in the end is soo true

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    awwie…so cute

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  4. dex bought beach house for pie.. cute and romantic..they r madly in love with each other..
    one of my fav episodes of was sweet and simple..loved

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    lv it 2 da core.
    see i told u im gonna like his suprise.
    wow i lv him
    da note at da end is nyc
    keep writing
    be hpy always
    lv ya

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  9. It was very sweet n cute surprise frm dex…loved pie’s innocence n dex telling her ” wat all mine is yours love”
    Both are medicines for eachothers cure…cmpletly enjyed pragya…

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  14. So sweet & cute… Loved it. ?

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    awww….its so lovely and romantic

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  16. I know it’s after many days that I have commented and u May even not remember me but yess I must say I are doing brilliant job dear.. keep up and yess I never missed any of it update…
    loved it ????

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    what kind of proposal.. Pie called Hubby…and Dex said yess.. waaaaaa… love it

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