Ruhaniyaat (Segment 65)

His point of view –
I curb my jealousy and head over to them.
When i reach them they automatically stop laughing.
I frown upon this and Pie gives me a questioning look.
She is finally happy after so many days and i dont want to spoil her mood so i do something that is totally opposite to my mood..
I ask her for a dance.
“Can i have this dance with you..?” I ask extending my hand for her to take it.
“Sure ” she says smilling up to me.
I kiss her knukles and then hold her hands in my lady position and take her to the dance floor.
Once there i turn her around to face me and pull her by her closer to me.
Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
Har ek saans mein guzarti rahe
Shaam o subah, tu mera
Tere bina, kya mera
Do jismo jaan, ek hain
Na hona kabhi tu juda
Teri meri kahaani Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse Teri meri kahaani..
Humse ye jo bhi Harqat huyi hai
Mohabbat mohabbat
Mohabbat huyi hai

Half way down the song John comes to dance with her and i pull her in more closer..
Placing her head on my chest..
Clearly not letting her see him and shoot him a murderous look.
“No” i mouth him and he goes away laughing.
He is going to get it from me..
Kuch itne hai hum tum
Kami kuch nahi hai
Jitna bhi jeena hai Tujhko hi jeena hai
Jeete rahe jis tarah
Shaam o subah, tu mera
Tere bina, kya mera Do jismo jaan, ek hain
Na hona kabhi tu juda
Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barseTeri meri kahaani..
Ted comes over to call us for cake cutting when the song is over..
After the cake cutting ceremony we head over to the dinner buffet..
Her point of view –

“Sweetheart i gotta take this …i will just be back..” he says and heads out …
Must be from the office
I head over to where John and rest of the gang is there to wait for him.
“Hey jaan..looking for me..?”
He said he wont leave me..ohh god..!
“Jaan…i am coming to get you..” and then he laughs…
Run…i start to run as fast as my heels can carry ..
Yes…i need to find him..he said he wont let anything happen to me.
He will save me..
His point of view-
I had just finished my phonecall and was returning inside when i saw Pie running to me.?
Is something wrong because there was nobody chasing her..
She just came and jumped over me..
I wrapped my arms around her to prevent us from falling.
“Please take me from here ..please..” she said in a muffled voice from her mouth being in my chest..
“Do you want to go home baby..?”
“No …not at home..he will find me there…he will find me.. ”
“Shhh one is going to do anything …i am here na..and you know i am Batman secretly
Dont tell anyone..”
She giggled at my little secret..
Finally..she smiled..
I just cant stand her tears..
“Okay so now if princess wants to go..we shall go…” i said kissing her cute nose.
“But where shall we go..?” She asked
“Comeon love i have a surprise for you..” i said dragging her along.
I texted John and Big B about us and hopped in the car.
Its surprise time..!

P.S are you ready for the surprise .? Any guesses?

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  1. No guesses i just wanna enjoy it

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    Awesome ?

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    Love it dear … it’s awesome .. thnk u..

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  6. nice epi as always.
    aww poor pie. she is scared.
    i lv dexs possesive avatar.
    is dat guy came 2 party or its pies imagination??

    abt surprise i knw dex must plane smtng spcl. 🙂 i & pie gonna like it 4 sure.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

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  7. Nice

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  8. No guesses

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  9. Vyshu10

    awesome… this stalker her hallucination? thats y she is taking pills

    1. where is she taking pills..? thank u

      1. Vyshu10

        nt pills but doc said she has sm anxiety disorder

      2. Stoneheart

        Patience sweetheart

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    Luvd it

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  12. Superb episode…and da song one of my favorites…. perfectly matched for our beloved couple swasan(dex nd pie) ..jst beyond wrds…nd abt surprise i think it gonna b romantic wid candle lyt dinner….make sweet memories n make pie feel spl wid love affection nd promises… jst my guess..and rest all in da hands of pragya which gonna surely a blockbuster….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..

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