Ruhaniyaat (Segment 63)

Her point of view-
I woke up early that morning to a very beautiful sight ..
Oops a very handsome sight..
sleeping Dex.
He was facing me and had an arm around my waist.
I propped myself on my arm and began to study his features.
Starting from his messed up hair..
Yea he never actually combed his hair..he would set them with his fingers..
To his perfect jaw that was covered with slight beard.
I have a thing for guys with beard..
To his cute ears and finally to his soft pink lips.
The feel of them against mine.
I traced my fingers gently on each part as i examined it closely..
“Like what you see sweetheart.?” He said.
“Uhh…wo …i… when did you wake up..?”
“When you were busy checking me out….” he said and headed to the bathroom
Leaving me totally speechless.
His point of view –
“Dexter” she yelled
Shit..i am dead..
I know things go bad when she uses my full name.
“” She yelled
I rushed to the hall to see her standing before ‘pie chair’
“You spoilt my favourite shirt.” She stated
She turned to me and there were tears in her eyes..
I quickly went over to her and she jumped on me resulting in us crashing on the floor.
Comeon i wasnt ready
And no she is not fat
“Its because i missed u bubba..” i said caressing her cheeks.
Sometimes its difficult to explain your feelings in words..
This was one such time..
“Awwie that was so cute of u…but that still dosen’t explain the dirty house..”
By now we were up and standing face to face with each other.
“But love it was a bachelor pad” i protested
“Right but now you have your wife living with you” she said
Huh…? Did she just say wife..?
“And soon you will be a father of numerous kids..and will you still keep your house like this..?” She questioned.
Numerous kids..
Not bad..
Her point of view-
When he dint reply for a few minutes i thought about what i just said and looked back at him.
Oh shit ..did i actuay say that..
“So numerous kids huh…?” He asked with a lopsided grin
what the hell why do i always get tongue tied with his proximity
“Waise i kind of liked the idea..wad say babe..?” And he winked
Can he not wink
Dosen’t he know what kind of effect that has on me
“Lets clean the house first..” i declare trying my best to change the topic and like always i am unsucessful
Dont ask why.
Because i bet you already know Dex well..he can like literally turn situations in his favour.
No wonder he is the best youngest businessman
“Baby stop day dreaming about me and starting cleaning the house..”
Oh wait how does he know.. that i was thinking about him..
“Your blush babe..” he says stating the obvious..
I so hate him
“But i love you .” He says winking
And there we go again wink .wink

After we had finished up cleaning the entire house auntie came in
Oh freak i totally forgot.
“Aunty please khana laga dijiye..” dex said to her
She just looked at me confused.
His point of view –
“But madam ne toh aaj khana banaya nai .” She said referring to Pie.
Don’t tell me Pie sent food for me everyday
Now i start to connect the dots ..
Ofcourse it was her
I turned to look at her and she was glaring at auntie
I tried not to laugh at this encounter
Cause seriously my baby cannot get angry.
Although she tries her best.
“Lets order in and lets call Big -b and Birdie as well ..” i suggested Pie.
She stared at me like i was talking in Japanese
“Love we are friends now..sachi..” i tried explaining but she just wouldn’t believe
Anyways i wanted to talk to him and ask about what Doc Divyarani told him.
Her point of view-
“Omg…!” Screeched a very cute girl.
“Birdie..” Dex came and hugged her..
Now i am surely confused.
Who is she..?
Just then Ted came up and huged her as well..
Now i really want to know who she is …
“I totally forgot the introductions..Doll.angel..Angel .doll..”
Omg omg she is his angel.
And i jumped on her.
I guess she was prepared cause she hugged me back screaming back “bhabhiii” too
“Guys relax..the food is here come in..” Dex said to all of us.
We dimmed the light and switched on the movie.
His point of view –
We planned for a movie marathon with Pizza at our place as Doc Divyarani had suggested that we make her feel comfortable..
And i know that she is comfortable with Big-B
We watched all the nonsense movies in the world starting from Golmal series to Himmatwala to housefull series..
By the end Pie and Birdie were tired and almost asleep.
“Bhai..i am sho very shleepy ..i am going to your room to sleep..waise bhi you are gonna go to bhabhi’s room.”
Big-B glared at me..
“Thats my better not do any funny business.” He warned
Pie was sleepy too but she wouldn’t leave me..I guess i need to talk to Doctor Divyarani about her new clingy behaviour.
I put her on the bed and Big -B drew up a chair beside us.
Thank god for her to be a heavy sleeper i wouldn’t want her to know about all this.
“Doctor said that we need to keep calm around her..dont panic .” He explained.
“You know my doll is very sensitive if she realises that you are being judgemental then she might shut you just chill around her”
I nodded in agreement
We chatted for a while till he was sleepy and headed to my room to sleep.
“No funny business..she is my princess.”i warned
“No funny business bro..i love her..” he said and left to my room

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  9. Tooo good…pie’s nd dex conversation ws awsm filld wid naughtiness n to see dos scenes again n again n dey r correctly following my suggestions(psychiatrist) hahahaa..which gonna give +ve results pakka….overall lovely episode pragyaa…eagerly waiting for da nxt segment….

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