Ruhaniyaat (Segment 62)


His point of view –
Pie was getting discharged today..
She was finally coming home and i was finally going to get my sanity back..
Pie was still asleep since last night so i decided to drop in on Doc.
“Good morning Doc ” i greeted her entering her cabin..
“I was actually waiting for you…please have a seat..” she said gesturing towards the chairs across her desk.
“Thank you…what did you want to discuss about Doc..?”
“Actually we ran a few test on your fiance and we found out that she is suffering from anxiety disorder..”
“Doc can you just hold on for a sec ..i need to make a phonecall..”

Her best friend point of view-
“Doctor divyarani he is her brother and she” he said gesturing towards her is “doc divyarani ..she is the hospital phsycatrist
She wanted to discuss things about Pie and who can be better than you to help…” he said smilling up to me.
Oh ..god he wanted my help..?
Did he just say that..?
I looked at him questioningly and in return he just smiled..
Now i know why uncle chose him for Doll.
This guy was something else..
I wish i could have understood him earlier..
“Yes it will be great if you can help us..she needs love care and affection and i guess the more the merrier..” she said smiling..
“Okay doc..thank you..” i said extending my hand for a hand shake.
We both came out and were greeted by Angel..
She came over to me and i kissed her cheek.
“Good morning baby.” She said.
Jhonny growled.
“What..?” I protested.
“Thats my little birdie out out” and i rolled my eyes at his comment.
Yea .. i know how little she is..
Naughty little thing.

His point of view –
What was wrong with him..?
This was a public place…and that was my baby sister..
I went off to my girl to cool my self down
.if i stayed there much longer than i propably would break his nose.
“Love..” i called out to my sleeping beauty.
Slowly her eyes fluttered open and i leaned down to kiss her..
First it was gentle kiss but then she moaned and it turned hot..
I kissed every part of her skin that the hospital gown would allow.
“Oh my god guys. Get a room” said Big -b entering inside.
“Shut up ” Pie said and i smiled victoriously
“Waise idea bura nahi hai…kyun ..?” I teased her.
My baby gets real shy when i get naughty..
She simply blushed and looked away.
Such cuteness..

Her point of view –
“Lets get you ready to go home now..shall we babe..?” Dex said and began coming my long hair..
I reached out and held his free hand..
I dont know why but holding hands with him helps..
Its like when he is there with me..nothing can go wrong..
Even he can’t hurt me then..
And the thought of him sends shivers down my body
What if he gets back to me..
Last time i escaped but will i be this lucky again..?
Dex seemed to have sensed my restlessness because next instant i was wrapped in his arms
“Hey..i got got nothing to worry about princess.”
I just hope so..
“I just want to go home..”
“Yes love we are going home..”
Finally…i seriously dislike hospitals..and i just want to be out of here..
He helped me change into my clothes..washed my face and then we were ready to go..
“Big -B get the discharge formalities done..i am taking her home” he told Ted
Did he and Ted talk to each other..?
Not just talk ..but talked without snapping.
Oh god..?.
Am i still in the effects of the medicine..?

His point of view –
Pie’s expression were priceless when she saw me and Big – b talking ..
Aww mera bacha..such a cutie..
I just cant get over the fact that she is back and in my arms..
I am that happy
“Hmm” and she held onto my hand again.
What is it..?
Pie was never this clingy ..she wouldn’t even stay close when we were in a public place..
Something was up definitely..
I dont want to believe Doctor Divyarani but then Pie’s actions are depicting something else..
But what about the marks on her body..?
Do i speak to Dad..?
Or do i speak to Big -b…?
Or should i speak to her only..?
But i dont know how she will react.
I think i should speak to Doctor Divyarani only.
Pie lived in the other part of city and due to the emergency we had admitted her in a nearby hospital..
Ride to our house from the hospital was a long journey and i dint realise that my baby had fallen asleep.
I parked the car and carried her upstairs.

She looked so calm when she was asleep..just like a baby.
Hell ..she was my baby ..and i was gonna make sure nothing will bother her now..
I carefully laid her down in her room and got up to talk to Doc..
“No..don’t leave me pleash.” She said pulling her best puppy dog face..
How can someone say no to that cute face
She knew all my weaknessess very well..
“Never baby..never” and i settled myself on the bed beside her..
After she was comfortable enough..i texted Big-B
‘talk to Doctor Divyarani for me please…Pie won’t let me leave. .and i want to stay with her..’
There was an instant reply.
‘sure thing will see you around soon.’

P.S Thank you so much guys..
You know it means a lot when you appreciate Ruhaniyaat so much..
Happiness is reading all your comments through out the day..
Little packets of happiness..

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  1. Finally they are back together yeyy

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  2. Vyshu10

    aww….falling for dex and pie more

    1. thank u..they love u too

  3. Awww
    nice , beautiful , mind blowing epi as always.
    lv it ★★★★★
    I rly like ted and dex bonding.. :-* :-*
    teds pov is so nice.. dex is da nly prsn who suitable 4 pie. 🙂
    They r back 2 hm.. yipee…
    im soo hpý..
    Nt nly dex im also waiting eagerly 2 knw da whole truth..

    Nt nly u even we all r hpy 2 read ur ff dr..
    its rly treat 2 read dis.

    Keeep writing dr
    be happy always

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  4. Same here dear,sometimes rather I must say everytime u make our day much better with ur little dose of segments.
    Well nowadays exam is not leaving my back,but still u manage to make a curve appear on our lips.
    Sometimes I really wonder how you manage to write these splendid segments.
    Thanks for the update.

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  5. Arshaanya

    Yeyyy nw dey r 2gthr…
    Chappy was too gud… luving it

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    Awww sooo cute
    Happy Mahalaya

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    Dex-Ted ,, Ted-Pie,, Dex-Pie …. yoohhooo all r awesome… i just love it.. superb cool n cutee bonding…
    thnk u dear..

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  11. Awsm episode…dex pure love care affection would let pie to cme out of dat trauma forsure…love btw dem give us bliss n words to praise..

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