Ruhaniyaat (Segment 61)


Late in the night-
His point of view –

“Sir can i talk to you in private..?” The doctor whispered and took me to his cabin
“Sir this is our hospital pshycatrist Dr.Divyarani..she has observed some uncommon behaviour patterns in your we just wanted to talk to you.” He said pointing at the lady doctor beside me..
“Sure mam tell me..” i enquired the doctor
“Actually ..” she trailed off..
Dont worry mam please be frank .. i am her fiance..”
“We observed that the she is always scared know she has covered her whole body from head to toe and refuses to come out..”
“Yea mam she fears the hospital..” i informed the doctor..
“Yea it can be that but her heart beat rises and she begins to sweat when she sees staff around…i hope .

“Doctor there is a problem..the patient in the ward num 4110 wont sleep..should i give her an injection.?.” said the nurse panting.
“No …let him try..” he said gesturing towards me.
“Try what..?” I asked confused
Okay dont get me wrong ..i am not dumb but i just get kind of confused at times.
“Try to put her to sleep..its necessary for her recovery and the sleeping medicine that we give everybody can’t be administered to her as she is allergic..” doc said.
“Besides we need to conform on a few things too..” said doc divyarani..
I headed out of his cabin to Pie’s ward ..

Someone was cleaning the room when i entered.
My baby had herself all covered up from head to amount of flesh could be seen from under the covers.
Were the doctors correct..?
“Sweetheart..” i called out to her and she peeked from the covers.
I dismissed the cleaner and sat down on the attendant’s chair beside her bed…
She watched as the cleaner left and then turned to me..
I observed her as she took a breath of relief as soon as he left..
“Please take me home Dex..”
“Yes love we will go home once you are alright and Doc gives you a discharge” i said smiling to her.

“I don’t like hospitals. They remind me of.” and she trailed off.
I quickly sat next to her on the bed and took her in my embrance..
Few minutes later my shirt was getting wet with her tears..
“What is it bacha..?” I said cupping her cheeks and making her look at me
My girl seemed so lost.
“I am not yet ready to talk about it..” she said and i sighed.
“Alright…you know i am always here for you..dont you..?” I said looking right into her eye..
She just hugged me back and nodded.
“Lets get you to bed now..” i said trying to lighten up the mood.
“My mother was a drug addict ” she said out of the blue..
I kissed the top of her head encouraging her to continue..

“The last time she attacked was at the hospital…”she said before breaking down into sobs..
I picked Pie up and she wrapped her legs around my waist..
I begin walking across the room..rocking her back and forth.
“I am here now baby..nobody will get to you now..” i said rubbing her back..
“Promise.?” She questioned rubbing her eyes sleepily..
“Promise mera bacha..” i said and kissed the top of her head..
Her body relaxed and she dozed off instantly..
I sat us down on the chair..she still in my arms …with her head pressed in the crook of my neck.
Her warm breath fanning the back of my neck..
I kissed her once more and then relaxed back on the chair to sleep
Her best friend’s point of view –

Me and uncle entered Doll’s ward and instantly smiled at the sight in front of us..
Jhonny had his hands wrapped protectively around her while she was snuggled deep in to his chest with a smile on her face..
Uncle carefully put a blanket around both of them
We walked out of the room.
“Uncle i think we got nothing to worry about now…Doll is in safe hands..” i said and turned to look at uncle.
“Yes ..she sure is..” he said wiping a tear from the corner of his eyes..

P.S Do you also think Pie is in good hands now ?
Will Dex be able to heal his Pie..?

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  1. abselutly.
    i trust dex. he cn heal his pie & cn protect her 4m evry evil eyes. im sure abt it & stoneheart i trust u also. 🙂
    so evrythng will be perfect eventually.

    2dy epi is awsome as always. her past is hunting her. my poor pie. dex & pies part is so sweet. and last part also gd. ted is rly a gd frnd.
    i rly lv 2 read ur ff dr.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. thank u so much

  2. It’s all in your hand godmother?

    Btw happy that they are atleast together now!

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  3. Pragyaaaa…wat ws dat..u surprised me sweetie..felt veryy happy wen i came to know dat u made me psychiatris for pie’s treatment..thq pragyaaaa…overall episode ws a paisa vasool…splly dat moment wen dex took her completely into his embrace n make her sleep…wahh

    1. thank u so much..

  4. Kakali

    Dex !!! now i trust u… i know u will take care of my Pie… my little cutee Pie…awwww
    thnk u dear…

    1. thank u..

  5. Rekha


    1. thank u

  6. Ofcourse she is in safe hands

    1. thanks

  7. Soujanya


    1. thank u

  8. Arshaanya

    Yup i trust dex cmpltly… hez d only one who can heal her… nyc chappy

    1. thank u

  9. Vyshu10

    ofcourse…she is in safe hands. Reveal soon what happened to pie?

    1. thank u so much..yea sure

    1. thank u

  10. perfect but want past in detail

    1. sure thank u

  11. Dharshini


    1. thank u

  12. Ye koi puchne wali bat hai kya ki pie safe hands me hai
    Of course yes na
    Awesome as always

    1. thank u so much

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