Ruhaniyaat (Segment 60)


Her best friend’s point of view –
“Can i speak to the family members …?” Doc asked us coming out from Doll’s room
“Sure mam ..i am her fiance…and he is her brother ” jhonny said gesturing towards me…
His words took me by surprise..
I dint know that he thought of me as family too.
I smiled at him and we both went to the doctors cabin..
“Sir aap batayenge actually main kya hua hain..?”
“Excuse me..?” Jhonny questioned.
“Sir kyunki unke body par aur bhi bhut sare marks hai aur kafi injuries bhi can be a case of domestic violence ..humein police ko khabar karni padegi..
Aap ek reputed family se belong karte hain isliye main apse directly puch raha hoon …” the doctor said seriously to Jhonny.
I looked at Jhonny ..he was blinking his eyes rapidly to control the tears that were to fall..
“Doctor i assure you aisa kuch nai hua sister has the best fiance and in laws anybody would ask for..” i explained to the doctor..

The next instant i was engulfed in a hug by Jhonny..
“Thanks Bhai..” he whispered..
“My doll needs you…be strong for her” i said patting his back..
“Sure..lets start with the treatment then” the doctor said getting up and leaving his cabin and we followed suit
By the time we reached the area uncle had reached..
He slapped Jhonny as soon as he saw him
He stood frozen on his place..
“I am sorry Dad(pie’s father) ..i promise aisa fir nai hoga..” Jhonny pleaded.
“Oye yaar..main bolta hun na .. bhut pyar karta hain yeh meri beti se..” said Jhonny’s father embracing doll’s dad in a warm hug.
“Aisa pyaar jo kay wo bharosa nai kar paya uspar..?”
“Trust me he has learnt his lesson the hard way ” Jhonny dad said winking at Jhonny..
Yes thats true ..
I have seen the guy suffer.

His point of view –
“Sir she is conscious can meet her..” the nurse said and everybody turned to look at me..
“What…?” I questioned.
Come on its scary when 5 pairs of eyes just stare at you..
“Are you going in on your own or should we push you in ..” Dad said.
Huh .? Wasn’t he like screaming at me two minutes ago..
I guess the whole family is weird..
I sent a confused look at John and he just smiled my way..
Wow what a perfect bestfriend .
“Seems like he dsn’t want to go in ..i guess i should go in instead..” said big – b
I growled at him and everybody bursted out laughing..
I entered in the room and as if sensing my presence Pie turned her head towards me..
As soon as she saw me a huge grin spread across her face..
I walked closer to her bed and she extended her arms to call out to me..
I was beside her next instant and she turned towards me.
“I am sorry Baby..” i whispered ..
She lifted her head to look at me and just smiled at me..
A pained smile..

My love was in so much Pain.
A tear escaped my eye and in a few seconds i was crying..
“Hey..” Pie said trying to get up
I helped her up and she hugged me instantly.
“I am so sorry baby girl…i mished you sho much…i love you ..” i said kissing her cheeks.
“Love you too my love ..” she said resting her head against my chest with a sigh..
Just then the nurse came barging in..
“Visiting houes are over you may please leave.”
Her statement angered me..
What does she mean by visiting hours are over..?
How dare she..?
I was about to say something when my girl tugged at my sleeves..
I looked her way and she shook her head for no..
I tucked my baby to bed and kissed her forhead..
“Please take care..”
“Why should i bother …you are there na..” she said winking at me and there i had my Pie back.
I so love this naughty girl..

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  1. I am happy she is fine

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  4. Doc was talking about which marks? ??
    Abb se main awesome ya amazing ni likhugi only apna queries clear karne ke liye questions likh dungi nothing else
    Cuz har ep ko padne ke bad mai vismaivimukdh ( spell bound) ho jati hu
    Qnd ha mujhe laka mujhe lagta “”apko best ff writer on tu ka award milna chagiye””

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    Chooo cutee chappy… loved it dear.. thnk u..

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    i missed them soo much.
    aww i lv when dex said baby 2 pie. :-*

    bt wt r da marks in pies body?
    is she did it her self?
    or is those scars given by her mom whill torchering?
    or is dat gvn 4m da mysteries prsn.?

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya.
    <3 🙂

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