Ruhaniyaat (Segment 6)


Her point of view-
I was sitting on one of the chairs while my benchie was dancing like a maniac..
I am not into partying or dancing … i would rather spend time reading on my bed…
Out of nowhere a guy comes and sits beside and starts making small talks..
Like i said i am a loner i dont like people much…i prefer staying alone..
I dont respond to him hoping that he will get my cue and go away…but he dosen’t budge …
He keeps on blabbering and making advances at me…and then out of nowhere his two other friends come and surround me too…

I can see my best friend moving along the beats of a hip bollywood number..i try to call out to her but nothing comes out…
Suddenly the guy pins me to the couch i am sitting on and hovers over me ready to kiss me ..
His point of view-
I am feeling very uneasy today..i dont know why..maybe because this is the first time i have sent her out alone…

But she is not a kid..! She can take care of herself …but she needs my protection too..
So finally after a lot of thought me and my friends head out to the party..
I immediately find her chimpanzee friend dancing on the some hip song..
Yea..! I don’t like her maybe because she spends more time with her than me..
Okay we don’t spend time but i just can’t help it …I feel jealous ..
“Where is pie..?” I yell to her above the music…
She points out to the couch and resumes dancing..

I turn to the couch and the scene scares me more than a horror movie..
Her point of view-
I try pushing the guy away but he dosen’t budge obviously he is more stronger than me…
He tears the side of my dress…
I close my eyes in fear .. suddenly i hear a someone scream in pain…and i open my eyes to see Dex and his friends fighting with those guys..
Then suddenly Dex comes up to me and i hug him tight not wanting him to go away..
“Shh …Baby i am here are safe sweetheart..come on look at me..” he whispers in my ears..
I look up to see concern in his eyes and then i burst into tears realizing what could have happened had he not reached in time..
His point of view-

Her tears.! I just can’t stand them..
They are breaking my heart..
“Baby girl don’t cry please”..and then i take her out of the party leaving my friends to deal with those freaking bastards..
How dare they touch her..?
Once inside the car she was still shivering with fear…

I picked her up from the passenger seat above the gear and make sit on my lap.
I quickly picked my jacket from the backseat and made her wear it..
She still looked pretty shaken of the whole incident..
Her point of view-
When Dex made me sit on his lap i felt safe and instantly i hugged him..he too reciprocated my hug…
“I don’t have a boyfriend” i murmer in his chest…
He kept caressing my hair and my back till i calmed down..i din’t realise when i fell asleep..
The rhythmic beating of his heart almost like a lullaby to me
His point of view-
My baby.! She looked so cute when she is asleep.
Now that she dosen’t have a boyfriend..she is my girl…i will keep her safe..i will protect her..
I drove home and made her lie on the bed..checked her body for bruises and as i was leaving she called out to me..
“Yes baby”

“They will hurt me”
I went to her and took her in my embrance..
“No..! Babygirl..! Till i am there no one can hurt you..You need rest sweetheart..Go to sleep..Please..”
She sniffed and burried herself deep in my arms…i kept stroking her hair…once she was asleep…i went to my room…
Those bastards need to learn a lesson..How dare they..?
I guess The Godfather needs to rise again..

Her point of view-
The next day i see him busy in the kitchen bent over the counter trying to cook breakfast..
He is shirtless and i cant help but stare at his back which is a perfect V shaped..
Aww..! He is hot..
Suddenly he turns towards me and says “Pie Breakfast is almost ready..get dressed and come…i will lay the table..”
Then again gets busy with his work..

“Yes pie”
“Why do you call me pie?”
“Actually the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about you is you loving pies that my mom made so i kept your name pie..besides ….”
“Besides..?” I question raising a eyerow at him..
“You are really sweet too.” He replies with a wink…

And i can feel heat rushing up to my cheeks and i excuse myself to get dressed..

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  4. Ohhh myyy godd… ws purely heavon…i mean sankyy treats pie as a kid..da way he took hr in his lap..n soothed hr is just blissful….

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