Ruhaniyaat (Segment 57)

His point of view-
Maula Mere
Aankhein Teri, Aankhein Teri
Kitni Haseen Ki Inkaa Aashiq
, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
Ki Inakaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu
I re entered the room and the time stood still again..
Just like it had when we had first met ..
My beautiful wife was sleeping on the bed curled up into a ball..
I wonder where she got so much flexibility from..
U know twisting into something so adorable..
Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Meraa Dil Kahe
Tum Hi Ho Usaki Aarzoo
Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Mere Lab Kahe
Teri Hi Ho Sab Guftagoo

I took my time to admire her..
Just how pretty she is..
And just how lucky i am..
Just then i remembered Kakali and Chanu’s threat..
God .! I just hope i don’t do anything wrong now..
Knowing them they will surely take my Pie away from me…
Such fierce girls..!
Baatein Teri Itni Haseen,

Main Yaad Inko Jab Kartaa Hoon
Phoolon Si Aaye, Khushaboo
The sudden urge to hug her arose and i carefully with hesitant footsteps proceeded towards her..
Rakh Loon Chhupaa Ke Main Kahin Tujhako
Saayaa Bhi Teraa Naa Main Doon
Rakh Loon Banaa Ke Kahin Ghar, Main Tujhe
Saath Tere, Main Hi Rahoon
Thank god my baby is a heavy sleeper..
I rested my upper body on her bedrest and slowly pulled her towards me so that her body was resting on my upper half..
She begin to stir a bit ..

Opps ..kakali and chanu will surely kill me now..
But to my surprise she got herself comfortable and held my shirt in her tiny fist
I begin to slowly masage my fingers in her hair..
She loves this so much..
As if recognizing me she smiled in her sleep
Zulfein Teri, Itni Ghani
Dekh Ke Inako, Yeh Sochataa Hoon
Saaye Me, Inake Main Jiyoon
Ishq Hai..
Once i stopped she begin to stir again..
My sweetheart and her antics..

Kabi nai sudharegi..
But koi bath nai ..she is all mine now.
.to spoil cherish and pamper..
I love my Pie so much.

P.S This is for my darling doll shagun because her day dosen’t go well without a daily dose of Ruhaniyaat..!
Love you kid..

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  1. w so sweet of u dr. Now dex will never let her go.
    Thank you so much for this segment.
    Have a nice day.

    1. thank u dear

  2. Woooooow
    Di u r such a sweet heart
    U heard and full filled my wish
    Thankd for this
    And the chappy was sooooo cuuuuute and amazing i m unable to describe
    And its true my day is incomplete without ruhaniyat
    That’s why i wrote alomst in every comment of ur ff that “u made my day!!”
    Have a good day!!!!

    1. thank u soo much dear…

  3. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg………
    u post it 2dy?!??!
    and u add my name in ur ff?? omg?
    i rly cnt belive it! am i dreaming or smthng??? ya surely its a dream. and its da best dream. cz dex thinking abt me. omg!!
    i lv u sooo much stoneheart.
    u made my day! no no nt nly day u made my life. 😉
    ya u said it right dex. dnt dare 2 hurt pie again. 🙂

    thank u stoneheart 2 add me in ur ff. u make me feels like a special person. thank u drl.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. thank u so much dear

  4. Rekha


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  6. Vyshu10

    awesome….so sweet and beautiful

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  7. Soujanya


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  8. Kakali

    Awww awww awwwwwww…..such a sweet sweet chappy…. A tighhtttt hug for u my soft heart… thnxx for making it memorable…
    Thnk u dear ,,, Take care…

    1. thank u

  9. Arshaanya

    Beautiful chappy… lvd dex today

    1. thank u

  10. Aww thats really sweet

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    1. thank u

  11. Nice

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  12. Beautiful.. Loved it. ?

    1. thank u

  13. Lovlyyyyyy pragyaa…nd abt song u stole my heart grl…it’s my favorite song…cmng to da episode i felt xtremly happy wid his love n care

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

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