Ruhaniyaat (Segment 55)


His point of view-
The doorbell rings and i get up to open it..
To reavel Big – B
He enters inside and whistles..
“Oh my god…everything in this house screams Doll..
“You love her a lot na..?” He questions.

Her best friend’s point of view-
I entered the house and i was stunned..
There was Doll everywhere..
Like photos of her..
On the dining table..
Even on the t.v
Like what was about this man..?
After i had asked him the question ..he kept staring at me for a while before he broke down..
I waited for him to calm down..
“I love her.” He said more like whispered..
I swear if there were more people in the room i wouldn’t have heard him..
I took a deep breath and sat down beside him offering him my handkerchief..
What …i am a good man ..
Just then his best friend John walked in..
“I am glad you guys are here…its high time you guys sort out your things..” he said glaring at me and then at Jhonny..
Oh god..! This is like shit weird .
The tension was think in the air..
I guess people would have to use huge knives to actually cut through it..
Oh god.. what the hell am i thinking..

His point of view –
Yes John was right..
i had to find my girl soon..and i knew for that i had to make peace with her best friend..
“I love her ..i really do…she means the world to me..” i told him sincerely..
Yes this was so true..
“Is she always gonna mean the world to you..or are you going to get bored like you always do..?”
“She always will mean everything to me..” i said smiling..
“But you hurt her..” he stated..
This was the accusation i was fearing for most..
I did hurt my baby girl..not only once but twice..
“I dint mean to…it was just my anger that took over that night..”
“But .you .did .hurt.her.” he said slowly emphasising each word..
“I know…i hurt my love a lot..”

His best friend point of view –
“She is my little Doll Jhonny…. i cant and just cant see her hurt..” i said clearly stating a fact..
“I know ” he sighed.
When nobody said anything for a while he continued.
“I love her so damn much that it hurts to know that i hurt her… i hurt my baby girl..”
I smiled at him.
“I know ..but she is your better half…she will forgive you..” i said..
Yes .i know my Doll..she is simple and sweet ..she forgives everyone .
“How do you guys feel about each other now..?” John asked..
“Better.” We both said together and then hi-fied each other..
” I am sorry about the other night in the restraurant..i know i messed up there too..” Jhonny said next.
God..! He has no idea.
“Actually you asked me to choose but you never asked me to reject even though i chose doll..
I dint reject my Angel..” i said with a smile.
“Saaale..” he said and gave me a playful punch..
“Haa woh toh main banunga hi..” i said teasingly.

His point of view –
I am glad that i dint mess up on that front.
” I hope we can find her soon.” i said and the other guys agreed too..
Actually my sweetheart being the stupid girl she is ..left his house that night and disappeared ..
She thought it was because of her there were problems between me and big and my little birdie..big b and birdie..
Suddenly my phone rang it was from my informer..
“Bhai shayad Bhabhi mil gayi hai..” he said.

P.S One big question to my dear readers ..will it be alright if i dont post a segment on sunday..
Actually i am going out of town and the place i am going has range problems.
Please let me know your suggestions.
Thank you


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  1. Saturday post 2 episodes

    1. thank u …will try

  2. nice..ya..its ok..u udate dnt worry..

    1. thank u

  3. i ws waiting 4 dis.
    finally evrythng is sort out between 2 bils. fuuuuu.
    im so glad dat thy r 2gtr & tryng 2 find pie.
    y da informer said shayad? im so curius 2 knw it.
    plz uplode nxt epi asap.
    cdnt even wait 4 24 hrs.
    bt i hv a prob wt rly hpn in dat nyt?
    u ddnt tell us.
    hw pie & ted cm 2 hm dat nyt. and y pie is wearing teds sweater? confused!
    is sm1 conspiring behind them?

    ummm abt ur prob stoneheart!
    if it is hard 2 u 2 uplode. no need 2 do dat. we will wait 4 u. u r da nly 1 who uplode evry dy. thank u 4 dat. so u cn take a leave dr. take ur tym.
    phir be if u cn plz uplode it. 😉
    enjoy ur trip dr.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    love you

    1. omg kitne sare sawal..
      thank u..
      will surely try

  4. Nice

    1. thank u

  5. Di we have no problem if u will not post on sunday but update 2 eps on saturday sa compensation
    Actually agar ek din bhi apka ff na phadu na to din acha ni jata
    Awesome ep
    Now how dex will make pie forgive him

    1. thank u so much…aww u r such a sweetheart.

  6. Rekha

    Awesome…!!as always…!!

    1. thank u

  7. Kakali

    Phewwww!!!! finally everything got cleard between both… such a huge relief… U always give us regular update,,, i really don’t mind if u’ll not update Sunday…. but Monday i want more….
    thnk u…

    1. thank u soo much

  8. Soujanya

    Awesome….. One day it doesn’t mind….

    1. thank u

  9. Pakka chalegaa…though am not lyking it but still i understand ur pblm…par uske nxt din try to post 2episodes deall…n today’s episode is awsm lovd it veryyy much…now he shud persuade her…yesterday i commented fr ur episode i think u dint see….

    1. thank u so much..! and i am sorry to have missed ur comment

  10. Vyshu10

    omg…jiju-saale ek hogaye. Yay…pie is found.

    Its ok….u always upload daily…do deserve a holiday too

    1. thank u so much

  11. It’s ok dear we can wait.n I happy today.Well the episode is awesome.

    1. thank u so much

    1. thank u

  12. Oh.. Thnk god.. They both solved their problem.. Loved the part.
    UU always update daily.. So it’s ok dear. You can take a holiday. We can wait.. ?

    1. thank u so much

  13. You are real sincere writer i must say!!
    And it’s totally alright you don’t need to worry about one single day…
    U must already be putting so much efforts in doing this regularly u cn hv atleast one holiday?

    Nd yep looks like you took that heart attack comment too ssly ? It seems like this roller coaster ride is getting smoother now

    1. the fun is going to begin soon dear … thank u

    1. thank u

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