Ruhaniyaat (Segment 52)


Her best friend’s point of view –
Since Doll has moved in …it has been difficult for me to manage mine and Angel’s relationship..
So i decided to take my little angel for dinner..
Its been so long that we had a date together..
I bought two dozen red roses and headed to her house to surprise her..
“Ting Tong.”
I rang the bell and greeted my angel who was dressed in a plain tshirt and shorts.
“Hi baby ” i said and she jumped into my arms..
“I missed you so much ” she murmured..
“I missed you too babu…”
She untangled herself from me and we headed inside in the house..
As soon as i gave her the flowers she squealed in joy..and once again jumped in my arms…
“Thankoooo sho much…” she said kissing me on my cheeks..
“Acha sweetheart go get ready ..we are going out..” i whispered in her ears..
“No” she said with a pout
My baby is so adorable..
I kissed her pout and picked her up and took her upstairs..
“Yes we are ..” i dropped her to her room and started to head downstairs..
“What should i wear..?” She called out from the door .
I smiled naughtily and went towards her…
“Tum kaho toh pura ready kardu jaane man..” i said with a wink
“Hatt…” she said and closed the door hurriedly.
I laughed at my girl’s cuteness and headed downstairs to wait for her..

Few minutes later i see her walking down the steps with one shoulder Dark green dress that ended almost over her thighs leaving very little to my imagination…
“Babu i think you were right we should not go …we should just stay indoors …and cuddle.. what say..?” I asked kissing her exposed shoulder..
She blushed at my words..and i pulled her to me..
Oh how i love her blush.
The feel of her in my arms…
I love the way she melts in my arms…
Like god made her for me and only for me..
“Shayad hum dinner par jare the ..” she says with a little humor.
“After you…” i say and we head out of her main door to my car .

After we were seated i asked her what she wanted to eat and she screamt
I want pasta …i want pasta…”
Yes sweetheart i will get you your pasta…but what will i get in return ..?” I asked ..mischief running in my brain.
“You will get Pasta too” she said innocently..
Aww my cutie..she is such an innocent baby..
“Nai i want something else..” i said winking at her..
“Like what..?”
“Like..” i trailed off..
“Like…” she says and blushes..
“How about a dance…?” I question wriggling my eyebrows..
Loving the way how her mind is wandering elsewhere..
“Just a dance..?” She questions..
“Haan..tumne kya socha.?” I say in a teasing tone..
“Wo.w o…” she stutters ..
“Chii…kitni gandi ho tum..” i say and get my concentration back on the road..
“Aisa nahi hain…you only said na…”
“Main toh dance ki bath karra tha.”
“Tum bhi na….urrggghhh…” she says and then we both burst out laughing..
We reach the restraurant..laughing…hand in hand ..
I bring out a chair for her and she sits down..
After we are finally settled we order our food .
Halfway between our meal i see her get distracted…she gets up and looks at something behind me..
“Dadabhai” she says..

P.S How do you like the romantic side of Ted..?
Is Dex there to apologise..?

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  1. Kakali

    I loved Ted’s this new romantic shade… thnk u..

    1. thank u ..

  2. nice..r u bengali?

    1. thank u .. no i am not

  3. Rekha


    1. thank u

  4. nice epi as always.
    after long time i read ur romantic epi. i rly missed them.
    ted is cute. lols
    wts da meaning f dadabhai?

    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. thank u so much.. its synonymn to bhaiya

    1. thank u

  5. Vyshu10

    nice…..dex is dadabhai?

    1. thank u ..yes

    1. thank u

  6. awesome
    As always
    Ab kya keh sakti hu

    1. thank u

  7. Stoneheart

    Thank u so much

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