Ruhaniyaat (Segment 51)


I reached over to Ted’s house and broke down into sobs.
Everything had turned upside down..
My life ..
His life…
Our life together..
How could i let things slip from my hand..?
What do i do now…?
I hope Dex gets well soon ..
I hope everything falls in place soon

Few days later
“Beta…apse koi milne aya hai ..” kaka said before turning to go back downstairs.
“Ji kaka abhi aayi..” i call back at his retreating figure.
When i reach the living room the person who came to visit gets up and i am taken by surprise..
Its Papa.
“Namaste Papa” i greet him and bend down to touch his feet..
“Namaste beta kya mai apse thodi bath kar sakta hun..?”
“Ji papa kahiye na..”
“Beta apko yaad hai na kay maine apse kya manga tha uss din..?”
“Ji papa .. aap fikar mat kijiye …i am not quitting…i am just a little upset..”
He smiles at me and says “Mujhe pata tha tum yahi kahogi..isliye maine uss din nahi roka tumhe…”
How did he know..?
Understanding my confusion he continues “Beta yeh baal humne dhoop main safed nahi kiye hain aur dono toh humare bache ho..tumhe toh hum pehchante hai..”
I laugh at his fimly dialogues and then we chat on for some time..
“Papa kya main aapse kuch puch sakti hoon..?” I question..
“Ji beta.”

I dont know how ask about his and mom’s divorce but i am curious … curious at to know what is so important …more important even than his son..
“Beta main samajh gya tum kya puchna chahti ho..
Actually iss barein main bhi main baath karne aya tha par samajh nai ara tha ki kaise..” and he trails of.
“Papa aap bhi na…aapne toh kaha abhi kay hum apke bache hain..aur bachon se kaisi hichkichahat (hesitation)..” i say with a smile.
“Beta yeh meri jo biwi hain yeh mera pyaar nahi hain..” he declares and i am shocked..
“Kya matlab ..?”
“Beta actually Dex ki jo mummy hain inhone meri mistress ko aur mujhe cheat karke mere se shadi ki …unhe sirf most eligible bachelor ki biwi banne ka audha (status) chaiye tha”
I begin to connect the dots together of how Dex said that he is always with his mistress
Who was actually his to be wife..
Who was cheated
And he can’t forgive Dex’s mom
Nor can he forget his 1 st love..
And the worst part is that nobody knows about it.”
Aap fikar mat kariye papa”
“Aur beta kab aaogi tum laut kar ghar ..?”
“Papaji usse ne nikala tha na bhaar..abh jab tak wo lene nai ayenge mai wapas nai aaungi..,”
He blesses me and takes a promise from me reminding about my promise.
No i am not quiting
..i am just a little upset.!

P.S Thank you so much guys for making segment 50 so special..

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  1. Soujanya


    1. thank u

  2. Ohhhh goddd!!!
    Im relive nw..
    shes nt gonna quit.. yaaay yaaa im soo happy.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yeh dex ko kya ho gayaa????
    Why dnt he try 2 convince her pie??!!!
    nw im angry abt him.. :-/ no noo im jst lil upset jst like pie.. 😉 😉 😛

    Keep writing dr
    be happy always
    love you..

    1. thank u soo much

    1. thank u

  3. Kakali

    Pieee!!! God bless u dear…. u r tooo understanding..thnk u stone heart… loved d chappy… thnk u..

    1. thank u soo much

  4. Awesome
    Dex ki mom to villian nikli

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    1. thank u

  6. Heltej

    Yo.. Yo pie is little upset…! Poor dex n pie
    Dex’s mom turned out to be villian!

    1. thank u

  7. Mica

    uufftttt,, please English Stone Heart!

    1. i am so sorry . i totally forgot about it…well thank u

  8. Nice

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    1. thank u

  9. Veryy nice episode pragya..nw waiting for dex..hw he gonna persuade pie..lovd da bond btw dad nd pie..

    1. thank u so much

    1. thank u

  10. Rekha

    Awesome…!!but please English…!!

    1. thank u
      and i am really sorry

  11. awesome cute

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  12. Amazing part dear.. Loved it. So pie hasn’t given up their relationship. Good.. ?

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  13. Vyshu10

    superb…hope dex comes soon to take pie

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