Ruhaniyaat (Segment 50)


Her point of view-
“John….Call the doctor ” i yelled as i ran over to the living room.
“Babhijaan…! Chill… kya hua..?” He questions..
“Ww…wwoo…ddeeex…..kuch karo…” i sutter..
“Bhabhijaan…here have some water..Main doctor uncle ko call karta hun..” he says handing me a glass of water..

“Kya hua beta..?” Doctor uncle asks as soon comes and sees me crying.
“Uncle Dex..” i say and lead him inside..
“Beta…main check karta hun…” he says patting my shoulder..
He puts on his sthetescope and checks Dex..
After a few minutes he comes up to me and says..
“There is nothing to worry seems he hasnt been eating properly for a while…..that combined with stress has led him to fall unconscious..
I have given him an injection..he should up in a few hours..
Take care beta..” he says and heads outside..
“I will just be back after dropping uncle..” John says leaving with uncle .
After i had cleant the house.. i grab my phone and called up Papa..(dex’s Dad)
“Bete is everything alright..?” He questioned picking up the phone..
“Papa..Dex….” i said and began crying..
“Beta calm down and tell me hua kya hai…” he said
I narrated him evrything and he said that he was coming over.
In the meantime…i went to his room..watching him sleep…i began thinking on how life had changed ….from being strangers to getting engaged to falling in love …the fight…him coming over…crying …

I kept carresing his hair while thinking.
Main tenu samjhawan ki
na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tu yun jaan meri
jaan meri…jaan meri…
Mere dil ne chun liayaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Mere dil ne chun liayaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saha
Jeena mera… hoye
khun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezaar tera
Tu dil tu yun jaan meri
jaan meri…jaan meri…
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

My thoughts were disturbed by uncle who had just reached with John
“What happened Beta i thought everything was okay..?” Uncle enquired.
How i wish everything was alright…but it wasn’t
“Uncle doctor said that he will be up in a few hours…please take care of him…I need to leave ..” i said grabbing my bag from the table
“Wait beta..i cant let you leave..”
“I dont belong here uncle…i am the reason of all his problems at present …i need to go..” i said sobbing and heading towards the door..
“Bhabhijaan…wait up…what am i going to say when he wakes up..?what do you want me to say..?” John asked running up to me..
This was the time…i had to decide…i was doing something which i dreaded the most…
I was toxic for him..
“Tell him I am sorry and i hope he finds someone better for himself..” i said and hugged a shocked John before walking to the elevator..
His best friends point of view-

“She dint stop did she..?” Uncle asked as soon as i enterered..
“No uncle i tried my best..
I am sorry..” i said apologising on not being able to stop her..
“She will be back ..i know it ” Uncle whispered..
i was shocked…
“How..?” I questioned.
How was he so sure ?
“Because she loves him..and i can see it in her eyes…” he spoke with a big grin on his face..
I just hope what he said is true otherwise handling Bhai will be very tough..

My dear lovely readers here to 50th segment of Ruhaniyaat…
I request you to join in for the celebration..sab log apna apna chota chota celebrate karna kuch bhi…!
Cheers to all my lovely …lively and sweet readers…!.
Love you all..!

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  1. Yoooo stone heart u crossed half century… congrats dear… m very happy… keep smiling..

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  4. Firstly congratulations for completing 50 episodes…it’s been a veryy long journey wid many twist n turns which make dis story reach heights in our hearts..ur ffs humrahi nd ruhaniyaat leaving g8 impact on us..which make us to wait eagerly for ur episodes…continue da same spirit n write many story’s(swasan) make us to stick to ur episodes…episode ws just waiting hw dex gonna react for hr stmt…love u dear

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  5. Mica

    congo for 50 epi.. Pieee!!!!! don’t leave Dex pleaseeee!!!

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  13. Congratulations…..
    It’s celebration time but somewhere it’s not as both our pie and dex are unhappy? how can we celebrate

    I hope that vl b solved too….

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  14. Wow half century good to see it .I had my celebration for this hihi. It was nice.

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  15. congratulations 4 ur 50 th epi dr. write more than 100 epis. i cn read 1000 f epis if u write bt i know u dnt drag na. so ill manege with 100 epis dr.
    i am ur fan 4m hamdard dr. i rly like ur writing style. its rly uniqe one dr. lv ur storys sooo much.
    i am waiting evrydy 2 ur nw epi.
    thank you sooooo much 4 u 2 gvng us such a wonderful story. & thank u 4 posting regulary dr.

    we r swasan fans so we shd celebrate as swasan nly. nw take a chocalate and eat.
    evry hpy thng shd be celebrate by choco. i ate my yammy choco. u also eat & celibrate

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    lv u too

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  17. Soooooooooo sooooorrrryyyyy!!!!!!!
    I m really sorry for not commenting on previous episodes
    Actually i used to read ur only everyday on tu
    I was very busy
    I hope u understand my condition
    Ainda se aisa ni hoga
    Coming to story —- poor dex plz usse thik kar do
    Uski halat ko dekhkar me ro dungi
    Awesome as always
    I hope u remember me
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    1. obviously i remember u..! and dont worry about commenting … story enjoy karo..

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  24. Superb part dear..?
    so pie is leaving him. Let’s see what will happen next.
    Congrats for the 50th part of ruhaniyaat.?? Way to go dear..
    Thanks for updating this regularly.
    Dear, I was thinking to ask this from a long time, but forgot to ask. if u don’t mind, can u tell me the meaning of ruhaniyaat?

    1. it means deep feeling..thank u

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