Ruhaniyaat (Segment 5)


Her point of view-
I spot him in the hallway near the auditorium and walk up to him to confront about ignoring me…
I don’t know but i dont like it..and its driving me insane..
Had it been someone else i would have loved it … but with him…its different
Once i am pretty close to him i see a girl come up to him and he bends down to kiss her..
His tounge travels in her mouth..
The scene disgusts me and i also i felt sad. Sad …really..??
I dint like this feeling..
But who am i to stop him..
She could be his girlfriend…what do i know..?
Because he thinks i have a boyfriend..
But still i dont like this feeling
And i begin to run in the opposite direction…
I continue running..
“Pie Wait..!”
As soon as i was about to enter the auditorium i get yanked at his hard chest..
His deep eyes looking down at me..
His aqua scent making my senses numb
“Why were you running away from me?” He asks panting
And i look down at my shoes..embarrased as i dont have any valid answer for his question…
When i din’t answer his eyes softened..
“Pie ..”
He puts a strand of hair behind my ears.” Pie…i need to know baby why were you running away from me.?”
He lowers his head and says..”Truth please”.
“Y..ou we…re kiss…ing that. girl..” and he blushed in embarrasment…
I looked at my shoes again while i could feel his gaze on me..
“Well…i will see you later” he said
I lifted my eyes to look at his retreating figure…he wore black tshirt with beige pants and he looked smoking hot…
Sizzling even.

His point of view-
I had made up my mind to stay away from pie as she had a boyfriend …
I had feelings for a girl already taken ..not good..
Who the hell was her boyfriend..?
I dint even ask his name due to my stupid anger ..urrgghh…stupid me…
But then i smiled…she saw me kissing and she ran….she couldn’t take it ..
Was she jealous..?
Later that day she din’t come for lunch but after college when i waited for her near the car..
“I am so hungry” she said with such cute voice..
I just grabbed her hand put her in the passenger seat of the car and sat on tbe driver seat and headed homewards..
Once home i asked her to freshen up while i made food for her…
Okay yes i can cook..but only to fill my stomach


Her point of view-
Its almost 2 months in the college and i striked a good friendship with my benchie…we decided to go to a party our batch mate was throwing at his place..
I had never been to a party before…i was hesitant at first but then finally agreed…
I walked into his study where he usually spent his time nowadays..
I was still unsure about the party so i wanted his approval..
But i cant ask him directly…Can i..?
What will he think of me..?
His point of view-
“There…uhhh…is a party ..i am attending.. she says…
I look away from my laptop at her coffee brown eyes…
They are so adorable…
Hell..! She is so adorable…


“Where..? What time??” I question..
On..saturday…with my best friend from 7..
Oh so she is just informing me…
So i simply nod and get back to work but then her question takes me totally by surprise..
“So is it okay??” She asks quitely..
Huh..? Is she asking for permission…
“Yea it should be fine…just call me if you have a problem and get home before midnight…and alcohol..” i say.
She just smiles and leaves..

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  1. Nice…. Really interesting… Update next one soon….

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    Awesome part.

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    Superb….if possible write longer eps na plz.

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    1. wo anjali eva wle anonymous ka tha na waha…thank u

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        acha wo…thank u dear. I hv seen many writers getting disheartened or discontinuing their ffs. I feel sad when a story is left incomplete or jst ended in a rush.

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  5. Awsworth
    What does one night stand means
    I don’t know actually i have read it in ep 1
    So i m just asking

    1. hello shagun thanku..maine apko reply kia tha nit stands are like flings..

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    Awesome… interesting….

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