Ruhaniyaat (Segment 15)


His point of view –
She has been gone for a long time now…
I wonder if she is fine..
I hear the front door open..i hear her come in and put things away in her room..
Then i see her walk in my study ..
She comes over to me and kisses my lips and sits on the chair in front of me .
“Dex I am bored” she says..
I look up at her my body still in the after effects of her kiss..
“Lets make a bucket list of our wishes..and fulfill it is we like each others company ” she said with a wink..
“Oh my god ..” was all i could say breath heavy ..she was turning me on
“Come here ” i called her..

She came over to me …kissed me on my cheeks and ran out ..
Oh god..! She is such a tease…
I ran up behind her ..she ran all the way down to the hall…
Her point of view –
Oh my god..! i so love troubling him..
I had to get him out of that study and i knew the trick..after all i am a girl and it comes naturally to us..
I ran to the hall …he trailing behind me.
“Pie…stop” he said panting when he reach the last step .
I hid behind the sofa watching him look for me..

When i peeked back to look at him again he wasnt there…
“Looking for me baby ” he said in a husky voice and scooped me in his arms…
I squeaked as he carried me to the bedroom…
Once there he kissed me hungrilly..
Trailing down kisses to my jaw as i gripped his hair…pulling in for more…
We made out like teenagers..
Exhausted we lay in bed my head resting on his chest and he stroking my hair..
“Yes baby” he said kissing my forhead..
I looked at him in his black mysterious eyes trying to read him..
But all i could see was love in them..
Unconditional love..
Love for me…like i had for him.
I side up to him and turn him towards me
His point of view-
After a few minutes i feel her turn towards me and look at me with those coffee brown eyes and swollen lips..
Her eyes hold so much love care and affection…

Was it all for me..??
I have never felt this loved before..
Mom Dad never had time always busy in their own lives but then came along Pie..
Someone who cared for me…
Someone who showed affection..
With whom i dont need my pills…
She cupped my face with her soft gentle hands and smiled making my heart swell in happiness..
“Dex…you intrigued me the day i met you for the first time….
I love the way you are always there for me wherever and whenever i need you…
I love the way you look at me like i am the most precious thing to you..
I love the way you call me yours baby ..
I want to be yours..and i want you to be mine…”

She kissed me and whispered in my ears
“I love you Dex”
I got up and pulling her along with me…
“I love you more my baby” i said twirling her around while she gigled

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  4. Nice segment,update next one soon. What is meant bu ‘ruhaniyat’ actually.

    1. thank u . n ruhaniyat is an urdu word .. it means deep feeling..

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