Ruhaniyaat (Segment 48)


His point of view –
“I think you know the way to the Door ” she said and turns around to head upstairs..
“You heard her ” he says and starts to follow her upstairs..
My world comes crashing down at that instance..
Bejaan Dil Ko , Bejaan Dil Ko Tere Ishq Ne Zinda Kiya,
Phir Tere Ishq Ne Hi Is Dil Ko Tabah Kiya
My life was walking away from me…and it was all because of me…
All my fault..
With a heavy heart … i come out of the house to the driveway..
Glancing back at the house i try to see if she was there at the window..
But she wasnt..
Then and there i promised myself of not giving up on her
I promised myself to give my best to get her back..
Back home …that had become just an apartment without her..
Her point of view-
I watched him go out from the main door and turn back to look at the window i was standing on.
Did he see me..?
I immediately hid myself behind the curtain..
How did he know which window i was on..?
As soon as his car left the gates my knees gave away..
I slid down against the window watching his car till it disappeared..
I broke down crying when it was not visible anymore..
Was this the end of our relationship..?
Few days later –
His point of view-
Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi, Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,
Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya,
Toh Lut Gaye, Haan Lut Gaye,
Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein,
I came back from office on monday night..
It had been a really long day..
Pehle college fir office…
I removed my shoes and yelled from the door..
“Pie baby is dinner ready..?”
When there was no reply from the kitchen i went in to look and realised she was not in there anymore ..
The house was empty..
Tears streamed down from my eyes…
I held onto the kitchen counter to steady myself.
Will we ever get back..?
Will she ever come back in this house again..?
Ajab Hai Ishq Yara,
Pal Do Pal Ki Khushiyan,
Gam Ke Khazane Milte Phir,
Milti Hain Tanhaiyan,
Kabhie Aansoon, Kabhie Aahen, Kabhie Shikwe
Kabhie Nale,Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye
,Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye,
Mujhe Din Ke Ujalon Mein Teri Yaadien Tadapayein
,Teri Yaadien Tadapayein,
Raaton Ke Andheron Me Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye,
Sighing i gather myself from the floor and head to her room not bothering about dinner anymore..
I have been sleeping in her room ever since she left..
The room gives me the feel of comfort..
That a part of her is still there in the house..
Still there in my life.
Machal Machal Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi
, Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,
Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya, Toh Lut Laye,
Haan Lut Gaye,
Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein
Her point of view –
Few days later –
I stare at my phone ….waiting for him to call…
I wanted to just hear his voice for once..
Just wanted to know whether he is alright or not..?
Will he ever call..?
I drifted off to sleep with his thoughts..
I was woken up with a soft hand carresing my cheek..
I immediately got up and hugged the person
“Oh my god..Dex i missed you so much..” i say to the person
Agar Mile Khuda Toh, Poochoonga Khudaya
,Jism Mujhe De Ke Mitti Ka,
Sheshea Dil Kyon Banaya,
Aur Us Pe Diya Phitrat Ki Woh Karta Hai Mohabbat,
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat,
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat Uspe De diya Kismat,
“Doll” the person murmured …that is when i realised it was Ted..
All the memories of me and Dex came flashing before me in a second..
Will we ever get back..? The question rang in my brain
I began to sob…not being able to hold my emotions any longer..
Will everything become alright again..?
Kabhie Hai Milan Kabhie Furqat,
Kabhie Hai Milan Kabhie Furqat
, Hai Yahi Kya Who Mohabbat,
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat
,Sisak Sisak Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi, Mujhko Saza Di Pyar Ki
,Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya, Toh Lut Gaye Haan Lut Gaye,
Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mei..

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  3. Mica

    omg Dex! you should try to convince harder…

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  4. Just for u Sanskar my Pie is crying,sobbing….she is sooo hurt…

    i know u too also,,,but it’s ur mistake,u should have trusted her… but no!!! Anger na!!! huhhh…

    Emotional chappy dear… loved it…thnk u..

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  5. Nice one,emotional.
    Liked d song.good selection.

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    god…i m crying. That song…gosh. Awesome ep

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  8. Ohh…i can’t see my pie crying badly….and it’s jst bcoz of u dex…n at the da same tym pie can’t stay widout uu…dex created mess by himself …nd both r suffering…excellent episode pragya..n wat a song..wahhh

    1. thank u so much..u made my day

  9. Feeling sad for pie.. But i like the way she stood for herself. Only because of dex both r suffering like this.
    Loved the way u showed that window scene..
    Overall it was an awesome part dear. ?

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  10. wow
    vry nice chappy.
    its rly emotional epi dr.
    im feeling vry sad 4 dex. poor him. 🙁 🙁 ahhh…
    no no he did a mistake so he hv 2 convince his pie. bt y wdnt he do anythng? he ddnt evn try once na.
    & abt pie 🙁
    she is suffering & she ddnt do any mistake. dnt cry my dr. :*
    nt nly dex & pie i also feeling sad 4 their separation.
    hey dex do smtng & gt ur pie back. i want 2 see ur lvng scence once again.

    dr ur song is soooo gd. it explain hw dey feel exactly. lv it.

    sry 4 late cmnt.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

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