Ruhaniyaat (Segment 46)

Few hours later-
Her point of view –
The word rings in my ear making me wince everytime..
I cant get on terms with the fact that Dex acctually said that to me..
How could he..?
And a fresh set of tears fall form on my eyelids.
I hear a sigh and i look up to see Ted looking at me with so much emotion in his eyes..
Her best friends point of view –
I watch as Doll begins to tear up again.
I instantly hug her and she breaks down.
She cries …wails and keeps murmuring i am a b*t*h as i put her to sleep…
I will make sure that he will rot in hell..
How dare he call my Doll a b*t*h..
How dare he make her cry..?
I decided against telling uncle anything about what happened last night and focused all my attention on Doll..

His point of view-
The person whom i loved the most..cared for the most cheated me..
That too with him..
How could she..?
How dare she..?
She will face the worst side of me..
Ring Ring Ring
Its John calling in
“Hey bro whatsup..?” He says
“Kuch nai bhai…yeh wali bhi b*t*h nikli..” i reply casually
“Kya bak raha hai beh kamine..?”
And then I start to tell him everything
He stops me midsentence and and hangs up..
By the time i call him back he is downstairs already
“Salle kya hua abh bata..” he says sitting on the couch next to me..
I narrate him the incident everything from me appointing a bodyguard to him sending me pictures ..
To my figh with her.. to she leaving..

As soon as i finish i receive a slap across my face
“Teri himmat kaise hui Bhabhijaan kay bare main aise batein karne ki…let alone sochne ki..” he yells
“Bhai tu mera dost hain ya uska..?”
“Tera dost hun tabhi keh raha hun jaa apni galti ki maafi mang … isse pehle kaafi der ho jaye..Tujhe bhabhijaan jaisi life partner wapas nai milegi..”
“I am not going to that b*t*h ..she can go to whomever she likes” i yell and get up to walk away.
He can say whatever he wants to say ..but i am not going back to her and thats final.
“Thik hain main pata leta hun bhabhijaan ko..waisi bhi she is so pretty …aur tujhe toh koi problem bhi nahi hai..” he says getting up .
And the next moment he is on the floor and me above him..
“Salle aaj bola hai fir kabi bola na toh hath pair todh dunga…” i growl at him
How dare he talk about my Pie that way..
“Tujhe kyun takleef hori hai…tune toh chapter khatam kar dia na uska.. toh mai rakh leta hun..” he says again..
With that i see red
I punch him hard and blood ooses out from his bruised lip..
He begins to laugh out loud and then flips us over..
With me beneath him
“Abe Gadhe..tera guzara nai hoga Bhabhijaan kay bina..Go get your love back fool..” he says patting me on my shoulder and that is when i realise what he is trying to say..
I laugh wholeheartedly and hug him..
I guess best friends are best gift by god.

P.S i was so relieved to see comments on my previous segment .. i thought you guys will leave me and will start to hate me..but i am glad all of you commented that too big ones..
Thank you so much for the love that you are giving out to me and Ruhaniyaat


  1. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    Awesome part stoneheart last one was also awesome i think both were at fault and both will have to apologise wohh u knoe na a saying “taali aik hath say bajti “😊

  2. Divyarani

    Dex thu gaya iss bar..she not gonna spare u at all…not aftr calling her a b*t*h…he shud bare the consequences for not trusting her…which gonna happen soon..pragya u nailed it sweety..v never gonna leave u fr anything..kyun twist hona bohot jarurii haii..lovd the way dervar ji xplain him..veryy sweet..ghade ku thodii akkal mili hogii…episode ws superb sweety…

  3. Kakali

    Nice punch dear… i felt like i was giving him..Dex ki baatein sunne ke bad abb kuch hadh tak accha lag raha hai.((Dex go fast))..thnk u…

  4. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….loved it. “Salle muh tod doonga….” dialog..haha. Thanks to John, he realised his mistake. Waiting for d next ep

  5. Pramudi

    Both parts were awesome… I think pie shouldn’t forgive him so easily.. Thnks to john he realized it.
    Update thenxt part soon.

  6. chanu

    Sry 4 late cmnt dr
    nice epi as always. ? Lv it..
    awwww my poor pie..
    Thank god… oh no thank 2 u he realised his mistake.
    Bt pie dnt aggre with him soo easily. Let him try more harder 2 convince u

    keep writing
    be happy always

  7. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    In last chappy dex was cmpltly not at fault coz situations were lyk dat… atleast he shud ve lstnd to her coz pie trusted him wen same situation hpnd wid dex… afyr reading dis chappy i guess shez nit goin to forgive him easily… loved it

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.