Ruhaniyaat (Segment 44)


1 week later
His point of view-
I am returning home today to my beautiful Pie … i am surely not ever again going on a trip without her..
I miss my Baby too much for that..
And yea i am proposing her soon…we are getting married…
I cant do without her anymore..
“Sir the jet is ready..” says a member from the staff..
Yea being rich has its own perks like owning a private jet too..
I close my laptop sighing..and get up to walk to the plane .
Pie is going to be so happy with my surprise..
Her point of view –
I am writting my last exam and then in a few hours me and Tedu are going for a party …
We are gonna celebrate my engagement and his relationship..

Few hours later –
“Common Doll we gotta get going..” Ted yells from the hall..
We both had crashed here after the exam and now were heading out to the club for some Dhamaal…
“Coming ..” i call out to him and head out to the hall..
He whistles at my outfit and i hit his arm playfull..
“Chalo ..we are getting late..” i say and interwie my hands with his..
He leads me to the car ..
We get in and drive off to the club..
Once we reach the club we take in a couple entry..
We always do that ..there are two reasons behind it..
First being ..we dont like being approached by strangers .
And second its cheaper than two single entries and we can utilise that money on food..and ofcourse drinks..
We go on to a table and Ted gets us a couple of shots..
We toast to our respective partners and gulp down our drinks screaming as the warm liquid enters into our system slowly..
Later we both head to the dance floor to dance our ass off..
Ofcourse we have reason to celebrate our exams are over … we both are finally settled in life..
And the best part is that our friendship is still going strong..
His point of view-
I land in India and switch on my phone only to receive various messages and missed calls from her bodyguard..
What is the matter..?
Is she alright..?
I instantly call him and he answers in one ring
“Bhai wo bhabhi..” he says
“Bolo ..” i encourage him to speak fearing of all the worst case scenarios that might have happened..
“Bhai main photos send karta hu aap khud hi dekh lo bhai..” he says hurriedly and cuts the call..
I wait for him to send me photos and when he does anger boils up inside me..
I dismiss the driver and head homewards driving the car in full speed..
As soon as i reach home i ring the doorbell and as the door opens i stand there stunned…shocked nearly speechless

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  1. Soujanya


    1. thank u

  2. Awesome… i think d storm has come in their life… just hope for d best..thnk u..

    1. thank u so much

  3. Awesome update bt plzz dont create any misunderstanding between them and don’t separate them plzz….

    1. thank u so much..i like ur name ..short and cute..

  4. Ohhh god….wat might happened..i think he saw smthg..which he don’t want to…suspense se bhara episode hai…

    1. thank u so much

  5. hey no no this cnt be hpn.
    hey dex trust ur pie. dnt dissapoint me. show ur lv 2 her like pie.
    & stoneheart dnt dare 2 separate them. plz
    im feeling restless after reading dis. hy dnt do anytng wrong.

    cnt wait full day 4 nxt epi. plz uplode nxt epi asap
    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. thank u so much … it makes me happy that to know that u r so involved in Ruhaniyaat

  6. awsm..waiting for d nxt one..continue

    1. thank u

  7. Umm..well amidst my exams I’m reading this..n ur celebrating their exam end;this is not fair..
    Well dramas apart u r obviously just asawesome as u r.
    Well what shock is awaiting our dex now;is it our ted’s angel or something other.
    Well I don’t think you’ll bring in sad/bittery separation after the sweet separation of our pie n dex.

    1. thank u..all the best

  8. Rekha

    Nice…waiting 4 nxt update…

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  9. Arshaanya

    ? MU z
    Bt i hope dey gonna handle it well…
    Dont septe dem…

    1. thank u so much

  10. Vyshu10

    Awesome…..hoping there won’t be any misunderstanding btwn them. I m scared for them

    1. thank u so much dear

  11. Mica

    i dunno Stone heart, i just love the way you write this story, it’s kinda fairy tale..
    wish no separation for dex and his pie.. luv it ty

    1. thank u so much

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