Ruhaniyaat (Segment 43)


Few days later-
His point of view-
My work is getting over this sunday then i can go back home to my Pie..
Its almost a week before my expected arrival and it will be a wonderful surprise for her ..
I miss my sweetheart ..
I never realised that we had grown to be so dependent on each other..
The bodyguard appointed by me is working just me reports of any unusual activity of my baby or people around her..
Still the caller is unknown to me..
The day i will find him ..i will surely kill him..
I swear on Pie

Her point of view-
There is still so much time for Dex to come back ..
I really dint know that we had grown to be so close to each other
This house without him …urrrghh… feels so empty..
I liked this life empty empty wala but now i just crave his presence… his touch ..and only the thought make me blush..

My exams will be ending next week and Ted and me are planning a little celebration after that…
I gotta meet my Bhabhi too..
I cant believe my Tedu has finally found a girl for himself..
Back in hostel people used to feel that Ted and me were a thing ..
Like really people get a life..a boy and a girl can be friends …
And thinking about Ted and me being a thing .. it makes me laugh like it is really hillarious..
Its like rofl…

Anyways now that i have a bhabhi … and i am gonna meet her soon..i am so damn exited.
Ring Ring Ring
Its Dex on international call ..
He and his timings..
Due to the time diffrence of almost 4 hours between India and France he makes me stay awake till late after midnight to talk to him and make him sleep..
Yeh sahi hai..! Khud sone kay liye meri nind kharab karo…
Urrggh..but its cute in its own way.

I like staying up for him …
Aur jab tak wo hotel pahuchte nai tabh tak thik se bhi kaha aati hai ..
“Baby..” he says over the phone and my breath gets hitched..
I dint realise when but even his voice has the effect of sweeping me off my feet..
“Haaye…tumhare muhh se apna naam sunkar Din ki sari thaakaan yuh chutkiyon main bhag jati hai .” He sighs over the phone

“Stop flirting with me..i am already engaged..”
“Uff…yahi toh khambhakt piche reh gaye hum… aapp jaisi hasiyane bhi abh engage ho gayi..”
“Mere fiance ko pata chalega toh acha nai hoga tumhare liye..”
“Madam hum bhi aapke aashiq hai dekh lenge har kisi ko ..”
“Tum jante nai ho usse.. i try to say but he cuts me off..
“Aap mujhe nai janti hai…jis cheez par Dil aa jaye usse apna bana hi leta hun .”
“No Fiance is and he again cuts me off…
“Haan your fiance is ..” his voice in a low whisper now
When i dont reply for a few minutes he again probes me saying .” Bolo..”
My cheecks start to heat up indicating the start of a blush..
“I think you should sleep..” i say trying to divert the topic

“Acha…?” He questions
I just humm in response … too tired for words
Almost 2 in the night.
“Aww mere baby ko nini ari hai .?” He questions
“Yesh yesh nini coming..” i reply
“Love you babu … good night..
I mish you .!!”
“I mish you too Dex…Good night..”
“Baby aren’t you forgetting something..?” He says all playfully..
“Am i ..?” Two can play this game ..
“Jao katti mujhe bath hi nai karni hai..”
“Aw…maine kaha tha na you are such a kid

He grunts at my statement
Acha ..Good night ..sleep now kal tumhari meeting hain…
And yea Love you too..”
And with i cut the call and close my eyes to catch up some sleep on the remaining time left.

P.S My apologies to all those who had inconvinience in the last episode..No they are not married but they are going to be soon…they are engaged so i guess Dex is allowed to call her Biwi..akhir kar guys Pie uski hai kuch bhi bulaye.. kyun ??

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