Ruhaniyaat (Segment 42)


Few days later –
Her point of view –
Dex comes home from work and he seems upset.. i wonder whats the matter with him..
“Dex..kya hua.?” I question
Suddenly he hugs me tight and murmurs “mai nai jaunga…”
“Kaha jana hai Dex..kya bath hai..?”
“Wo ek project kay liye mera france jana zaroori hai..
Dad busy hai so wo jaa nai payenge ..he has asked me to go…par main mana kar dunga..”
“Kyun par..??”
“1 month ka trip hai..itne din main tumse dur kaise rahunga aur fir wo raat k baad”…and he trails off
His point of view –
“1 month ka trip hai..itne din main tumse dur kaise rahunga aur fir wo raat k baad”…and i trail off
Wanting to see her reaction about it..
She has been too shy lately since..
She hits my arm playfully and starts to blush.
Aww my baby
Ring Ring Ring
My phone rings disturbing our moment
Maa kasam puri duniya mere pyar ki dushman hai..!
Its dad asking about my decision..
She pulls the phone out from my pocket and affirms my decision without giving me a chance to interrupt..
Abh toh jana hi padega..
“Chalo Dex i will help you in packing …Papa said that flight is tomorrow ”
“Yaar kaisi biwi ho tum.. apne pati ko dur bhej rai ho…”
“Achi biwi hun tbi tumhare ache kay liye bhej rai hun…
Chalo abh stop being a drama queen and come on its 21st century hai we can be connected all the time..” she replies
Should i tell her about the bodyguard i appointed for her..?
But knowing Pie i know she will freak out..
Par mujhe nai jana hai ..!!
Her point of view-
I dont want him to go but i know its important for him..
This is gonna help build his and Papa relation..
Par i cant tell him about the conversation with Papa ..can i..?

Next Day
Its almost time for him to leave and i am trying my best to control my emotion…
I dont know why but i am feeling restless as in something big and bad is going to happen..
“Pie mera hankie kaha hai..?” He screams from his room.
I seriously wonder how he stayed alone before i came in.
“Aa rahi hoon.” i say and i make a dash upwards before he starts screaming again..
I give him the hankie and head down when he screams..”Pie meri file kaha hai..?”
I go to his study to give him his file..
On my way back notice something unusual
He puts his watch in his drawer and call “Pie meri watch kaha hai..?”
“Waha hi jaha tumne abhi dali left wali drawer mai ..”
“Woh kya..hai na i want to spend time with you..” he says innocently..
His point of view-
She puts her arms around my neck and pulls me to her.
“Acha ji…toh aise boliye na…itna ghuma fira kay kehne ki kya zaroorat hai..”
And there she caught me in a spot
She knows i cant directly say things to her..
So i take this oppertunity and pull her in for a deep kiss..
My kiss is broken by the doorbell.
Its Dad’s driver he is to drive me to the airport.
I grab my luggage … give my goodbyes and love to Pie and head to the airport..
Its gonna be a long one month.

P.S why is pie so restless..?

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  1. im also feel smtng big gonna hpn.
    hey wt evr hpns dnt separate dex & pie.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

    1. thank u so much

  2. are they married but when and don’t do anything to them please I m new here please ….. for ur new friend can’t u do this ,……..OK so coming to today’s part it was awesome …..

    1. nai not married and thank u

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  3. Rekha


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  5. Vyshu10

    awesome….even i m feeling restless. Plz don’t seperate them

    1. m feeling restless too…thank u

  6. When they married and what about their college ????
    I curious plz tell me
    Awesome chap as always
    U made my day

    1. thank u .. u made my day too… no they are not married..yes their college is going on..

  7. Arshaanya

    R dey married??
    M also feeling sumthng bad z gonna happen ?
    Luvd it

    1. no they are not married..thanks

  8. dont creare any rape seens

    1. huh..?
      thanks fr ur comment

  9. Chappy is awesome.. loved SWASAN scene.. but when they married….???
    m also feeling restless.. like something bad is gonna happen.. plzzzz dont do anything wrong with themm….☺plzzzzzz…?

    1. thank u so much ..nai shadi nai hui..

  10. Haha ha….
    Funny nd awesome

    Jst wish anything that might be coming doesn’t affect their relationship!

    1. thank u so much and yes lets hope for the best

  11. Wonderful episode..but feeling smthg fishy..wat gonna happen in one mnth…plz don’t separate swasan..ek bath pochnithi…pragya kya aap Hyderabad se ho kyaa??

    1. thank u.. nai m not from hydrabad..

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