Ruhaniyaat (Segment 41)


Few days later –
His point of view –
“Hello.” I call one of my trusted men to ask about the update on that day’s call
“Bhai.. wo phone kisi private number se aya tha…sim todh kar phek dia hai…so call trace nai ho payi..” he says over the other side..
Get Pie’s phone tapped and send me one guy for her protection to the office..” i order my men.
“Right away bhai..” he replies and keeps the phone.
I relax back in the chair in my cabin and let out a frustrated sigh.
Its been a week since the event and i cant possibly get any information on the phonecall..
What do i do now..?

Should i talk to uncle about it..?
But she is my responsibilty now and after that night …
And i instantly smile recalling our memorable night..
Her blushing face as she tried to avert her gaze feeling shy..
My little munchkins is just too cute ..
Just then a well built guy enters my cabin and bows ..

“At your service Bhai” he says
I show her Pie’s photo and explain him my concern..
“Don’t worry bhai Bhabhi is my responsibility now..”
His words anger me…and i get up instantly..
Banging the desk
“What the hell do you mean she is your responsibility..? She is mine..” i growl.
“Bhai..” he tries to interrupt
“Dont u dare lay your eyes on her…if she tells me that you laid your eyes on her then i am blinding you..
You touch her i will f**king chop your hands off..
And dont even ask what i will do to it…” i say motioning towards his private parts
He started to sweat listening my threats and dint speak anythig further.
“Speak up ” i say motioning him
“Sorry bhai mere kehne ka wo matlab nai tha…bhabhi toh maa samaan hoti hain…dhyan rakhunga unka..aap befikra rahiye..”

“Hmm.. Go now” i say and the guy rushes out of my cabin..
Ring Ring Ring
My phone rings singnalling a call of my Pie..
I look at the clock its 7 …
My baby and her punctuality …
My Pie is quite particular about a few things and dosent really like change..
I shake my head and grab my keys..

Time to go home to my “to be wife”

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  3. Waaahhhh!!!! what n anger????? god…loved it…??

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  4. wow
    nice epi as always
    keep writing
    be happy always

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    Luvd it

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  6. Good episode,dex is too possessive of his pie;

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    superb…protective dex. Reveal d caller soon

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  8. Yaar…it was very sml episode..but loved it..he’s possessiveness n love..just heaven…

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  9. Awesome
    Loved dex’s possessive side

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