Ruhaniyaat (Segment 40)


His point of view –
After i finish off with my little speech i looked at her only to find her smiling at me..
“Baby…i …”
“Shhh…love is something to be felt about and not spoken about…so shhh….. don’t spoil the moment ” she said and rested her head on my chest…
I wrapped my arms around her..
She sighed and tightened her grip on me..
We sat in silence listening to each other’s heart beats

Pie shifted after a while to make herself comfortable..thats when i realised that my baby had been asleep all this while…
She is a very heavy sleeper and cant stay awake late..
Such a delicate darling..
I gently placed her on the bed and she got fidgety..
My baby and her antics..
I took her back in my arms and rocked her..
I pulled the blanket over us and lied down beside her thinking about the happenings of the day..
Me getting up in the room shirtless
That unknown girl

Pie coming back from her sleep over
I was trying to connect the dots when Pie’s phone rang..
Expecting it to be one of her girlfriends i picked up the phone..
“Jaan.. kaisi ho..?” Said the caller from the other side..
“Hello whose this..?” I yelled over the phone..remembering the other day
“Who are you..?” The caller yelled over the phone…
“I am her fiance…what do you want at this time of the night..?”
“Oohhh… the b*t*h is getting married….” the caller said and started to laugh .
“Hello…helllo…” i tried but the call was already disconected..
What was the meaning of this phonecall?
I need to get on my Godfather mode..this is too much…nobody calls my wife in the middle of the night and call her a b*t*h..

Her best friend’s point of view-
Me and uncle sat in his office discussing about the person.
How did he know doll’s adress..?
“We need to get them married ” uncle says out of nowhere and i am shocked..
I know uncle is all protective about doll but i dint know that it was to such a great extent.
“How dare he ?” I growl not able to keep my anger at bay anymore..
“Ted gussa hone se kuch nai hoga..we have to find a solution for it..” uncle explains
“I will personally check doll’s social life now..i will finish this chapter uncle …you don’t worry.
You trust me right..?”

“Yes bete i still remember the 4 year old Ted who stood against her mother to protect her .. and i am very thankful to you for it..”
“Common uncle aap beta bhi kehte ho aur thanks bhi ..yeh bhi koi bath hui kya..”
And then i leave homewards to make some necessary phonecalls…

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  1. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

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    Sorry couldn’t comment on last ep as i just read it a moment ago

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  8. nice epi as always dr

    is dat caller is da 1 who try 2 kill our pie?
    y he trying 2 kill her? rly confusing?? lv teds part 2dy 4 da 1st tym. 😉 hey hey dnt b angry i mean in sm chappys u nly add ted & angel no. so in dat epis i miss my dex & pie. 🙂

    thank u vry vry much 4 updating regulary. lv ya.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

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  9. Arshaanya

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    Suspense suspense n suspense whuz d guy n wat he wants from pie??

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  11. Interesting..let’s see wat happens episode

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