Ruhaniyaat (Segment 4)


His point of view-
The day finally arrives and its the day semester begins..its her last year for her honors while mine for my masters…
Well yea i kind of have two in one role as my parents are getting divorced and mom can’t handle the business alone…
Dad comes and goes as he pleases but most of the time he is with his mistress..
So its me who ends up taking care of most of the business..and yes ofcourse my studies…
“Dex..Breakfast is ready” she calls from the kitchen.
Yes she cooks for me as the first day she arrived i requested her to do so and she gladly agreed..
I missed home made food…!
And mind you she is a great cook..
Once we are done with our breakfast i drive her to college …show her way to the class and then proceed in mine..

Her point of view-
“This is our table” i see a bunch of seniors hovering around us as i and my friend sit down to have lunch in the canteen…
I can see Dex among with other guys ..he winks at me and i smile back…
My friend beside me is scared of ragging and instantly decides to get up and leave..
“We can sit with them..” Dex says out of the blue and all of us sit around the table..
After exchanging pleasantries we dig in our lunch and get back to class
His point of view-
I watch her come out of her class giggling .. she and her friend say their good byes and we head back to our house..
Suddenly she says “i want to tell you something…I have a boyfriend .”
I look at her and she looks away not meeting my eye ..
I have a sudden urge to kill the person whoever her boyfriend may be…
Okay..! I know i am overreacting but i just don’t like the thought of her having a boyfriend…
No i am not jealous..why should i be??
We get home and she goes into her room..

In the night she cooks dinner and then i head to the study to finish my pending office work and simply to avoid conversation..
Since she has told me about her boyfriend i dont know i feel kinda sad..
Her point of view-
Since i told him about my fake boyfriend in the car he is been acting funny…
Its just a cover up from him..I dont want to end up like mom
He din’t even talk over dinner and just rushed to his study..maybe he is busy..
After all he has so much work…i doze off thinking about him..

Kya karun hayye..! Kuch kuch hota hai …

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  1. amazng..

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  2. Yehhh…love gonna blossom in sanky..felt sad fr sankyy coz of der parents..but i know his future gonna b blisfull wid shona…

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  3. Well,one of d amazing part.

    Felt bad for both.
    Stay Blessed.

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  5. Awesome
    Why swara said that i don’t want to be like mom dr

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    awesome….i read all 4eps in one go. Superb!

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    Hey welcome back… its me Aanya ?.. love ur story?…
    Read all parts in one go… u r an amazing writter… i love d way u write ?…

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