Ruhaniyaat (Segment 39)


He kissed on my stomach and licked the area around my ribs..
He then rested his head on my stomach for a few minutes almost helping me to calm down and then continuing his path downwards..
He unzipped my jeans and tossed them away..he then continued to kiss around my thigh..exiting me..
“Dex please..” i pleaded in desperation
” No baby today all your pleasures will be from me..” he declared
He spread my legs for him …kissing every corner of my body..
I was shaking in anticipation as my brain went crazy..
He continued kissing me and i dug my hands in his hair..

His pace kept driving me crazy and wanting more..
” I want you baby ..” he said when he came back against my ear..
“I am already your’s Dex..” i panted back..not able to speak after the amount of pleasure he had caused me..
“No …i want all of you…not only your body but also your mind and you soul…”
He undressed and i forwaded my hand touch him..
He backed off..

“You told me i could show you how i feel about you…its all about you sweetheart..”
I was speechless.
He slowly pushed himself slowly into me..
I know he could read the desperation in my eyes so he continued to move in and out of me..
When my back arched up in pleasure he scooped me up and held me in his arms.kissing my shoulders simuntaneously..

The room grew quiet…there were no words needed anymore..we were one…
Our hearts had already become one long time ago and now our body had become one too..
He tucked my sweat drenched hair behind and kissed my forhead..
Most of the time we maintained eye contact and i could read every emotion in his eyes.
The emotion of love..longingnesss..
When we both were exhausted…he laid his head down my chest..trying to catch his breath back
I ran my hand through his hair trying to do the same..
He lied down on his back and pulled me to him..

“You know i had no other way to show you how i felt…” he said..
“Come here” he said as he raised himself and motioned me up on his lap.
“Did you understand what i was trying to say to you baby..?” He asked and i looked at him questioningly

“I made love to you Pie..” he said cupping my cheek..
When i dint respond he continued..
“I love you Pie…and i love you to such an extent that it hurts…” he said.
I can be your hero

P.S This segment is inspired from a book that i have read..
And my sincere apologies to anybody who found this segment offensive.

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  1. Falling shrt of was perfect..dex soothing wrds are filled wid care affection n love…fully enjyed..super duper episode in shrt…waiting fr da nxt prt…

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