Ruhaniyaat (Segment 38)


His point of view-
“Yes ” she whispered..
I kissed her lips..
My lips dint leave hers as i carried her to the room and gently lowered her on the bed.
Her point of view-
“Close your eyes sweety..” he told me and i did what he said..
I could hear him roam around in the room before finally settling down beside me.
He hovered over me enough for me to feel him and not crush me..
“Let me be your hero” he whispered in my ear and i could feel butterflies in my stomach..
He brushed my face with his hands gently..

Would you dance
If I asked you to dance?
I forgot his earlier act and concentrated on him now..
Would you run and never look back?
He again leaned down to kiss me
His tongue worked the same magic his hands were working on my body..
Would you cry
If you saw me crying?
Soon he flipped us and now i was on top with my legs on either side and my upper half closely pressed to his chest..
And would you save my soul, tonight?
He gently carresed my body from my hair to my back… causing me to shiver at his every touch..
Would you tremble

If I touched your lips?
His other arm went round my body down from my hair to my hand to my face…down my leg
Would you laugh?
Oh please tell me this
His acts progressed as he ran his hands under my shirt…over my stomach…my ribs..while the other was firmly placed around my back..
Now would you die
For the one you loved?
Hold me in your arms, tonight
I ran my hand up his toned chest onto his abs and he too shivered at my touch.
I dont know what he was going to do next and the anticipation was killing me.
I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain

He moved onto my side over my shoulder kissing and leaving goosebumps all along.i craned my neck on the side to give him more acess..
He took the oppertunity and nibbled on my sweet spot..
“Dex” i moaned
“Pie.” He whispered back..
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
His hands went under my shirt this time to pull it off…
I raised my arms and he then pulled me in..
Would you swear
That you’ll always be mine?
After he kissed almost all of my shoulder he moved to my chest ..kissing me just above my bra.
My anticipation killing me minute by minute.
Or would you lie?
Would you run and hide?

Am I in too deep?
“You are beautiful..” he said and rubbed his lips with mine again…kissing me gently..
He allowed his hands to roam in my hair and down my spine..
My skin was growing sensitive to his touch…i couldn’t help but moan and arch my back more to him.
Have I lost my mind?
I don’t care You’re here tonight
He repeated this many times driving me more crazy each time.
Oh, I just want to hold you
I just want to hold you, oh, yeah
Midway once he uncliped my bra and tossed it to the side.
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?

I just couldn”t look away from him…the look in his eyes so intense..
Well, I don’t careYou’re here tonight
His lips went back to my collar bone kissing every inch of my body he could find.
My hands went around his neck waiting for what would happen next

P.S this chapter is formy darling divyarani…
I missed you dear..
Welcome back..

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